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Calories in Grains (46)

  • Proso Millet Proso Millet 1cup(170g) 605kcal
    CEREALS/Proso millet/Milled grain, raw
  • Domyojiko Domyojiko 1cup(160g) 595kcal
    CEREALS/Rice/[Glutinous rice products]/Domyojiko
  • Rice Malt Rice Malt 1cup measuring 180cc(200g) 572kcal
    CEREALS/Rice/[Nonglutinous rice products]/Rice-koji
  • Rice Rice 1 cup measuring 180cc(160g) 570kcal
    CEREALS/Rice/[Paddy rice grain]/Well-milled rice, raw
  • Wheat Germ Wheat Germ 1cup(130g) 554kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Others]/Wheat germ
  • Wheat Gluten Powder Wheat Gluten Powder 1cup(110g) 481kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Others]/Wheat gluten/Powdered type
  • Japanese Millet Japanese Millet 1cup(130g) 477kcal
    CEREALS/Japanese barnyard millet/Milled grain, raw
  • Barley Barley 1cup(140g) 476kcal
    CEREALS/Barley/Pressed grain, raw
  • Foxtail Millet Foxtail Millet 1cup(130g) 473kcal
    CEREALS/Foxtail millet/Milled grain, raw
  • Corn Starch Corn Starch 1cup(130g) 472kcal
    CEREALS/Corn/Corn flour
  • Rice Flour Rice Flour 1cup(130g) 471kcal
    CEREALS/Rice/[Nonglutinous rice products]/Flour
  • Corn Grits Corn Grits 1cup(130g) 462kcal
    CEREALS/Corn/Corn grits
  • Sorghum Sorghum 1cup(130g) 458kcal
    CEREALS/Sorghum/Whole grain, raw
  • Corn Kernels Corn Kernels 1cup measuring 180cc(130g) 455kcal
    CEREALS/Corn/Whole grain, raw
  • Shiratamako Shiratamako 1cup(120g) 443kcal
    CEREALS/Rice/[Glutinous rice products]/Shiratamako
  • Instant Rice Instant Rice 1serving(110g) 426kcal
    CEREALS/Rice/[Nonglutinous rice products]/Quick-cooking rice, raw
  • Wheat Flour Wheat Flour 1cup(110g) 405kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Wheat flour]/Soft flour/First grade
  • All Purpose Flour All Purpose Flour 1cup(110g) 405kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Wheat flour]/Medium flour/First grade
  • Hard Wheat Flour Hard Wheat Flour 1cup(110g) 403kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Wheat flour]/Hard flour/First grade
  • Pancake Mix Pancake Mix 1cup(110g) 403kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Wheat flour]/Premixed flour/For hot cake
  • Commercial Sorghum Commercial Sorghum 1cup(110g) 400kcal
    CEREALS/Sorghum/Milled grain, raw
  • Buckwheat Flour Buckwheat Flour 1cup(110g) 397kcal
    CEREALS/Buckwheat/Buckwheat flour/Straight
  • Middle Soba Flour Middle Soba Flour 1cup(110g) 396kcal
    CEREALS/Buckwheat/Buckwheat flour/Middle layer
  • Inner Soba Flour Inner Soba Flour 1cup(110g) 395kcal
    CEREALS/Buckwheat/Buckwheat flour/Inner layer
  • Buckwheat Flour Outer Layer Buckwheat Flour Outer Layer 1cup(110g) 394kcal
    CEREALS/Buckwheat/Buckwheat flour/Outer layer
  • Rye Flour Rye Flour 1cup(110g) 386kcal
  • Tempura Flour Tempura Flour 1cup(110g) 384kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Wheat flour]/Premixed flour/For Tenpura
  • Wheat Wheat 1cup(110g) 371kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Whole grain]/Domestic/Medium, raw
  • Rye Rye 1cup(110g) 367kcal
    CEREALS/Rye/Whole flour
  • Buckwheat Buckwheat 1serving(100g) 364kcal
    CEREALS/Buckwheat/Parboiled grain
  • Cornmeal Cornmeal 1cup(100g) 363kcal
    CEREALS/Corn/Corn meal
  • Whole Wheat Flour Whole Wheat Flour 1cup(110g) 361kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Wheat flour]/Hard flour/Whole
  • Barley Noodles Barley Noodles 1serving after boiling(260g) 317kcal
    CEREALS/Barley/Noodles/Dry form, boiled
  • Oatmeal Oatmeal 1cup(80g) 304kcal
    CEREALS/Oats/Oatmeal, raw
  • Steamed Ramen Steamed Ramen 1 serving(150g) 297kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Chinese noodles]/Steamed Chinese noodles
  • Roasted Barley Flour Roasted Barley Flour 1cup(70g) 274kcal
    CEREALS/Barley/Roasted flour
  • Pizza Crust Pizza Crust 1slice(100g) 268kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Others]/Pizza crust
  • Rice Noodles Rice Noodles 1serving(50g) 189kcal
    CEREALS/Rice/[Nonglutinous rice products]/Noodles, raw
  • Bread Crumbs Bread Crumbs 1cup(40g) 149kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Others]/Bread crumbs/Dry form
  • Whole Grain Barley Whole Grain Barley 1serving(30g) 103kcal
    CEREALS/Barley/Splited grain, raw
  • Awamochi Awamochi 1item(40g) 84kcal
    CEREALS/Foxtail millet/Glutinous cake
  • Amaranth Grain Amaranth Grain 1tbsp(15g) 54kcal
    CEREALS/Amaranth/Whole grain, raw
  • Pearl Barley Pearl Barley 1tbsp(5g) 18kcal
    CEREALS/Job's tears/Milled grain, raw
  • Gyoza Skin Gyoza Skin 1sheet of dumpling skin diamter 8cm(6g) 17kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Others]/Chio tzu pastry
  • Shumai Skin Shumai Skin 1sheet of dumpling skin, area 7x7cm(3g) 9kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Others]/Shao mai pastry
  • Hard clams Hard clams 1item peeled(15g) 6kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Hard clams)/Hard clams/Raw

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