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Calories in Vegetables (164)

  • Bitter Melon Bitter Melon 1piece(250g) 43kcal
    VEGETABLES/Bitter gourd/Fruit, raw
  • Broccoli Broccoli 1item medium(125g) 41kcal
    VEGETABLES/Broccoli/Inflorescence, raw
  • Hiroshimana Hiroshimana 1bundle(200g) 40kcal
    VEGETABLES/Hiroshimana/Leaves, raw
  • Luffa Luffa 1piece(250g) 40kcal
    VEGETABLES/Sponge gourd/Immature fruit, raw
  • Mizuna Mizuna 1leaf(170g) 39kcal
    VEGETABLES/Kyona/Leaves, raw
  • Japanese Parsley Japanese Parsley 1bundle(195g) 39kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Mitsuba)/Ne-mitsuba/Leaves, raw
  • Artichoke Artichoke 1item(80g) 38kcal
    VEGETABLES/Artichoke/Flower bud, raw
  • Yardlong Bean Yardlong Bean 1bundle(160g) 38kcal
    VEGETABLES/Yard beans/Immature pods, raw
  • Qin Cai Qin Cai 1bundle(200g) 38kcal
    VEGETABLES/Qin cai/Stems and leaves, raw
  • Swiss Chard Swiss Chard 1bundle(200g) 38kcal
    VEGETABLES/Swiss chard/Leaves, raw
  • Tossa Jute Tossa Jute 1bag(100g) 38kcal
    VEGETABLES/Tossa jute/Stems and leaves, raw
  • Chana Sprouts Chana Sprouts 1 bag(248g) 37kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Bean sprouts)/Black gram sprouts/Raw
  • Daikon Greens Daikon Greens 1bundle(200g) 36kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Daikon: Japanese radishes)/Ha-daikon/Leaves, raw
  • Ha-Ninjin Ha-Ninjin 1bundle(200g) 36kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Carrots)/Ha-ninjin/Leaves, raw
  • Komatsuna Komatsuna 1bundle(255g) 36kcal
    VEGETABLES/Komatsuna/Leaves, raw
  • Sayaingen Sayaingen 1pack(150g) 35kcal
    VEGETABLES/Kidney beans/Sayaingen/Immature pods, raw
  • Mung Bean Sprouts Mung Bean Sprouts 1bag(243g) 34kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Bean sprouts)/Mung bean sprouts/Raw
  • Melon Cucumber Melon Cucumber 1piece(225g) 34kcal
    VEGETABLES/Oriental pickling melon/Fruit, raw
  • Tsumamina Tsumamina 1pack(160g) 32kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Taisai : Chinese mustards)/Tsumamina/Leaves, raw
  • Tomato Tomato 1item medium(165g) 31kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Tomatoes)/Tomatoes/Fruit, raw
  • Pea Sprouts Pea Sprouts 1pack(100g) 31kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Peas)/Domiao/Stems and leaves, raw
  • Bunching Onions Bunching Onions 1bundle(100g) 31kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Welsh onions)/Ha-negi/Leaves, raw
  • Endive Endive 1pack(200g) 30kcal
    VEGETABLES/Endive/Leaves, raw
  • Aralia cordata Aralia cordata 1piece(163g) 29kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Udo)/Udo/Stem, raw
  • Kale Kale 1bundle(100g) 28kcal
    VEGETABLES/Kale/Leaves, raw
  • Zucchini Zucchini 1piece(200g) 28kcal
    VEGETABLES/Zucchini/Fruit, raw
  • Budding Garlic Chives Budding Garlic Chives 1bundle(100g) 27kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Chinese chives)/Hana-nira/Scape and flower bud, raw
  • Konegi Konegi 1bundle(99g) 27kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Welsh onions)/Konegi/Leaves, raw
  • Welsh Onions Welsh Onions 1piece(95g) 27kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Welsh onions)/Nebuka-negi/Leaves, blanched, raw
  • Water Spinach Water Spinach 1bundle(150g) 26kcal
    VEGETABLES/Water convolvulus/Stems and leaves, raw
  • Okra Okra 1bag containg 8 to 12 pieces(85g) 26kcal
    VEGETABLES/Okra/Pods, raw
  • Tatsoi Tatsoi 1leaf(188g) 24kcal
    VEGETABLES/Ta cai/Leaves, raw
  • Shishito Pepper Shishito Pepper 1pack containing 30 items(90g) 24kcal
    VEGETABLES/Sweet peppers/Fruit, raw
  • Turnip Turnip 1item medium(120g) 24kcal
    VEGETABLES/Turnip/Root, with skin, raw
  • Young Broad Beans Young Broad Beans 30beans(20g) 22kcal
    VEGETABLES/Broad beans/Immature beans, raw
  • Aralia cordata Aralia cordata 1piece(111g) 21kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Udo)/Yama-udo/Stem, raw
  • Wild Rice Wild Rice 1piece(100g) 21kcal
    VEGETABLES/Manchurian wild rice/Stem, raw
  • Water Chestnuts Water Chestnuts 1item medium(16g) 20kcal
    VEGETABLES/Arrowhead/Tuber, raw
  • Garlic Chives Garlic Chives 1bundle(95g) 20kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Chinese chives)/Chinese chive/Leaves, raw
  • Malabar Nightshade Malabar Nightshade 1bundle(150g) 20kcal
    VEGETABLES/Malabar nightshade/Stems and leaves, raw
  • Wild Onions Wild Onions 1piece(30g) 20kcal
    VEGETABLES/Red garlic/Bulb and leaves, raw
  • Rhubarb Rhubarb 1piece(80g) 19kcal
    VEGETABLES/Rhubarb/Petiole, raw
  • Sprout Of Aralia Elata Sprout Of Aralia Elata 1pack containing 7 to 10 items(70g) 19kcal
    VEGETABLES/Japanese angelica-tree/Spears, raw
  • Ki-Nira Ki-Nira 1bundle(100g) 18kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Chinese chives)/Ki-nira/Leaves, raw
  • Togarashi Leaves Togarashi Leaves 1bundle(50g) 18kcal
    VEGETABLES/Red peppers/Leaves and fruits, raw
  • Red Peppers Red Peppers 10pieces(5g) 17kcal
    VEGETABLES/Red peppers/Fruit, dried
  • Okahijiki Okahijiki 1pack(100g) 17kcal
    VEGETABLES/Saltwort/Stems and leaves, raw
  • Victory Onion Victory Onion 1bundle(50g) 17kcal
    VEGETABLES/Gyoja-ninniku/Leaves, raw
  • Chicory Chicory 1item(100g) 16kcal
    VEGETABLES/Chicory/Spears, raw
  • Eggplants Eggplants S1item(72g) 16kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Eggplants)/Eggplant/Fruit, raw

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