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Calories in Sugar / Sweeteners (21)

  • Mizuame Mizuame 1tbsp(21g) 69kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Starch sweeteners)/Glucose syrup
  • Inverted Sugar Syrup Inverted Sugar Syrup 1tbsp(21g) 64kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Sugars)/Liquid sugars/Inverted
  • Honey Honey 1tbsp(21g) 62kcal
  • Shirozarato Sugar Shirozarato Sugar 1tbsp(15g) 58kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Sugars)/Hard sugars/Coarse crystal, superior
  • Chuzarato Sugar Chuzarato Sugar 1tbsp(15g) 58kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Sugars)/Hard sugars/Coarse crystal, medium
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup High Fructose Corn Syrup 1tbsp(21g) 58kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Starch sweeteners)/High fructose syrup
  • Liquid Sugar Sucrose Liquid Sugar Sucrose 1tbsp(21g) 57kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Sugars)/Liquid sugars/Sucrose
  • Rock Candy Syrup Rock Candy Syrup 1tbsp(21g) 56kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Sugars)/Candy sugar molasses
  • Maple Syrup Maple Syrup 1tbsp(21g) 54kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Others)/Maple syrup
  • Granulated Sugar Granulated Sugar 1tbsp(12g) 46kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Sugars)/Hard sugars/Granulated sugar
  • Sugar Sugar 1tbsp(9g) 35kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Sugars)/Soft sugars/White
  • Wasanbon Wasanbon 1tbsp(9g) 34kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Sugars)/Wasanbonto
  • Brown Sugar Brown Sugar 1tbsp(9g) 34kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Sugars)/Soft sugars/Yellow
  • Dried Glucose Syrup Dried Glucose Syrup 1tbsp(9g) 34kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Starch sweeteners)/Dried glucose syrup
  • Fructose Fructose 1tbsp(9g) 33kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Starch sweeteners)/Fructose
  • Muscovado Muscovado 1tbsp(9g) 32kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Sugars)/Brown sugar lump
  • Powdered Sugar Powdered Sugar 1tbsp(7g) 27kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Sugars)/Reprocessed sugars/Powdered sugar
  • Sugar Cube Sugar Cube 1item(5g) 19kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Sugars)/Reprocessed sugars/Cubes
  • Rock Candy Rock Candy 1item(4g) 15kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Sugars)/Reprocessed sugars/Korizato: crystal candy sugar
  • Coffee Sugar Coffee Sugar 1item(4g) 15kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Sugars)/Reprocessed sugars/Candy sugar for coffee
  • Glucose Glucose 1item(3g) 10kcal
    SUGARS AND SWEETENERS/(Starch sweeteners)/Dextrose, glucose/Total sugar type

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