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Low Calorie Diet Food List to Fill the Fridge For-Success

A food list for a low calorie diet?
That's one more thing to pin to your health food list of things to do before getting the groceries to lose weight.

Low calorie diet food isn't about sticking to one single food; it's about filling in holes in nutrition to eat a more balanced diet with health foods to take weight loss to the next level. The only food list you need when shopping at the grocery store to get healthy eats.

What are some low calorie diet foods that I can eat to stare losing weight?

Three food groups were learned "what builds the body (protein)", "the thing (non-fibrous carbohydrates and lipid) which becomes heat and power", "the thing (vitamin mineral) which prepares health", etc. at the elementary school etc.

This is classified into the food group of 18 according to a food composition table still more finely. Please use for the foods selection under diet.

In today's Slism we will present some low calorie diet foods of several different food groups to get you started down the track to healthy eating building a strong and weight loss supportive diet pyramid.

1. Cereal
2. Potatoes
3. Sugars
4. Beans
5. Nuts and seeds
6. Vegetables
7. Fruits
8. Mushrooms
9. Algae
10. Seafood
11. Meat
12. Eggs
13. Milk
14. Oils
15. Sweats
16. Beverages
17. Spices
18. Processed foods

Low Calorie Diet Food List Image

1. Cereals

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Cerea
Food name Calories / 100g
Rice porridge, gruel Okayu 71 Cal
Udon noodles, boiled 105 Cal
Cold noodles, boiled Somen 127 Cal
Soba noodles, boiled 114 Cal
Macaroni / spaghetti, boiled 149 Cal
Chinese noodles, boiled Chukamen 149 Cal
Rice, polished Gohan 168 Cal
Festive red rice Sekihan 189 Cal
Rice cake Mochi 235 Cal
Plain bread Shokupan 264 Cal

Among cereals, bread is relatively high in calories.

If spread butter and jam on bread, it becomes further high in calories.

Within the bread, you are using a lot of butter rolls and croissants will be especially high in calories.

In the croissant is also the 448Cal per 100g.

2. Potatoes and Starches

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Potato Starch
Food name Calories / 100g
White konjac, fine powder Konyaku 5 Cal
Konjac noodles, Shirataki 6 Cal
Konjac, Konyaku potato, raw 7 Cal
Taro, raw Satoimo 58 Cal
Yam, raw Nagaimo 65 Cal
Potato, raw Jagaimo 76 Cal
Wild yam, raw Jinenjo 121 Cal
Yamatoimo, raw 123 Cal
Sweet potato, raw Satsumaimo 132 Cal
Cutting kudzu, boiled Kuzukiri 135 Cal

But one piece (300g), there is only 21kcal only is konjac, which is also a staple of low-calorie ingredients.

Shirataki has only 12kcal in (200g) per bag.

Since a dietary fiber is also abundant, can konjac and konjac noodles be said to be the foods which are useful for a diet?

3. Sugar and Syrups

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Sugar & Syrup
Food name Calories / 100g
Maple syrup 257 Cal
Honey Hachimitsu 294 Cal
Syrup Mizuame 328 Cal
Brown sugar Kurozato 354 Cal

General, soft brown sugar and white sugar, granulated sugar, the high-calorie and 382-387Cal among sugars.

Although it seems that soft brown sugar has many if good for health, people that think are suitable for the diet etc., there are not only many minerals and it is not necessarily a little better for health than very-refined sugar.

4. Soy and Beans

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Soy Beans & Bean Variety
Food name Calories / 100g
Soymilk Tonyu 46 Cal
Silken tofu, soft 56 Cal
Soy milk, valued added, nutrition 64 Cal
Firm tofu 72 Cal
Soybean, canned, boiled water Daizu 140 Cal
Adzuki beans, boiled, whole grain Azuki 143 Cal
Kidney beans, boiled, whole grain Ingenmame 143 Cal
Cowpea, boiled, whole grain Sasage 145 Cal
Green peas, boiled, whole grain Endo 148 Cal
Deep fried tofu Aburaage 150 Cal
Smooth sweet beans Koshian 155 Cal

They low calorie content not only processed soy products, such as soy milk, tofu deep-fried tofu, but can take in ingredients contained in the soybean, such as soybean protein, soy isoflavone, saponin, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2.

5. Nuts and Seeds

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Nuts & Seeds
Food name Calories / 100g
Ginkgo nuts, boiled Ginnan 166 Cal
Chestnuts, boiled, Japanese Kuri 167 Cal
Chestnut, Chinese Amaguri 222 Cal

Nuts and seeds are relatively high calorie.

Each of an almond, cashew nuts, pistachios, peanuts, etc. is more than 550 Cal per 100g.

Diet, it becomes calories over and they eat a lot at once.

6. Greens Vegetables

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Vegetables
Food name Calories / 100g
Bok choy, leaves, raw Chingensai 9 Cal
Giant butterbur, raw Fuki 11 Cal
Lettuce, raw 12 Cal
Butterhead lettuce, raw 14 Cal
Cucumber, raw Kyuri 14 Cal
Japanese mustard spinach, raw Komatsuna 14 Cal
Chinese cabbage, raw Hakusai 14 Cal
Celery, raw 15 Cal
Japanese radish, raw Daikon 18 Cal
Tomato, raw 19 Cal
Turnip, raw Kabu 20 Cal

It is the overall low-calorie vegetables, calories and up to pickles.

