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Calories in Drinks / Alcohol (63)

  • Shochu Shochu 1cup(200g) 412kcal
    Distilled through a continuous still
  • Curacao Curacao 100ml(105g) 338kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Compound alcoholic beverages)/Curacao
  • Peppermint Schnapps Peppermint Schnapps 100ml(104g) 314kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Compound alcoholic beverages)/Peppermint
  • Maotai Maotai 100ml(93g) 299kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Distilled alcoholic beverages)/Maotai giu
  • Shirozake Shirozake 100ml(121g) 288kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Compound alcoholic beverages)/Shiro-zake
  • Gin Gin 100ml(94g) 267kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Distilled alcoholic beverages)/Gin
  • Shaoxing Wine Shaoxing Wine 1cup(200g) 254kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Fermented alcoholic beverages)/Shaoxing giu
  • Lassi Lassi 1 cup(277g) 230kcal
  • Vodka Vodka 100ml(95g) 228kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Distilled alcoholic beverages)/Vodka
  • Rum Rum 100ml(95g) 228kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Distilled alcoholic beverages)/Rum
  • Brandy Brandy 100ml(95g) 225kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Distilled alcoholic beverages)/Brandy
  • Stout Beer Stout Beer 1can 350ml(354g) 223kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Fermented alcoholic beverages)/Beer/Stout
  • Valencia Orange Juice Valencia Orange Juice 500ml(522g) 219kcal
    FRUITS/(Oranges)/Valencia/Fruit juices/Straight fruit juice
  • Orange Juice Orange Juice 500ml(522g) 214kcal
    FRUITS/Satsuma mandarins/Fruit juices/Straight fruit juice
  • Medicinal Liqueur Medicinal Liqueur 100ml(109g) 198kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Compound alcoholic beverages)/Medicinal liqueur
  • Sake Sake 1shot(180g) 196kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Fermented alcoholic beverages)/Sake/Josen
  • Honnaoshi Honnaoshi 100ml(103g) 186kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Compound alcoholic beverages)/Mirin/Honnaoshi
  • Black Beer Black Beer 1can 350ml(354g) 163kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Fermented alcoholic beverages)/Beer/Black
  • Plum Wine Plum Wine 100ml(104g) 162kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Compound alcoholic beverages)/Umeshu
  • Vermouth Vermouth 100ml(105g) 160kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Compound alcoholic beverages)/Vermouth/Sweet type
  • Low-malt Beer Low-malt Beer 1can 350ml(354g) 159kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Fermented alcoholic beverages)/Happoshu
  • Lemonade Lemonade 1 cup(198.5g) 145kcal
  • Beer Beer 1can 350ml(354g) 142kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Fermented alcoholic beverages)/Beer/Pale
  • Sweet Wine Sweet Wine 100ml(104g) 138kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Compound alcoholic beverages)/Fortified wine
  • Soy Drinks Soy Drinks 1carton volumn 200ml(206g) 132kcal
    PULSES/Soybeans/[Others]/Soy milk/Reconstituted type
  • Malt Coffee Malt Coffee 1carton volumn 200ml(206g) 124kcal
    PULSES/Soybeans/[Others]/Soy milk/Drink type, coffee flavored
  • Coffee Milk Coffee Milk 200ml(210g) 118kcal
    MILKS/(Liquid milks)/Milk beverages/Coffee flavored
  • Dry Vermouth Dry Vermouth 100ml(100g) 117kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Compound alcoholic beverages)/Vermouth/Dry type
  • Synthetic Sake Synthetic Sake 100ml(100g) 109kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Compound alcoholic beverages)/Synthetic Sake
  • Fruit Milk Fruit Milk 200ml(210g) 97kcal
    MILKS/(Liquid milks)/Milk beverages/Fruit flavored
  • Soy Milk Soy Milk 1carton volumn 200ml(206g) 95kcal
    PULSES/Soybeans/[Others]/Soy milk/Regular type
  • Amazake Amazake 100ml(100g) 81kcal
  • Whiskey Whiskey 1shot(29g) 69kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Distilled alcoholic beverages)/Whisky
  • Coconut Water Coconut Water 1can(310g) 62kcal
    FRUITS/Coconut/Coconut water
  • Rose Wine Rose Wine 1glass(80g) 62kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Fermented alcoholic beverages)/Wine/Rose
  • White Wine White Wine 1glass(80g) 58kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Fermented alcoholic beverages)/Wine/White
  • Red Wine Red Wine 1glass(80g) 58kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Fermented alcoholic beverages)/Wine/Red
  • Grape Juice Grape Juice 100ml(100g) 55kcal
    FRUITS/Grapes/Fruit juices/Straight fruit juice
  • Guava Juice Guava Juice 100ml(100g) 51kcal
    FRUITS/Guava/Fruit juices/10% fruit juice beverage
  • Japanese Apricot Juice Japanese Apricot Juice 100ml(100g) 49kcal
    FRUITS/Mume: Japanese apricots/20% fruit juice beverage
  • Shikuwasa Juice Shikuwasa Juice 100ml(100g) 48kcal
    FRUITS/Shiikuwasha/10% fruit juice beverage
  • Peach Juice Peach Juice 100ml(100g) 48kcal
    FRUITS/(Peaches)/Peaches/30% fruit juice beverage
  • Apple Juice Apple Juice 100ml(105g) 46kcal
    FRUITS/Apples/Fruit juices/Straight fruit juice
  • Coke Coke 100ml(100g) 46kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Carbonated beverages)/Cola drink
  • Acerola Juice Acerola Juice 100ml(100g) 42kcal
    FRUITS/Acerolas/10% fruit juice beverage
  • Pineapple Juice Pineapple Juice 100ml(100g) 41kcal
    FRUITS/Pineapple/Fruit juices/Straight fruit juice
  • Japanese Cider Japanese Cider 100ml(100g) 41kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Carbonated beverages)/Clear soft drink
  • Grapefruit Juice Grapefruit Juice 100ml(100g) 40kcal
    FRUITS/Grapefruit/Fruit juices/Straight fruit juice
  • Carrot Juice Carrot Juice 100ml(103g) 29kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Carrots)/Carrot, regular/Juice, canned
  • Tomato Juice Tomato Juice 100ml(103g) 18kcal
    VEGETABLES/(Tomatoes)/Canned products/Juice

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