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Nutritional Components of Autumn Seasonal Foods in Japan

Nutritional components in common autumn seasonal foods found in Japan such blue fish, mushrooms, chestnut, and eggplant that you can trust.

Autumn is the best season for eating food! There are also many foods that are on store shelves these days all year.

Fresh seasonal foods are much better than other seasons and you may taste and smell their sweet aroma and more nutritious than other seasons. Even better, you can get seasonal-foods for cheap.

What a waste to miss the fullness of seasonal ingredients to be good!!

Be careful not to eat too much!! Be sure to check the calories and nutritional value before planning your meals.

Let's enjoy and adopt the diet with well tasting foods.

Autumn Season Food in Japan

Autumn Seasonal Foods
Foodstuff Calories Per 100g Serving Main Nutritional Components
Pumpkin 91 Cal Vitamin A + Vitamin E
Eggplant 22 Cal Folate + Vitamin K
Carrots 37 Cal Vitamin A + Potassium
Myoga 12 Cal Vitamin K + Magnesium
Lotus Root 66 Cal Vitamin C + Potassium

Note Delicious Autumn Eggplant Recipes!

Eggplant has high water content. In addition to being a juicy snack and the nutritional components that were introduced earlier , eggplant contains tons of dietary fiber and (polyphenols) anthocyanin that have antioxidant properties.

There is a Japanese proverb Don't let a daughter-in-law eat an autumn-eggplant , which to its origin there are two theories: one is more waste, the daughter-in-law will give to eat from the delicious autumn-eggplant; and the other is autumn-eggplant has the effect of cooling the body.

In fact, the eggplant cools the body enough that you will need to be careful about eating too much.

In addition, oil is very compatibility with eggplant and sucks oil up like a sponge.

Although eggplant tastes good when combined with oil , bitter eggplant can make you bloated . The reason why eggplant combined with is so high in calories is that oil makes up 20% of the weight the eggplant leading to high calories.

Even you don't want to eat more delicious eggplant in your diet. It is recommended that you use a cooking method not using oil such as grilled eggplant.

Autumn Seasonal Potatoes and Mushrooms

Autumn Seasonal Potatoes And Mushrooms
Foodstuff Calories Per 100g Serving Main Nutritional Components
Sweet Potato 132 Cal Vitamin C + Vitamin E
Taros 58 Cal Potassium + Molybdenum
Potato 76 Cal Vitamin C + Potassium
Shiitake Mushroom 18 Cal Niacin + Vitamin D
Shimeji Mushroom 14 Cal Niacin + Vitamin D
Maitake Mushroom 16 Cal Niacin + Vitamin D
Matsutake Mushroom 23 Cal Niacin + Vitamin D

Autumn Diet Will Give You Mushrooms!

Mushrooms are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber good for people looking to cut down on calories .
It's the foods you want to include any of the seasons . It is one of the foods most recommended to make the best out of the Autumn season.

As you can see from the table above, mushrooms are rich in vitamin D.

Vitamin D is a component heavily involved in the calcium metabolism. It is a vitamin that can help you absorb more calcium in your diet said to help in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Furthermore, Beta-glucan polysaccharides that are contained in the mushroom have the effect of boosting your immunity helping your resist common colds that means less speed bumps in your diet and exercise plans, i.e. increase resistance to viruses. I t can also help in the prevention of constipation that you want to pay attention to in your diet due to the fact its rich in dietary fiber.

Mushrooms are the food that can be safe to ingest even while dieting. It is good to be careful seasoning and employing cooking methods to avoid indigestion.

Autumn Seasonal Fruits and Nuts and Seeds

Autumn Seasonal Fruits And Nuts And Seeds
Foodstuff Calories Per 100g Serving Main Nutritional Components
Persimmon 60 Cal Folate + Vitamin C
Kabosu 25 Cal Vitamin C + Potassium
Kiwi 53 Cal Vitamin C + Vitamin E
Pears 43 Cal Vitamin C + Potassium
Grapes 59 Cal Vitamin E + Potassium
Yuzu 21 Cal Vitamin C + Potassium
Apple 54 Cal Vitamin C + Potassium
Chestnut 164 Cal Folate + Vitamin C

Dietary Fiber In Chestnut is About Four Times More Than Lettuce!!!

Sweets using rice with chestnut and chestnut cooking really bring out the taste of autumn.

Because the relatively high calorie chestnut, but must be careful not to eat too much, it would be well to adopt such as snacking and also because of the high nutritional value.

Chestnut is rich in dietary fiber having 4.2g per 100g, while lettuce ( 1.1g per 100g is ) contains nearly four times as much dietary fiber in chestnuts.

Since it contains a good balance of vitamins and minerals, they've been treated as a wholesome food since ancient times in Japan.

Cooking the raw chestnuts is troublesome for people. That's why ready-to-eat inorganic chestnut are sold at supermarkets and convenience stores have been sold to incorporate easily into your diet. (Of course, please be careful to not overeat )

Chestnut Husk Are Rich In Polyphenols!

When peeling chestnuts, there are many people with astringent skin (The husk) who find them difficult to peel. The A stringent skin contains many polyphenols. You can cook the astringent skin ingesting polyphenols increasing antioxidant capacity.

Autumn Seasonal Seafood

Autumn Seasonal Seafood
Foodstuff C alories Per 100g Serving Main Nutritional Components
Eel 255 Cal Vitamin B2 + DHA + EPA
Autumn Bonito 165 Cal Iron + DHA + EPA
Autumn Salmon 133 Cal Vitamin B12 + Vitamin D
Mackerel 202 Cal Vitamin B12 + DHA + EPA
Pacific Saury 310 Cal Vitamin B2 + DHA + EPA

The Fats Found In Blue Fish Are Good For You!!

Blue fish such as M ackerel and Saury are an excellent source ofhealthy fats.

We will be able to eat them without much worry because many of them are unsaturated fatty acids shown to help reduce (bad cholesterol) LDL cholesterol.

Another health benefit of u nsaturated fatty acids also prevents hardening of the arteries good for a strong heart and a healthy life.

Of course, excessive intake will be the cause of obesity. However, because fats are necessary component of your diet even while dieting, we would suggest that you try to incorporate the blue fish of the season in order to ingest more healthy fats good for the body and more.

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