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Calories in Seafood (167)

  • Toro Southern Bluefin Tuna Toro Southern Bluefin Tuna 1fillet(200g) 704kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Tunas)/Southern bluefin tuna/Fatty meat, raw
  • Largehead Hairtail Largehead Hairtail 1fish small edible part(260g) 692kcal
  • Toro Toro 1fillet(200g) 688kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Tunas)/Bluefin tuna/Fatty meat, raw
  • Japanese Eel Japanese Eel 1fish small edible part(225g) 574kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Japanese eel/Cultured, raw
  • Patagonian Toothfish Patagonian Toothfish 1fillet(200g) 544kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Southern black cod/Raw
  • Silver Pomfret Silver Pomfret 1 fish small edible part(300g) 525kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Silver pomfret/Raw
  • Red Sea Bream Red Sea Bream 1fish small edible part(270g) 524kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Sea breams)/Red sea bream/Cultured, raw
  • Yellowtail Yellowtail 1fillet(200g) 514kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Yellowtail/Mature/Raw
  • Yellowtail Young Yellowtail Young 1fillet(200g) 512kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Yellowtail/Young/Cultured, raw
  • Striped Mullet Striped Mullet 1fish small edible part(400g) 512kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Striped mullet/Raw
  • Atka Mackerel Atka Mackerel 1fish small edible part(400g) 460kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Atka mackerel/Raw
  • Righteye Flounders with Ovary Righteye Flounders with Ovary 1fish small edible part(300g) 429kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Righteye flounders)/With ovary/Raw
  • Frigate Mackerel Frigate Mackerel 1fish small edible part(300g) 408kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Skipjacks and frigate mackerels)/Frigate mackerel/Raw
  • Black Sea Bream Black Sea Bream 1fish small edible part(270g) 405kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Sea breams)/Black sea bream/Raw
  • Gnomefish Gnomefish 1fillet(200g) 378kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Japanese bluefish/Raw
  • Lamprey Lamprey 1fish small edible part(135g) 369kcal
  • Conger Eel Conger Eel 1fish small edible part(227g) 365kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Common Japanese conger/Raw
  • Pacific Herring Pacific Herring 1fish small edible part(165g) 356kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Pacific herring/Raw
  • Olive Flounder Olive Flounder 1fish small edible part(275g) 341kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Bastard halibut/Cultured, raw
  • Atlantic Mackerel Atlantic Mackerel 1fish small edible part(104g) 339kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Mackerels)/Atlantic mackerel/Raw
  • Skipjack Tuna Skipjack Tuna 1fillet(200g) 330kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Skipjacks and frigate mackerels)/Skipjack/Caught in autumn, raw
  • Spiny Dogfish Spiny Dogfish 1fillet(200g) 318kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Sharks)/Dogfish/Raw
  • Gurnard Gurnard 1fish small edible part(240g) 293kcal
  • Conger Pike Conger Pike 1fillet(200g) 288kcal
  • Yellowtail Amberjack Yellowtail Amberjack 1fillet(200g) 284kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Goldstriped amberjack/Raw
  • Crimson Seabream Crimson Seabream 1fish small edible part(270g) 284kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Sea breams)/Crimson sea bream/Raw
  • Fat Greenling Fat Greenling 1fish small edible part(250g) 283kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Fat greenling/Raw
  • Swordfish Swordfish 1fillet(200g) 282kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Marlins and swordfishes)/Swordfish/Raw
  • Gizzard Shad Gizzard Shad 1fish small edible part(175g) 280kcal
  • Japanese Sculpin Japanese Sculpin 1fish small approximate(250g) 278kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Japanese sculpin/Raw
  • Tilapia Tilapia 1fillet(200g) 268kcal
  • Squid Squid 1 edible part(300g) 264kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Squids)/Japanese common squid/Raw
  • Broadbanded Thornyhead Broadbanded Thornyhead 1fish small edible part(100g) 262kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Kichiji rockfish/Raw
  • Amberjack Amberjack 1fillet(200g) 258kcal
  • Lizardfish Lizardfish 1fish small edible part(275g) 256kcal
  • Tuna Tuna 1fillet(200g) 250kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Tunas)/Bluefin tuna/Lean meat, raw
  • Largescale Blackfish Largescale Blackfish 1fillet(200g) 250kcal
  • Righteye Flounders Marbled Sole Righteye Flounders Marbled Sole 1fish small edible part(250g) 248kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Righteye flounders)/Marbled sole/Raw
  • Righteye Flounder Righteye Flounder 1fish small edible part(250g) 238kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Righteye flounders)/Brown sole/Raw
  • Albacore Albacore 1fillet(200g) 234kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Tunas)/Albacore/Raw
  • Marlin Marlin 1fillet(200g) 230kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Marlins and swordfishes)/Striped marlin/Raw
  • Ayu Ayu 1fish small edible part(150g) 228kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Ayu sweetfish/Cultured, raw
  • Spring Skipjack Tuna Spring Skipjack Tuna 1fillet(200g) 228kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Skipjacks and frigate mackerels)/Skipjack/Caught in spring, raw
  • White Trevally White Trevally 1fish small edible part(135g) 227kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Striped jack/Cultured, raw
  • Big-eye Tuna Big-eye Tuna 1fillet(200g) 216kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Tunas)/Big-eye tuna/Raw
  • Cuttlefish Cuttlefish 1 edible part(325g) 215kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Squids)/Cuttlefish/Raw
  • Pacific Saury Pacific Saury 1fish small edible part(69g) 214kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Pacific saury/Raw
  • Yellowfin Tuna Yellowfin Tuna 1fillet(200g) 212kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Tunas)/Yellowfin tuna/Raw
  • Striped Beakfish Striped Beakfish 1fish small edible part(135g) 211kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Japanese parrot fish/Raw
  • Carp Carp 1fillet(120g) 205kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Carp/Cultured, raw

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