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Calories in Processed Food / Side Dishes (285)

  • Nikujaga Nikujaga 1 plate(133g) 170kcal
  • Silken Tofu Silken Tofu 1brick(300g) 168kcal
    PULSES/Soybeans/[Tofu and Abura-age]/Kinugoshi-tofu
  • Kobumaki-kamaboko Kobumaki-kamaboko 1piece(200g) 168kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Kobumaki-kamaboko
  • Cabbage Roll Cabbage Roll 1 roll(177g) 166kcal
    Cabbage roll
  • Tofu Chikuwa Tofu Chikuwa 1piece(130g) 164kcal
    PULSES/Soybeans/[Tofu and Abura-age]/Tofu-chikuwa/Steamed type
  • Fukujinzuke Fukujinzuke 1pack(120g) 163kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Daikon: Japanese radishes)/Pickles/Fukujin-zuke
  • Ikura Ikura 1 portion(60g) 163kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Salmons)/Chum salmon/Ikura
  • Daikon Pickles Miso-Zuke Daikon Pickles Miso-Zuke 1pack(200g) 156kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Daikon: Japanese radishes)/Pickles/Miso-zuke
  • Corn Soup Retort-Pouched Corn Soup Retort-Pouched 1serving(180g) 155kcal
    PREPARED FOODS/Corn cream soup/Retort-pouched
  • Aramakijake Aramakijake 1cut fillet(100g) 154kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Salmons)/Chum salmon/Aramaki, raw
  • Sweet And Sour Pickled Ginger Sweet And Sour Pickled Ginger 1pack(300g) 153kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Gingers)/Ginger/Pickles/Pickles, sweetened
  • Ham and Eggs Ham and Eggs 1 egg(84.5g) 152kcal
    Ham and eggs
  • Fried Egg Fried Egg 1 egg(66g) 146kcal
    Fried egg
  • Fish Sausage Fish Sausage 1piece large(90g) 145kcal
  • Yamagobo Miso-Zuke Yamagobo Miso-Zuke 1pack(200g) 144kcal
  • Chawanmushi Chawanmushi 1 serving(146.6g) 142kcal
  • Canned Yakitori Canned Yakitori 1can(80g) 142kcal
    MEATS/Chicken/[Others]/Roast meat, canned with seasonings
  • Kiriboshi-daikon Kiriboshi-daikon 1pack(50g) 140kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Daikon: Japanese radishes)/Kiriboshi-daikon
  • Kimchi Kimchi 1pack large(300g) 138kcal
    VEGETABLES/Chinese cabbage/Pickles/Kim chee
  • Pickled Hinona Pickled Hinona 1pack(200g) 138kcal
    VEGETABLES/Hinona/Pickles, sweetened
  • Kamaboko Kamaboko 1piece(145g) 138kcal
  • Sugukina Pickles Sugukina Pickles 1item(400g) 136kcal
  • Sumaki-kamaboko Sumaki-kamaboko 1piece(150g) 135kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Sumaki-kamaboko
  • Sunny-side up Eggs Sunny-side up Eggs 1 egg(66.5g) 130kcal
    Sunny-side up egg
  • Naruto Naruto 1piece(160g) 128kcal
  • Tortilla de Patatas Tortilla de Patatas 1/8 slice(86.15g) 122kcal
  • Tonjiru Tonjiru 1 bowl(176g) 121kcal
  • Canned Mandarin Orange Juice Canned Mandarin Orange Juice 1can weight 425g(191g) 120kcal
    FRUITS/Satsuma mandarins/Canned in light syrup/Liquid
  • Corn Salad Corn Salad 1 small bowl(92g) 119kcal
    corn salad
  • Century Eggs Century Eggs 1item(55g) 118kcal
  • Fried Tofu Fried Tofu 1slice(30g) 116kcal
    PULSES/Soybeans/[Tofu and Abura-age]/Abura-age
  • Bettarazuke Bettarazuke 1piece(200g) 114kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Daikon: Japanese radishes)/Pickles/Bettara-zuke
  • Koji Natto Koji Natto 1pack(50g) 114kcal
  • Potato Salad Potato Salad 1 small bowl(92.6g) 113kcal
    Potato salad
  • Hanpen Hanpen 1slice large(120g) 113kcal
  • Scallop Kaibashira Scallop Kaibashira 1item(35g) 113kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Scallops/Adductor muscle/Niboshi
  • Okara Okara 1cup(100g) 111kcal
    PULSES/Soybeans/[Others]/Okara/Modern product
  • Grilled Salmon Grilled Salmon 1 piece(86g) 110kcal
    Grilled salmon
  • Tsubu-Uni Tsubu-Uni 1jar(60g) 110kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Sea urchin/Tsubu-uni
  • Deep-Fried Chicken Wings Deep-Fried Chicken Wings 1 roll(42g) 106kcal
    Deep-fried chicken wings
  • Neri-Uni Neri-Uni 1jar(60g) 102kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Sea urchin/Neri-uni
  • Potato Potage Potato Potage 1 large cup(171.5g) 101kcal
    Potato Potage
  • Kakiage Kakiage 1 roll(52.2g) 100kcal
  • Natto Natto 1pack(50g) 100kcal
  • Potato Croquette Potato Croquette 1item before cooking(60g) 98kcal
    PREPARED FOODS/Croquettes/Potato type, for frying, frozen
  • Kinpira Gobo Kinpira Gobo 1 small bowl(79.1g) 97kcal
    Kinpira Gobo
  • Hikiwari Natto Hikiwari Natto 1pack(50g) 97kcal
  • Hash Browns Hash Browns 1 piece(67.3g) 97kcal
    Hash browns
  • Melon Cucumber Shiozuke Melon Cucumber Shiozuke 1piece(600g) 96kcal
    VEGETABLES/Oriental pickling melon/Pickles/Salted pickles
  • Corn Potage Corn Potage 1 cup(120.5g) 95kcal
    Corn potage

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