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Figurerobics? How Can I Lose 100 Pounds Like Momu-Chan?

The Momu-chan diet may be your way to lose 100 pounds shaping up your curves with figurerobics by Jung Da Yeon.
The new face of dance exercise is here.

Lose 100 pounds dancing is real. Momu-chan Figurerobics by Jung Deyeon says it all. Even if you are in your 40s and have 2 kids to feed you can still lose weight and get your figure back with dancing exercise like Momochan did. Are you ready to lose over 100 pounds?

How can I lose 100 pounds and keep it off forever?

Figurerobics or what is known as Momu-chan diet in Japan is a dance exercise that has gained popularity throughout Asian including Korea and Japan.

What started as a Korean TV show, exact diet is milder or charisma housewife diet, became a hot topic when a woman 43 with 2 kids called momochan dramatically morphed her body losing over 100 pounds just by doing a simple k-pop based dance exercise going from a colossal weight of 231 pounds to a slim 121 pounds.

Momo-chan became a bit hit, featured in many television programs in Japan, truly an inspiration to all ladies around-40 who want to lose weight looking like they did in their 20s again. You can get more of Momo-chan in herfree dance exercise videosfeaturing figure-robics or as a fitness instructor as Jung De Yeon.

The Momuchan diet that is figurerobics dance exercise is a weight-loss method is for women that is easy to continue development for people who do not exercise regularly, you can at home as well as those who do not attend the gym.

In today's Slism we present figurerobics what is known as the Momu-chan diet in Japan and ultimately how you can lose 100 pounds just like the Korean dance exercise sweetheart Momuchan.

What Kind Of Diet Is A Momu-Chan Diet Doing Dance Exercise Figurerobics?

On the Momuchan diet, the suitable eating habits which cannot accumulate easily the exercise, the figure dance, figurerobics, and fat which are made simply at a house are proposed, perfect for busy moms (or young ladies) wishing to shape up in the comfort of their homes Momu-chan style.

Although Jung Da Yeon who is playing an active part also as instructor is an owner of a wonderful shape, he is not simply thin, and the volume of a woman-like bust or hips is also charm. That right Jung Dayeon is an expert on exercises to shape up your bust and bring feminine volume to your hips.


By exercise and diet, healthy, diet Momuchan aims feminine and beautiful proportions adding extra value to the curves on around your body.

Can I Lose Weight And Slim Down Eating More Than 3 Meals A Day!?

In Momuchan diet, have recommended that instead of three meals a day, to reduce the amount of food one, eat several times that is eating more than 3 meals a day balancing your daily calorie intake more evenly.


There is a body becomes difficult to accumulate fat by reducing to a moderate diet meal once, not to satiety, attaining a sense of fullness after eating.

Does not mean that the number of meals is fixed, you are like a good fit to increase the number of meals and the amount of their own health and diet. By the way, Momu-chan ate 6 times a day! It's a basic.

Without irritated by hunger, you are so glad that you can be a diet.

What Is Figurerobics?

The figure dance or figure-robics is aerobic exercise and exercising to the music featuring moves not seen in other dance exercise routines to be able to make a firm body and a feminine bust line and hip line attain more feminine curves through dancing.


In addition, it is the content that can be in a narrow place, it can easily at home even in people who do not go to the studio, the effect can be obtained for any length of time, and it is also recommended for people who do not have time that is for busy people that don't have time to go to the gym.

Relatively simple for a lot of movement, there is no movement hard; you can exercise safely in people with no weekly exercise regularly.

What You Need To Get Started On Momochan Diet Figurerobics

DVD's and books have been sold about Momuchan diet. You can get the Momu-chan diet for the Nintendo Wii for a more interactive figurerobicsdance exercise experience; or you can surf the net for free dance exercise videos.

Many exercises that do not use the tool, if there is a book or DVD, it is a diet that is incorporated immediately. Ms. Jung Da Yeon is has appeared, you can check the correct posture and movement.

In addition, Figures dancing has become to be performed in Japan in the studio. Currently, the studio you are doing is a small number, it is sure to increase in the future come!

  • Momu-chan diet secret is out

    Momu-chan diet secret is out

    If you know how to lose 100 pounds and keep it off becoming the biggest fitness sensation in Asia would you keep it a secret? Too late the secrets out!

  • Figure dance = Figurerobics

    Figure dance = Figurerobics

    From B-boys to K-pop figurerobics brings back form to your figure making it easy to lose weight and keep it off despite your age. Get back your figure.

  • Lose over 100 pounds like Momu

    Lose over 100 pounds like Momu

    Losing 100 pounds is said to be like moving mountains. The last think you want to hear is that it's impossible. Don't worry it isn't. Momo-chan can!