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Calories in Fruit (81)

  • Cherimoya Cherimoya 1item edible part(400g) 312kcal
  • Avocado Avocado 1 cup, sliced(146g) 273kcal
  • Durian Durian 1vines half fruit(170g) 226kcal
  • Canned Figs Canned Figs 1can of fruit(255g) 207kcal
    FRUITS/Figs/Canned in heavy syrup
  • Canned Grapefruit Canned Grapefruit 1can fruit(290g) 203kcal
    FRUITS/Grapefruit/Canned in light syrup
  • Canned Apricots Canned Apricots 1can of fruit(246g) 199kcal
    FRUITS/Apricots/Canned in heavy syrup
  • Canned Mandarin Oranges Canned Mandarin Oranges 1can of fruit 425g(278g) 178kcal
    FRUITS/Satsuma mandarins/Canned in light syrup/Solids
  • Chinese Pears Chinese Pears 1item edible part(340g) 160kcal
    FRUITS/(Pears)/Chinese pears/Raw
  • Pears Pears 1item medium edible part(255g) 138kcal
    FRUITS/(Pears)/European pears/Raw
  • Canned Cherries Canned Cherries 1can fruit(181g) 134kcal
    FRUITS/Cherries/Canned in heavy syrup
  • Pitaya Pitaya 1item edible part(260g) 130kcal
  • Grapes Grapes 1vine edible part(204g) 120kcal
  • Chinese Quince Chinese Quince 1item edible part(175g) 119kcal
    FRUITS/Chinese quinces/Raw
  • Green Papaya Green Papaya 1item edible part(300g) 117kcal
    FRUITS/Papayas/Unripe, raw
  • White Sapote White Sapote 1item edible part(150g) 111kcal
    FRUITS/White sapote/Raw
  • Japanese Pear Japanese Pear 1item edible part(255g) 110kcal
    FRUITS/(Pears)/Japanese pears/Raw
  • Mango Mango 1 cup, pieces(165g) 106kcal
  • Quince Quince 1item edible part(188g) 105kcal
  • Apple Apple 1 medium apple(185g) 100kcal
  • Persimmon Persimmon 1 persimmon(166g) 100kcal
    FRUITS/Kaki:Japanese persimmons/Nonastringent, raw
  • Pomelo Pomelo 1item par edible part(250g) 95kcal
    FRUITS/Pummelo/Juice sacs, raw
  • Hassaku Hassaku 1item edible part(195g) 88kcal
    FRUITS/Hassaku/Juice sacs, raw
  • Papaya Papaya 1item edible part(228g) 87kcal
    FRUITS/Papayas/Ripe, raw
  • Persimmon Astringency Removed Persimmon Astringency Removed 1item edible part(136g) 86kcal
    FRUITS/Kaki:Japanese persimmons/Astringency removed, raw
  • Peaches Peaches 1item medium edible part(212g) 85kcal
  • Watermelon Watermelon 1/8cut from small item(225g) 83kcal
  • Guava Guava 1item edible part(210g) 80kcal
  • Grapefruit Grapefruit 1item edible part(210g) 80kcal
    FRUITS/Grapefruit/Juice sacs, raw
  • Atemoya Atemoya 1item edible part(98g) 77kcal
  • Bananas Bananas 1 banana(90g) 77kcal
  • Pineapple Pineapple 1/4cut edible part(151g) 77kcal
  • Oriental Melon Oriental Melon 1item edible part(240g) 77kcal
    FRUITS/Oriental melon/Raw
  • Kiwano Kiwano 1item edible part(180g) 74kcal
  • Nectarines Nectarines 1item edible part(170g) 73kcal
  • Blueberries Blueberries 1 cup / 109 berries(148g) 73kcal
  • Oroblanco Oroblanco 1item edible part(174g) 70kcal
    FRUITS/Oroblanco/Juice sacs, raw
  • Iyokan Iyokan 1item edible part(150g) 69kcal
    FRUITS/Iyokan/Juice sacs
  • Natsumikan Natsumikan 1item edible part(159g) 64kcal
    FRUITS/Natsumikan/Juice sacs, raw
  • Tangor Tangor 1item edible part(126g) 63kcal
    FRUITS/Tangors/Juice sacs, raw
  • Hyuganatsu Hyuganatsu 1item edible part(140g) 63kcal
    FRUITS/Hyuganatsu/Segments and albedo, raw
  • Carambola Carambola 1ball edible part(204g) 61kcal
  • Navel Orange Navel Orange 1item edible part(130g) 60kcal
    FRUITS/(Oranges)/Navel/Iuice sacs, raw
  • Tangelo Tangelo 1item edible part(120g) 59kcal
    FRUITS/Tangelos/Juice sacs, raw
  • Cantaloupe Melon Cantaloupe Melon 1/4items edible part(138g) 58kcal
    FRUITS/Melon/Open culture, raw
  • Plums Plums 1item edible part(130g) 57kcal
    FRUITS/(Plums)/Japanese plums/Raw
  • Greenhouse Melon Greenhouse Melon 1/4items edible part(126g) 53kcal
    FRUITS/Melon/Greenhouse culture, raw
  • Pomegranates Pomegranates 1item edible part(93g) 52kcal
  • Sanbokan Sour Orange Sanbokan Sour Orange 1item edible part(112g) 49kcal
    FRUITS/Sanbokan/Juice sacs, raw
  • Kiwi Fruit Kiwi Fruit 1item edible part(87g) 46kcal
  • Figs Figs 1item medium edible(72g) 39kcal

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