Vegetables pickled in rice-bran paste or salted but not so high in calories, because some pickles calories are up significantly, you need to be careful.

Calories in Pickled Food

One of the high pickles of a calorie has Nara pickles.

Even if it is the pickle using low-calorie ingredients, you cannot be careless.

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Oriental Pickling
Food name Calories / 100g
Oriental pickling melon, raw 15 Cal
Oriental pickling melon, salted 16 Cal
Oriental pickling melon, sake 157 Cal

7. Fruits

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Fruits
Food name Calories / 100g
Lemon, juice, raw 26 Cal
Strawberry, raw Ichigo 34 Cal
Watermelon, raw Suika 37 Cal
Grapefruit, raw 38 Cal
Valencia Orange, raw 39 Cal
Peach, raw Momo 40 Cal
Summer orange, raw Natsumikan 40 Cal
Melon, raw 42 Cal
Japanese pear, raw Nashi 43 Cal
Kiwi fruit, raw 53 Cal

Avocado fruits is in general very high in calories per 100g is the most.

Even though ... and nutritious is avocado, is about has been certified by Guinness as the most nutritious fruit.

Rather than refrain from saying high in calories, it is better to adopt also consider the nutritional balance.

8. Mushrooms and Fungi

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Mushrooms
Food name Calories / 100g
White supermarket button mushroom, raw 11 Cal
Cloud ear mushroom, boiled Kikurage 13 Cal
Mushrooms, canned, boiled 14 Cal
Nameko mushroom, raw 15 Cal
Hen of the woods, raw Maitake 16 Cal
Brown beech mushroom, raw Bunashimeji 18 Cal
Shiitake mushrooms, raw Shitake 18 Cal
Winter mushroom, raw Enokitake 22 Cal
Matsutake mushroom, raw 23 Cal
King trumpet mushroom, raw Eringi 24 Cal

Mushrooms are low in calories overall, perhaps the food that can be consumed safely even during dieting.

Moreover, it is also attractive to the mushrooms are rich in vitamins and minerals included.

9. Algae and Seaweed

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Algae & Seaweed
Food name Calories / 100g
Gelidium jelly strips Tokoroten 2 Cal
Vegetable gelatin, Agar Kanten 3 Cal
Mozuku seaweed, salted, salt removed 4 Cal
Dried seaweed, water returned Kanso-wakame 7 Cal
Salted seaweed, salt removed, blanch Enzo-wakame 11 Cal

Vitamins and dietary fiber, rich in minerals, seaweed and low calorie.

Because they are sold in a dry state, it is the food that is incorporated into the season regardless.

During a diet, it is good to have it ready.

10. Seafood, Fish and Shellfish

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Seafood
Food name Calories / 100g
Manila clam, clams, raw Asari 30 Cal
Common orient clam, clams, raw Hamaguri 38 Cal
Anglerfish, goosefish, monkfish, raw Anko 58 Cal
Oyster, oysters, raw Kaki 60 Cal
Golden cuttlefish, squid, raw Koika 66 Cal
Japanese scallop, raw Hotategai 72 Cal
Sakhalin surf clam, raw Hokkigai 73 Cal
Common octopus, raw Madako 76 Cal
Japanese pond smelt, raw Wakasagi 77 Cal
Black Tiger prawn, shrimp, raw 82 Cal
Sweet shrimp, raw Amaebi 87 Cal

Shellfish and shrimp are relatively low in calories; there is a high calorie high fat fish Saury and mackerel, and tuna.

But there are many fish in the fat of unsaturated fatty acids, contains many active ingredients in the diet, such as EPA and DHA.

I just anxious calories are also important components that are included in the selection of ingredients.

11. Meat and Poultry

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Meats & Poultry
Food name Calories / 100g
Chicken high-quality breast meat, raw Toriniku-sasami 105 Cal
Chicken breast, without skin, raw Toriniku-mune 108 Cal
Chicken liver, raw 111 Cal
Chicken thigh, without skin, raw Toriniku-momo 116 Cal
Boneless ham 118 Cal
Pork, shoulder, red meat, raw Butaniku-kata 125 Cal
Pork, thigh, red meat, raw Butaniku-momo 128 Cal
Pig liver, raw 128 Cal
Beef, shoulder, red meat, raw Gyuniku-kata 130 Cal
Beef liver, raw 132 Cal

Meat is delicious, but a lot of fat, calories are still higher.

Skinless chicken thigh or breast-, shoulder, thigh red meat is lower in calories if beef pork chicken if.

The lever is not only low in calories, because of its high nutritional value, it is a good idea to incorporate well.

