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Okayu Japanese Rice Porridge Diet for Low Calorie Meals

Eat Okayu Japanese rice porridge to cut back on calories without having to give up on the food you love.
Low calories meals made easy as cake Japan-style.

Japanese rice porridge ("Okayu") makes an excellent base when thinking about low calories meals. The okayu diet replaces plain rice as a staple helping you cut back on as much as 300 calories per day just by switching over to rice porridge. Lose weight while still being able to eat on the rice porridge diet.

Is Japanese rice porridge good for weight loss?

Japanese rice porridge (Okayu)

Just by switching to low calorie Okayu Japanese rice porridge is considered going on a diet. The freedom of being able to eat whatever toppings an sides you want not only reduces the chance of building up stress through your diet but leaves little room for worry when it comes to continuing your diet.

Eating Okayu rice porridge is a great way to raise your core body temperature effectively boosting your metabolism and a great way to lose weight recommended for people who want to be able to eat while getting slim.

Quick Japanese Okayu Rice Porridge Diet

More Carbohydrate Foods

If eating Japanese rice porridge isn't enough then you will be happy to find out there are more great carbohydrate foods other than Okayu that may make are shape your diet eating foods with carbs that don't make you fat but instead can serve as a catalyst for your weight loss supporting your fitness routine.

In this next Slism, we will introduce how you can cut down on calories simply by going on the okayu diet expanding on the many benefits you get from eating Japanese rice porridge and discussing some pitfalls of the rice porridge diet that can be avoided.

How the Okayu Diet Work Letting You Eat While Getting Slim On Japanese Rice Porridge

The okayu diet is changing your stable food from plain rice or bread to rice porridge helping you lower the calorie intake in your diet for weight loss which is why it has long been considered one of the best healthy midnight snacks in Japan.

All there is to it is switching over to Japanese rice porridge and that's it. There's no need to change your diet in any other way than that making it possible to eat the way you usually do without having to worry about your weight because you're lowering calories in your diet.

Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner switching to the okayu diet 3 meals a day is the best way to ensure results that you can see fast. On the other hand, there may be a problem eating rice pudding at work or school so eating Japanese rice porridge during breakfast and lunch, 2 times per day is just as effective.

It may be advantageous to use store bought rice porridge; however because it is so easy to make you can do it easily at home not to mention cheap. Just set your rice cooker into okayu mode adding enough water and let your rice cooker do all the work. It's that easy.

Benefits of Japanese Okayu Rice Porridge in Your Diet for Easy Weight Maintenance

In one bowl of rice (150g) there are around 250 calories. However in the case of rice porridge there are only 250 calories. That's right. Just by changing your stable to okayu it's possible to shave off as much as 100 calories per meals which is why okayu makes a great low calorie food.

Okayu rice porridge increases your metabolism by helping to raise your core temperature In addition okayu is easily digestible and has excellent nutrient absorption not to mention easy on your stomach sitting well when you are at home or on the go.

One thing that stresses people out is being irritated with not being able to eat the foods that they're used to eating. With the okayu diet there is no need to change more than your stable food eating whatever toppings and sides that fit your personal flavor preference.

The flavor and seasoning you use doesn't have to be Japanese-style. Keep in mind that Chinese-style flavors are always options when thinking about making variety a priority in your diet.

The fact that okayu rice is hot helps prevent you from eating too fast making your eat slowing thus preventing compulsive overeating.

The Bad Side to Dieting Strictly On Rice Porridge That You Have To Watch Out For

Although eating okayu fills you up after eating satisfying your hunger as it expands in your stomach, the fact that it is easily digestible means that it doesn't last long. In addition to not providing lasting appetite control, rice porridge lacks as a medium for chewing using your teeth when you eat making it harder to attain a sense of fullness compared to rice and other staple foods.

It is said that the only eating rice porridge causes you to get hungry faster potentially leading to hunger binge eating that takes away from the hard work you are putting into your diet to lose weight. That's why you want to spend more time chewing your rice porridge combining it with your sides as your chew.

Eating only Japanese okayu will not lead to a balanced diet. The vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber will come from what you will be eating with your rice porridge.

  • Japanese rice porridge diet

    Japanese rice porridge diet

    Change your staple food to easily digestible rice porridge to cut back on calories giving you an extra push to lose weight.

  • A diet friend in okayu rice

    A diet friend in okayu rice

    When you are running out of option on reducing calories in the food you eat remember Japanese okayu to get out of a pinch.

  • Reduce calorie intake eating

    Reduce calorie intake eating

    Build your diet on foods that don't make you worry about counting calories ever again mixing it up with variation that lasts.