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What Slism is all about

When we first started in 2012, our goal was the same as it is today: to make the life of a modern young woman easier, simpler and more beautiful. Because that’s what it is all about. However, since then, a lot of things have changed, but we are still here. And it is only because of you. And how do we do that? Before, we used to bring you the latest diet and weight loss methods from Japan, and later we’ve figured out there’s so much more going on.
And now we are here for you to help you with your social skills, emotional problems, tantrums we all go through, and of course: healthy lifestyle. And if there’s a question you want to be answered, all you have to do is ask. We are here because you want us to be here.

Girls Talk

We share with you our thoughts on everyday girls’ troubles: Confidence, bad breakups, friend zone, dating advice, and favorite to-be: fashion. You can always join us and share your own opinion.

Weight Loss

To feel good in your body, you have to do some extra work. But it is not all about starving yourself: it’s about healthy lifestyle that will benefit both your body and mind.
If you have a look, you’ll find a bunch of great exercise and diet tips that will help you see that fitness and healthy diet is so much more than sweating and losing pounds.

Calorie Slism

As the most important part of healthy lifestyle is diet, we at Slism made sure that you always have a place to turn to when you need some extra info on what you can eat.
And not just that. Calorie Slism is a tool for calculating calories in your food that makes every page count. It does this by focusing on whole foods. It is really easy to use, so make sure to try it out.


Have we already told you that we are here to make your life easier? We made that so much simpler with our Roundup category. Here you will be able to research the topic you are interested in in just a couple of clicks. That’s because we’ve made sure to keep the articles related to one and the same topic in one place. It helps us make the entire Slism experience so much better, and it helps you find what you need faster.

Who writes for Slism?

Slism employs many writers to bring you the best content. However, we are always looking for writers with expertise in specific areas. The following is a brief overview of who writes for Slism.

Abie Giles

Abie has so far proven to be the master of any social or dating situation. If you don’t know what to do with a nagging boyfriend, or a troublesome friend, it’s her you should ask for advice. Trust us, some of us always do. When she’s not out on a date, or having coffee with her friends and her English bulldog Ed, she enjoys reading fashion magazines.

Kacia Nall

She’s the newbie in our team. Young, confident, and witty, she is a real refreshment for our team. A huge fan of the latest interior design trends and music festivals, Kacia Nall is the person whose fashion and lifestyle tips everyone should follow.

Martin Nicholson

Having been with us since 2012, Martin has proven to be the most dependable fitness companion one can imagine. He is always here to help you with any diet and weight loss question you might have. Martin Nicholson is also a great motivator who always strives for improvement.