12. Eggs

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Eggs
Food name Calories / 100g
Egg, white, raw Tamago 47 Cal
Egg tofu Tamagodofu 79 Cal
Boiled egg, whole Yudetamago 151 Cal
Egg, whole, raw 151 Cal
Japanese quail eggs, boiled, canned 182 Cal

While the egg white (raw) of an egg is 47 kcal per 100g, an egg yolk (raw) has no less than 387 kcal per 100g.

In an egg white and an egg yolk, a calorie is greatly different.

13. Milk and Dairy

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Milk
Food name Calories / 100g
Reduced fat milk, low fat 46 Cal
Coffee milk 56 Cal
Plain yogurt, full-fat, no sugar 62 Cal
Yogurt drink 65 Cal
Normal milk 67 Cal
Lactic acid bacteria beverage 71 Cal
Concentrated milk 73 Cal
Cottage cheese 105 Cal

The cottage cheese is relatively low-calorie, but, as for the parmesan cheese, 339kcal and the cheese are caloric in 475kcal per 100 g, the process cheese generally.

So you have to worry about intake.

14. Oils and Fat

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Butter & Margarine
Food name Calories / 100g
Butter, salted 745 Cal
Margarine, soft 758 Cal
Butter, unsalted 763 Cal

All oil and fat are high calories.

Although the calorie mentioned the low thing in oil and fat comparatively, in order to stop a calorie, it is necessary to cut down the oil and fat.

921 Calories in Cooking Oil

Beef tallow (940 kcal) and lard (941 kcal) have the highest calorie also in oil and fat.

In addition, a common cooking oil is all 921kcal.

Is it, when there are also many people who think that olive oil and sesame oil are low calorie content compared with other oil?

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Cooking Oil
Cooking Oil Type Calories / 100g
Olive oil 921 Cal
Sesame oil
Vegetable oil
Corn oil
Rapeseed oil
Sunflower seed oil

15. Wagashi and Confectionery Sweets

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Sweets
Food name Calories / 100g
Coffee jelly 45 Cal
Orange jelly 70 Cal
Custard pudding 126 Cal
Soft adzuki-bean jelly Mizuyokan 171 Cal
Skewered dumplings, soy sauce Kushidango 197 Cal
Skewered dumplings, bean paste Kushi-dango 201 Cal
Japanese bean jam muffin Imagawayaki 222 Cal

Although the image of a high calorie is strong confectionery, you would like to come to eat also during a diet too.

Since there is what has a comparatively low calorie, you would like to take in well and to go on little diet of stress

Incidentally, the high-calorie confectionery over 500kcal is as follows.

(Shows the number of calories per 100g of food.)

  • Potato Chips (554Cal)
  • White chocolate (588Cal)
  • Milk chocolate (558Cal)
  • Corn snacks (526Cal)
  • Soft biscuits (522Cal)

16. Tea and Beverages

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Tea & Coffee
Food name Calories / 100g
Oolong tea 0 Cal
Black tea Kocha 1 Cal
Barley tea Mugicha 1 Cal
Green tea Sencha 2 Cal
Coffee 4 Cal

Rather than tea leaves and coffee beans calories, calorie beverages thinking mentioned here, shows the calories of all leachate.

Of course, not including the sugar and calorie milk.

Calories in Alcohol

During a diet, it is alcohol to cut down if possible.

What has a comparatively low calorie is as follows.

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Alcoholic Beverages
Food name Calories / 100g
Beer 40 Cal
Low-malt beer Happoshu 45 Cal
Red Wine
White Wine
73 Cal

In 7.1Cal per 1g, alcohol is high in calories higher the concentration of alcohol

Also 240kcal per 100g is vodka.

17. Spices and Seasonings

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Spices & Seasoning
Food name Calories / 100g
Salt 0 Cal
Anchovy soup 1 Cal
Skipjack soup 3 Cal
Chinese soup 3 Cal
Kelp soup 4 Cal
Western style soup 6 Cal
Grain vinegar 25 Cal
Fruit vinegar (apple cider vinegar) 26 Cal
Tomato puree 41 Cal
Men-tsuyu (Straight) 44 Cal

There are no calories in salt 0kcal, too much is not good to ingest.

Care must be taken to use too much because it is in calorie less.

Calories for Commonly Used Food Seasonings

The amount of seasoning to use on a daily basis is as follows.

Also consider the salt seasoning is not only calories, contains, you want to use it well.

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Condiments
Food name Calories / 100g
Koikuchi soy sauce 71 Cal
Tonkatsu fruit sauce 132 Cal
Miso Amamiso 217 Cal
Curry roux 512 Cal
Mustard batter 315 Cal
White pepper 378 Cal
Red pepper 419 Cal

18. Processed Foods

Low Calorie Diet Foods List: Processed Food
Food name Calories / 100g
Corn cream soup, retort 86 Cal
Beef stew, retort 118 Cal
Beef curry, retort 118 Cal
Frozen shrimp gratin 133 Cal
Fried frozen shrimp 139 Cal

Although the calorie per 100g mentioned comparatively low food in cooking processed foods, since retort curry weighs 210-230g per meal, the calorie of the retort curry per meal is set to 248-271 Cal.

Moreover, since frozen fried shrimps will be further fried and cooked from oil, a calorie becomes high.

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