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Calories in Potatoes / Starch (21)

  • Chinese Yam Chinese Yam 1item medium(720g) 468kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Yams)/Chinese yam/Nagaimo/Tuberous root, raw
  • Rice Starch Rice Starch 1cup(110g) 403kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Starches)/Rice starch
  • Corn Starch Corn Starch 1cup(110g) 389kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Starches)/Corn starch
  • Yatsugashira Yatsugashira 1item medium(400g) 388kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Taros)/Yatsugashira/Corm, raw
  • Wheat Starch Wheat Starch 1cup(110g) 386kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Starches)/Wheat starch
  • Sago Starch Sago Starch 1cup(110g) 384kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Starches)/Sago starch
  • Kudzu Powder Kudzu Powder 1cup(110g) 382kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Starches)/Kudzu starch
  • Tapioca Starch Tapioca Starch 1cup(110g) 381kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Starches)/Cassava starch
  • Yamatoimo Yamatoimo 1item medium(300g) 369kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Yams)/Chinese yam/Yamatoimo/Tuberous root, raw
  • Sweet Potato Starch Sweet Potato Starch 1cup(110g) 365kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Starches)/Sweet potato starch
  • Potato Starch Potato Starch 1cup(110g) 363kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Starches)/Potato starch
  • Japanese Sweet Potatoes Japanese Sweet Potatoes 1item medium(200g) 264kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/Sweet potatoes/Tuberous root, raw
  • Japanese Yams Japanese Yams 1serving(200g) 242kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Yams)/Japanese yam/Tuberous root, raw
  • Yam Yam 1serving(200g) 218kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Yams)/White yam/Tuberous root, raw
  • Potatoes Potatoes 1item medium(135g) 103kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/Potatoes/Tuber, raw
  • Mizuimo Mizuimo 1item medium(40g) 47kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Taros)/Mizuimo/Corm, raw
  • Mung Bean Noodles Mung Bean Noodles 1serving(10g) 35kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Starch products)/Harusame : starch noodles/Ryokuto-harusame/Dried, raw
  • Glass Noodles Glass Noodles 1serving(10g) 34kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Starch products)/Harusame : starch noodles/Harusame/Dried, raw
  • Pearl Tapioca Pearl Tapioca 1tbsp(8g) 28kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Starch products)/Tapioca pearls/Dried, raw
  • Taro Taro 1item medium(40g) 23kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/(Taros)/Satoimo/Corm, raw
  • Jerusalem Artichokes Jerusalem Artichokes 1item(50g) 18kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/Jerusalem-artichoke/Tuber, raw

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