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Calories in Processed Food / Side Dishes (285)

  • Nishime Nishime 1 plate(107.7g) 94kcal
  • Poached Egg Poached Egg 1 egg(62.5g) 93kcal
    Poached egg
  • Wonton Soup Wonton Soup 1 small sized bowl(153.4g) 92kcal
    Wonton Soup
  • Egg Salad Egg Salad 1 small bowl(90g) 92kcal
    Egg salad
  • Coddled Egg Coddled Egg 1 egg(60g) 91kcal
    Coddled egg
  • Onsen Tamago Onsen Tamago 1 egg(60g) 91kcal
    Onsen tamago (Boiled egg)
  • Satsuma-age Satsuma-age 1slice(65g) 90kcal
  • Meatballs Meatballs 1item(35g) 85kcal
    PREPARED FOODS/Meat balls/Frozen
  • Frozen Tofu Frozen Tofu 1item(16g) 85kcal
    PULSES/Soybeans/[Tofu and Abura-age]/Kori-dofu
  • Canned Green Peas Canned Green Peas 1can(85g) 83kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Peas)/Green peas/Canned in brine
  • Gomadofu Gomadofu 1 small plate(43.3g) 83kcal
  • Grilled Eggplant Grilled Eggplant 1 small eggplant(110g) 83kcal
    Grilled eggplant
  • Yakinuki-Kamaboko Yakinuki-Kamaboko 1piece(80g) 82kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Yakinuki-kamaboko
  • Mizuna Salted Pickles Mizuna Salted Pickles 1pack(300g) 81kcal
    VEGETABLES/Kyona/Salted pickles
  • Corn Soup Powder Corn Soup Powder 1cup(19g) 81kcal
    PREPARED FOODS/Corn cream soup/Powdered
  • Canned Tomatoes Canned Tomatoes 1can(400g) 80kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Tomatoes)/Canned products/Whole
  • Cream Croquette Cream Croquette 1item before cooking(50g) 80kcal
    PREPARED FOODS/Croquettes/Cream type, for frying, frozen
  • Mince Cutlet Mince Cutlet 1item before cooking(40g) 78kcal
    PREPARED FOODS/Minced meat cutlets/For frying, frozen
  • Flaked White Tuna Flaked White Tuna 1can(80g) 78kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Tunas)/Canned products/Flaked white meat in brine
  • Pickled Mustard Greens Pickled Mustard Greens 1bundle(200g) 72kcal
    VEGETABLES/Leaf mustard/Salted pickles
  • Konjac Powder Konjac Powder 1bag(40g) 71kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/Konjac/Fine powder
  • Seaweed Salad Seaweed Salad 1 serving(241g) 70kcal
    Seaweed salad
  • Bacon Bacon 1slice(17g) 69kcal
  • Minestrone Minestrone 1 cup(142.6g) 67kcal
  • Namul Namul 1 plate(87g) 67kcal
  • Fried Shrimp Fried Shrimp 3 whole before cooking(48g) 67kcal
    PREPARED FOODS/(Breaded fishes)/Shrimps and prawns/For frying, frozen
  • Takana Greens Takana Greens 1pack(200g) 66kcal
    VEGETABLES/Takana: broad leaf mustard/Salted pickles
  • Canned Top Shell Canned Top Shell 1can(65g) 64kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Topshells/Canned with seasoning
  • Onion Soup Onion Soup 1 large cup(178.1g) 64kcal
    Onion soup
  • Fried Squid Fried Squid 1 roll(29.1g) 63kcal
    Fried squid
  • Mefun Mefun 1bottle(80g) 62kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Salmons)/Chum salmon/Mefun
  • Agedashi Tofu Agedashi Tofu 1/8 a brick of tofu(66g) 61kcal
    Agedashi-dofu(Deep-fried tofu)
  • Japanese Omelette Japanese Omelette 1cut(40g) 60kcal
    EGGS/(Hen's eggs)/Tamagoyaki/Atsuyakitamago
  • Shandong Cai Salted Pickles Shandong Cai Salted Pickles 1pack(300g) 60kcal
    VEGETABLES/Shandong cai/Salted pickles
  • Fried Fish Fried Fish 1item(40g) 59kcal
    PREPARED FOODS/(Breaded fishes)/White-flesh/For frying, frozen
  • Datemaki Datemaki 1cut width 2cm(30g) 59kcal
  • Squid Rings Squid Rings 1item small portion(40g) 58kcal
    PREPARED FOODS/(Breaded fishes)/Cuttlefishes/For frying, frozen
  • Fried Oyster Fried Oyster 1 roll(29.1g) 57kcal
    Fried oyster
  • Red Pickled Ginger Red Pickled Ginger 1pack(300g) 57kcal
  • Canned Tuna Canned Tuna 1can(80g) 57kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Tunas)/Canned products/Flaked light meat in brine
  • Fresh Sausage Fresh Sausage 1piece(20g) 56kcal
    MEATS/Swine/[Sausages]/Fresh sausage
  • Loin Bacon Loin Bacon 1slice(25g) 53kcal
  • Caviar Caviar 1can(20g) 53kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Caviar/Salted product
  • Tamago-dofu Tamago-dofu 1item(65g) 51kcal
    EGGS/(Hen's eggs)/Tamago-dofu
  • Konowata Konowata 1jar(80g) 51kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Sea cucumber/Konowata
  • Dashimaki-tamago Dashimaki-tamago 1cut(40g) 51kcal
    EGGS/(Hen's eggs)/Tamagoyaki/Dashimakitamago
  • Shoulder Ham Shoulder Ham 1slice(20g) 46kcal
  • Kinzanji-Miso Kinzanji-Miso 1tbsp(18g) 46kcal
  • Eggplant Salted Pickles Eggplant Salted Pickles 1pack(200g) 46kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Eggplants)/Pickles/Salted pickles
  • Canned Adzuki Beans Canned Adzuki Beans 1tbsp(21g) 46kcal
    PULSES/Adzuki beans/Boiled, canned in syrup

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