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Calories in Vegetables (164)

  • Bracken Bracken 5pieces(71g) 15kcal
    VEGETABLES/Bracken/Young shoots, raw
  • Raw Peanuts Raw Peanuts 1item(5g) 15kcal
    VEGETABLES/Peanuts/Immature beans, raw
  • Water Dropwort Water Dropwort 1bundle(84g) 14kcal
    VEGETABLES/Water dropwort/Stems and leaves, raw
  • Shandong Cai Shandong Cai 1slice(100g) 14kcal
    VEGETABLES/Shandong cai/Leaves, raw
  • Cucumbers Cucumbers M1piece(98g) 14kcal
    VEGETABLES/Cucumber/Fruit, raw
  • Taisai Taisai 1leaf(85g) 14kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Taisai : Chinese mustards)/Taisai/Leaves, raw
  • Mitsuba Mitsuba 1pack(75g) 14kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Mitsuba)/Kiri-mitsuba/Leaves, raw
  • Sweet Pickles Sweet Pickles 1item(20g) 13kcal
    VEGETABLES/Cucumber/Pickles/Pickles/Sweet type
  • Butterhead Lettuce Butterhead Lettuce 1head containg 15 slices(90g) 13kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Lettuces)/Head lettuce, butter type/Leaves, raw
  • Alfalfa Sprouts Alfalfa Sprouts 1pack(100g) 12kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Bean sprouts)/Alfalfa sprouts/Raw
  • Japanese Hornwort Japanese Hornwort 1bundle(92g) 12kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Mitsuba)/Ito-mitsuba/Leaves, raw
  • Myoga Myoga 1pack containing 10 tp 14items(97g) 12kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Japanese gingers)/Myoga/Spike, raw
  • Kaiware Sprouts Kaiware Sprouts 1pack small(49g) 10kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Daikon: Japanese radishes)/Kaiware-daikon/Young stems and leaves, raw
  • Water Shield Water Shield 1pack(200g) 10kcal
    VEGETABLES/Water shield/Young leaves, bottled in water
  • Hyacinth Bean Hyacinth Bean 1pod(30g) 10kcal
    VEGETABLES/Hyacinth beans/Immature pods, raw
  • Salad Rocket Salad Rocket 1pack(50g) 10kcal
    VEGETABLES/Rocket salad/Leaves, raw
  • Garlic Garlic 1bulb(6g) 8kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Garlics)/Garlic/Bulb, raw
  • Zuiki Zuiki 1piece(50g) 8kcal
    VEGETABLES/Zuiki/Fresh Zuiki, raw
  • Red Bell Pepper Red Bell Pepper 1item medium(26g) 8kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Sweet peppers)/Red sweet pepper/Fruit, raw
  • Qing-geng-cai Qing-geng-cai 1leaf(85g) 8kcal
    VEGETABLES/Qing gin cai/Leaves, raw
  • Ginger Ginger 1thumb large(24g) 7kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Gingers)/Ginger/Rhizome, raw
  • Yellow Bell Pepper Yellow Bell Pepper 1item medium(26g) 7kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Sweet peppers)/Yellow sweet pepper/Fruit, raw
  • Giant Butterbur Giant Butterbur 1piece(60g) 7kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Japanese butterburs)/Japanese butterbur/Petiole, raw
  • Osaka Shirona Osaka Shirona 1slice(50g) 7kcal
    VEGETABLES/Osaka-shirona/Leaves, raw
  • Nagasaki-Hakusai Nagasaki-Hakusai 1slice(50g) 7kcal
    VEGETABLES/Nagasaki-hakusai/Leaves, raw
  • Watercress Watercress 1bundle(43g) 6kcal
    VEGETABLES/Watercress/Stems and leaves, raw
  • Rakkyo Rakkyo 1item(5g) 6kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Scallions)/Scallion/Bulb, raw
  • Bell Peppers Bell Peppers 1item medium(26g) 6kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Sweet peppers)/Green sweet pepper/Fruit, raw
  • Hinona Hinona 1piece(30g) 6kcal
    VEGETABLES/Hinona/Root with tops, raw
  • Asparagus Asparagus 1piece(24g) 5kcal
    VEGETABLES/Asparagus/Shoots, raw
  • Ashitaba Ashitaba 1piece(15g) 5kcal
    VEGETABLES/Ashitaba/Stems and leaves, raw
  • Raw Red Pepper Raw Red Pepper 1piece(5g) 5kcal
    VEGETABLES/Red peppers/Fruit, raw
  • Garlic Scapes Garlic Scapes 1piece(10g) 5kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Garlics)/Kuki-ninniku/Scape, raw
  • Turnip Greens Turnip Greens 1piece(20g) 4kcal
    VEGETABLES/Turnip/Leaves, raw
  • Green Peas Green Peas 1pod(4g) 4kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Peas)/Green peas/Raw
  • Perilla Perilla 1bundle containing 10 items(10g) 4kcal
    VEGETABLES/Perilla/Leaves, raw
  • Shepherds Purse Shepherds Purse 1piece(10g) 4kcal
    VEGETABLES/Shepherd's purse/Leaves, raw
  • Baby Carrots Baby Carrots 1piece(10g) 3kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Carrots)/Mini-kyarotto/Root, raw
  • Young Sweet Corn Young Sweet Corn 1piece(10g) 3kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Corns)/Young sweet corn/Young ear, raw
  • Cherry Tomatoes Cherry Tomatoes 1item medium(10g) 3kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Tomatoes)/Cherry tomatoes/Fruit, raw
  • Brussels Sprouts Brussels Sprouts 1item medium(5g) 3kcal
    VEGETABLES/Brussels sprouts/Head, raw
  • Yomena Yomena 1stem(5g) 2kcal
    VEGETABLES/Yomena/Leaves, raw
  • Mugwort Mugwort 1stem(5g) 2kcal
    VEGETABLES/Mugwort/Leaves, raw
  • Parsley Parsley 1leaves(5g) 2kcal
    VEGETABLES/Parsley/Leaves, raw
  • Snap Peas Snap Peas 1pod(5g) 2kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Peas)/Snap peas/Immature pods, raw
  • Micro-greens Micro-greens 1hand(5g) 2kcal
    VEGETABLES/Water pepper sprouts/Raw
  • Bok Choy Bok Choy 1 leaf(14g) 2kcal
    VEGETABLES/Bai cai/Leaves, raw
  • Winged Beans Winged Beans 1pod(10g) 2kcal
    VEGETABLES/Winged beans/Immature pods, raw
  • Ha-Shoga Ha-Shoga 1stem(18g) 2kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Gingers)/Ha-shoga/Rhizome, raw
  • Mukago Mukago 1item(2g) 2kcal

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