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Calories in Rice / Wheat / Staple Foods (107)

  • Hamburger Hamburger 1 roll(218.5g) 422kcal
  • Tonkatsu Sandwich Tonkatsu Sandwich 1 slice of bread(160g) 421kcal
    Tonkatsu sandwich
  • Risotto Risotto 1 serving(388.5g) 416kcal
  • Yakiudon Yakiudon 1 plate(360.9g) 415kcal
  • Crackers Crackers 1can(100g) 393kcal
  • Tsukimi Udon Noodle Soup Tsukimi Udon Noodle Soup 1 cup(464g) 390kcal
  • Potato Gratin Potato Gratin 1 serving(286.3g) 384kcal
    Potato gratin
  • Tenobe Somen Tenobe Somen 1serving of somen or hiyamugi after boiling(300g) 381kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Japanese noodles]/Tenobe-somen and Tenobe-hiyamugi/Dry form, boiled
  • Pasta Pasta 1serving after boiling(250g) 373kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Macaroni and spaghetti]/Macaroni and spaghetti/Dry form, boiled
  • Okame-udon Okame-udon 1 cup(463g) 370kcal
  • Tanuki Udon Noodle Soup Tanuki Udon Noodle Soup 1 bowl(419g) 369kcal
  • Hot Dog Hot Dog 1 roll(119g) 368kcal
    Hot dog
  • Curry Pan Curry Pan 1 roll(124.04g) 358kcal
    Curry pan(Curry Bread)
  • Tamago kake gohan Tamago kake gohan 1 small sized bowl(228g) 356kcal
    Tamago kake gohan
  • Okame-soba Okame-soba 1 cup(433g) 355kcal
  • Tanuki Soba Noodle Soup Tanuki Soba Noodle Soup 1 bowl(389g) 354kcal
  • Sansai-udon Sansai-udon 1 cup(419g) 352kcal
  • Somen Somen 1serving after boiling 100g dry(270g) 343kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Japanese noodles]/Somen and Hiyamugi/Dry form, boiled
  • Ramen Noodles Ramen Noodles 1ball equivalent to a serving after boiling(230g) 343kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Chinese noodles]/Chinese noodles/Wet form, boiled
  • Honey Toast Honey Toast 1 piece(112g) 339kcal
    Honey toast
  • Korokke-pan Korokke-pan 1 bun(146g) 339kcal
    Korokke pan(Croquette bread)
  • Okinawa Soba Okinawa Soba 1ball equivalent to a serving after boiling(230g) 338kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Chinese noodles]/Okinawa noodles/Wet form, boiled
  • Sansai Soba Noodle Soup Sansai Soba Noodle Soup 1 bowl(387g) 329kcal
  • Kake-udon Kake-udon 1 cup(405g) 320kcal
  • Takoyaki Takoyaki 8 pieces(123.5g) 317kcal
  • Kushikatsu Kushikatsu 2 sticks(100.1g) 306kcal
  • Kake-soba Kake-soba 1 cup(375g) 304kcal
  • French Toast French Toast 1 slice of bread(152g) 298kcal
    French toast
  • Lasagna Lasagna 1 serving(193g) 290kcal
  • Zaru-udon Zaru-udon 1 serving(336g) 289kcal
  • Soba Noodles Soba Noodles 1bundled serving after boiling(250g) 285kcal
    CEREALS/Buckwheat/Dried buckwheat noodles/Dry form, boiled
  • Ochazuke Ochazuke 1 cup(365.8g) 278kcal
  • Melonpan Melonpan 1 roll(81.6g) 276kcal
  • Zaru-soba Zaru-soba 1 serving(306g) 275kcal
  • Sekihan Sekihan 1bowl(140g) 265kcal
    CEREALS/Rice/[Glutinous rice products]/Sekihan
  • Chestnut Rice Chestnut Rice 1 small sized bowl(160g) 264kcal
    Kurigohan(Chestnut Rice)
  • Naan Naan 1slice(100g) 262kcal
  • Sumeshi Sumeshi 1 small sized bowl(160g) 258kcal
  • Steamed Rice Steamed Rice 1bowl(150g) 252kcal
    CEREALS/Rice/[Cooked paddy rice]/Well-milled rice
  • Brown Rice Brown Rice 1cup measuring 180cc(150g) 248kcal
    CEREALS/Rice/[Cooked paddy rice]/Brown rice
  • Udon noodles Udon noodles 1ball(230g) 242kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Japanese noodles]/Udon/Wet form, boiled
  • Butter Rice Butter Rice 1 small sized bowl(142.4g) 239kcal
    Butter Rice
  • Cream Pan Cream Pan 1 roll(91.7g) 216kcal
    cream pan(cream bread)
  • Anpan Anpan 1 roll(81.7g) 190kcal
  • Croissants Croissants 1item(40g) 179kcal
  • Onigiri Onigiri 1item(100g) 179kcal
    CEREALS/Rice/[Nonglutinous rice products]/Onigiri
  • Rice Porridge Rice Porridge 1serving(250g) 178kcal
    CEREALS/Rice/[Paddy rice gruels]/Well-milled rice
  • Kiritanpo Kiritanpo 1piece(80g) 168kcal
    CEREALS/Rice/[Nonglutinous rice products]/Kiritanpo
  • Raisin Bread Raisin Bread 1 slice(60g) 161kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Breads]/Raisin bread
  • Bread Bread 1slice(60g) 158kcal
    CEREALS/Wheat/[Breads]/White table bread

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