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Calories in Processed Food / Side Dishes (285)

  • Bologna Sausage Bologna Sausage 1piece(500g) 1255kcal
  • Katsuobushi Katsuobushi 1piece(300g) 1068kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Skipjacks and frigate mackerels)/Processed products/Katsuo-bushi
  • Sujiko Sujiko 1belly(300g) 846kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Salmons)/Chum salmon/Sujiko
  • Liverwurst Liverwurst 1piece(200g) 736kcal
  • Semi-Dry Sausage Semi-Dry Sausage 1pack(200g) 678kcal
  • Teriyaki Chicken Teriyaki Chicken 1 medium slice(309.7g) 619kcal
    Teriyaki chicken
  • Chicken Nanban Chicken Nanban 1 serving(234g) 594kcal
    Chicken Nanban
  • Beef Stew Beef Stew 1 plate(535.3g) 594kcal
    Beef stew
  • Okinawa Tofu Okinawa Tofu 1brick(500g) 530kcal
    PULSES/Soybeans/[Tofu and Abura-age]/Okinawa-tofu
  • Instant Yakisoba Instant Yakisoba 1item(120g) 523kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Precooked noodles]/Chinese style instant cup noodles/Dried by frying, chow mein type
  • Japanese Eel Shirayaki Japanese Eel Shirayaki 1cut(150g) 497kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Japanese eel/Shirayaki
  • Chicken Satay Chicken Satay 1 serving(177.5g) 492kcal
    Chicken satay
  • Scotch Egg Scotch Egg 1 boiled egg(202g) 481kcal
    Scotch egg
  • Tonkatsu Tonkatsu 1 piece(134.6g) 463kcal
  • Dried Adzuki Beans Dried Adzuki Beans 1cup(120g) 462kcal
    PULSES/Adzuki beans/An: bean paste/Sarashi-an
  • Flaked Light Tuna Oil Taste Flaked Light Tuna Oil Taste 1can large(165g) 441kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Tunas)/Canned products/Flaked light meat in oil
  • Japanese Eel Kabayaki Japanese Eel Kabayaki 1cut(150g) 440kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/Japanese eel/Kabayaki
  • Mackerel Miso Mackerel Miso 1can(200g) 434kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Mackerels)/Canned products/Miso-ni
  • Meatloaf Meatloaf 1 serving(219.5g) 415kcal
  • Shark Fin Shark Fin 1slice(120g) 410kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Sharks)/Dried shark fin
  • Black Soybeans Black Soybeans 1cup(140g) 405kcal
    PULSES/Soybeans/[Whole beans and its products]/Budo-mame
  • Instant Noodles Instant Noodles 1item(90g) 403kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Precooked noodles]/Chinese style instant cup noodles/Dried by frying
  • Pumpkin Salad Pumpkin Salad 1 medium sized plate(191g) 395kcal
    Pumpkin salad
  • Shogayaki Shogayaki 1 serving(202g) 386kcal
    Shogayaki(Grilled ginger pork)
  • Lyoner Sausage Lyoner Sausage 1piece(200g) 384kcal
  • Whale Bacon Whale Bacon 1pack(100g) 376kcal
    MEATS/Whale/Ventral groove meat, raw
  • Shimesaba Shimesaba 1pack(110g) 373kcal
    FISHES AND SHELLFISHES/(Mackerels)/Processed products/Shimesaba
  • Clam Chowder Clam Chowder 1 plate(348.5g) 369kcal
    Clam Chowder
  • Stuffed Peppers Stuffed Peppers 1 serving(277.5g) 369kcal
    Stuffed peppers
  • Fried Eggplant Fried Eggplant 1pack(200g) 368kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Eggplants)/Western type/Fruit, fried
  • Corn Dog Corn Dog 1 roll(100g) 356kcal
    Corn dog
  • Omelette Omelette 1 serving(235g) 353kcal
  • Negiyaki Negiyaki 1 piece(182.5g) 347kcal
  • Chop suey Chop suey 1 serving(189.1g) 346kcal
  • Mapo Tofu Mapo Tofu 1/2 a brick of tofu(256.2g) 341kcal
    Mapo doufu
  • French Fries French Fries 1item medium(135g) 320kcal
    POTATOES AND STARCHES/Potatoes/Fried potato
  • Tofu Ankake Tofu Ankake 1/2 block(298g) 313kcal
  • Chicken Katsu Chicken Katsu 1 piece(142.4g) 305kcal
    Chicken katsu
  • Fried Chicken Fried Chicken 3 medium sized pieces(103.5g) 300kcal
    Fried Chicken
  • Deep Fried Tofu Deep Fried Tofu 1slice(200g) 300kcal
    PULSES/Soybeans/[Tofu and Abura-age]/Nama-age
  • Tsubushian Tsubushian 1cup(120g) 293kcal
    PULSES/Adzuki beans/An: bean paste/Tsubushi-an
  • Scrambled Eggs Scrambled Eggs 2 eggs(163g) 292kcal
    Scrambled eggs
  • Spring Roll Spring Roll 2 rolls(146.5g) 292kcal
  • Grilled Squid Grilled Squid 1 cup(309g) 290kcal
    Grilled squid
  • Vienna Sausage Vienna Sausage 5 small(90g) 289kcal
  • Beef Stroganoff Beef Stroganoff 1 plate(203.4g) 277kcal
    Beef Stroganoff
  • Salisbury Steak Salisbury Steak 1item(120g) 268kcal
    PREPARED FOODS/Hamburg steak/Frozen
  • Shrimp Gratin Shrimp Gratin 1item(200g) 266kcal
    PREPARED FOODS/Gratin/Shrimps and prawns, frozen
  • Pilaf Pilaf 1item(165g) 266kcal
    PREPARED FOODS/Pilaf/Frozen
  • Yaki Tofu Yaki Tofu 1slice(300g) 264kcal
    PULSES/Soybeans/[Tofu and Abura-age]/Yaki-tofu

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