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Calories in Dairy Products / Eggs (34)

  • Cream Cream 1cup(210g) 909kcal
    MILKS/(Creams)/Cream/Milk fat
  • Whipped Cream Whipped Cream 1cup(200g) 844kcal
    MILKS/(Creams)/Whipping cream/Milk fat
  • Gouda Cheese Gouda Cheese 1pack(200g) 760kcal
    MILKS/(Cheeses)/Natural cheeses/Gouda
  • Powdered Milk Powdered Milk 1cup(90g) 463kcal
    MILKS/(Milk powders)/Modified milk powder
  • Blue Cheese Blue Cheese 1item(100g) 349kcal
    MILKS/(Cheeses)/Natural cheeses/Blue
  • Skim Milk Skim Milk 1cup(90g) 323kcal
    MILKS/(Milk powders)/Skimmed milk powder
  • Camembert Cheese Camembert Cheese 1pack(100g) 310kcal
    MILKS/(Cheeses)/Natural cheeses/Camambert
  • Cottage Cheese Cottage Cheese 1pack(200g) 210kcal
    MILKS/(Cheeses)/Natural cheeses/Cottage
  • Yogurt Drink Yogurt Drink 200ml small carton size(216g) 140kcal
    MILKS/(Fermented milk and lactic acid bacteria beverages)/Yogurt/Liquid type
  • Milk Milk 200ml(206g) 138kcal
    MILKS/(Liquid milks)/Ordinary liquid milk
  • Milk Raw Milk Raw 200ml(200g) 132kcal
    MILKS/(Liquid milks)/Raw milk/Holstein
  • Emmental Cheese Emmental Cheese 1cut(25g) 107kcal
    MILKS/(Cheeses)/Natural cheeses/Emmental
  • Hard Boiled Egg Hard Boiled Egg 1item(60g) 98kcal
    EGGS/(Hen's eggs)/Whole/Poached
  • Lowfat Milk Lowfat Milk 200ml(208g) 96kcal
    MILKS/(Liquid milks)/Milk containing recombined milk/Low fat
  • Egg Egg 1 large egg(60g) 91kcal
    EGGS/(Hen's eggs)/Whole/Boiled
  • Edam Cheese Edam Cheese 1cut(25g) 89kcal
    MILKS/(Cheeses)/Natural cheeses/Edam
  • Cheddar Cheese Cheddar Cheese 1slice(20g) 85kcal
    MILKS/(Cheeses)/Natural cheeses/Cheddar
  • Yogurt Yogurt 1cup small(120g) 74kcal
    MILKS/(Fermented milk and lactic acid bacteria beverages)/Yogurt/Whole milk, unsweetened
  • Silkie Fowl Eggs Silkie Fowl Eggs 1item(40g) 70kcal
    EGGS/Silky fowl's eggs/Whole, raw
  • Condensed Milk Condensed Milk 1tbsp(20g) 66kcal
    MILKS/(Evaporated and condensed milk)/Condensed whole milk, sweetened
  • Egg Yolk Egg Yolk 1item large(17g) 66kcal
    EGGS/(Hen's eggs)/Yolk/Raw
  • Breast Milk Breast Milk 100ml(100g) 65kcal
    MILKS/Human milk
  • Goat Milk Goat Milk 100ml(100g) 63kcal
    MILKS/Goat milk
  • Processed Cheese Processed Cheese 1slice(18g) 61kcal
    MILKS/(Cheeses)/Process cheese
  • Cream Cheese Cream Cheese 1 tbsp(14.5g) 50kcal
    MILKS/(Cheeses)/Natural cheeses/Cream
  • Lactic Acid Bacteria Beverages Lactic Acid Bacteria Beverages 65ml(70g) 50kcal
    MILKS/(Fermented milk and lactic acid bacteria beverages)/Lactic acid bacteria beverages/Ordinary milk-solids, nonfat
  • Cheese Spread Cheese Spread 1tbsp(12g) 37kcal
    MILKS/(Cheeses)/Cheese spread
  • Evaporated Milk Evaporated Milk 1tbsp(20g) 29kcal
    MILKS/(Evaporated and condensed milk)/Evaporated whole milk
  • Parmesan Cheese Parmesan Cheese 1tbsp(6g) 29kcal
    MILKS/(Cheeses)/Natural cheeses/Parmesan
  • Casein Casein 1tbsp(7g) 26kcal
  • Coffee Creamer Coffee Creamer 1tbsp(5g) 26kcal
    MILKS/(Creams)/Coffee whitener/Powder, milk fat
  • Whey Powder Whey Powder 1tbsp(7g) 25kcal
    MILKS/(Others)/Cheese whey powder
  • Quail Eggs Quail Eggs 1item(13g) 23kcal
    EGGS/Japanese quail's eggs/Whole, raw
  • Egg Whites Egg Whites 1item large(38g) 18kcal
    EGGS/(Hen's eggs)/White/Raw

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