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9 Signs You Are Stuck in an Unhappy Relationship with Him

Once a happy relationship can turn into an unhappy relationship before you know it, and a place which used to be your escape, is the place you will want to escape from. What are the clear signs it is not what it should be?

Are you in an unhappy relationship?

Relationships can get miserable, and that is quite normal. Whether you are taking a break in a relationship or just trying to work things out, every couple goes through a phase when they are unhappy in a relationship. However, you would be in denial not to be asking questions.
How can we tell if things have gone beyond repair?
What are the signs you're unhappy in a relationship?

Phases pass, but if you are constantly feeling unhappy and depressed, then maybe you should reconsider your relationship.

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Keep your eyes and mind open for the right relationship advice for women.

What indicates that you are in an unhealthy relationship and it is time to move on?

Here are 9 signs you are stuck in a more than unhealthy relationship with him.

He doesn't talk to you

There is nothing left to say

There is a thing line between being quiet around each other and being in an unhealthy relationship. It's one thing to be so comfortable in a relationship that you don't always have to talk to each other. However, here is some relationship advice. Unhealthy relationships don't require any effort at all when it comes to communication. If you and your partner more than often sit around, while doing nothing, dead silent, then be alert. You are not obligated to talk for hours each day. But being quiet is something to worry about. After all, you are looking for a partner that you can communicate and not be bored with, or run out of stuff to talk to, right? This is a definite sign that you're unhappy in your relationship.

He is there for you physically present; but mentally, well that is another story.

Not genuinely listening to each other

Yes, unhappy relationship quotes can make you sad. What makes you sadder is when your partner watches the football game and doesn't listen to what stressed you out during the day. Partners have to listen to each other, and talk about their events and feelings, but honestly and truly take the time to listen and understand what they are saying. If your partner seems distant and just nods his head, uttering mumbo-jumbo to your questions and stories, it can make you feel unhappy in a relationship. It's time to find a boyfriend who will listen to you and make you feel loved and respected.

He thinks he has heard it all

Cutting the arguments short

Nobody likes to argue, and that's a given, but if your partner is constantly interrupting your arguments, claiming you have already been through it and there is no need to repeat yourself - that's a symptom of an unhealthy relationship. It doesn't matter how many times you have complained about something before. It does, but only if you fail to resolve the reason of the argument in the first place. If your partner doesn't really take the time to at least listen to what you are saying, than you are in trouble. All of those quotes about being unhappy in a relationship can actually come in handy, and serve as a good role model.

He talks too much about others

Others fascinate him

Everyone is more important than you are. At least that's what he seems to think. He constantly talks about his friend from work and his problems, or keeps mention the same girl from work. The symptoms are obvious - his focus shifted to other people. You're not main girl in his life anymore, and he's enchanted more with stories of others than yours. In fact, your stories exhaust him. Sounds familiar?

He doesn't do anything fun anymore

When you stop challenging your relationship

One of the common relationship problems that lead to unhappy relationships is not having enough excitement. If your partner and you don't do anything fun and outrageous anymore, and don't challenge your relationship by doing something that falls out of the usual routine, you are stuck in a rut, and it is a huge relationship problem. He wants to have fun, but not with you anymore.

He has a future, alone

You are not in his plans

A very wise Zen teacher once said, to live in the moment, and be happy in the present. However, if the relationship doesn't have a perspective, or if you don't include each other in your plans, then you should really think twice about how happy you really are. In a monogamous relationship, devotion, affection, and commitment are the most important things you want to have. If your partner doesn't include you in his future plans, and you are not a part of them, you're close to the road of being in an unhappy relationship.

He focuses too much on the negatives

He points out the faults

Another one of important signs of relationship problems can be witnessed when you and your partner are constantly nagging each other. People tend to nag more when they are unhappy, depressed, or need a change. Constantly seeing negativity in your partner is a sign you do not really value their character, or personality. It could be a symptom of boredom as well. You are ready to move on, because, if your partner nags you all the time and points out what's wrong, more than complimenting you, why are you still together?

He doesn't attend to your urges

Making excuses not to do it is unacceptable!

Unhappy relationships can be those that lack not just the spiritual connection, but a physical as well. Think back, and remember how you and your partner were all over each other in the beginning of the relationship, when you were so passionate. If he doesn't ask for it anymore, and makes up excuses for not having it as often as before, it's going to make your relationship unhappy. Physical contact and showing affection is extremely important and contributes to the completeness of your relationship. If your partner starts to hate being touched, it's a sign of being unhappy in a relationship. Try to work it out, but if it fails, you need to sit down, and have a serious talk.

He is not the only one

Last but not least, don't settle

If your relationship has turned to a unhappy relationship, and you notice most of these signs, it's time to make a change. Don't ignore the signs you are unhappy in a relationship. He isn't the only one, and there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Don't settle for what you can get from him, but go after what you really deserve. Moreover, every woman deserves a happy relationship and the man of her dreams.

Seek out your happiness

From time to time, you have to ask yourself 'Am I happy with this relationship?' If you follow all the signs of being unhappy in a relationship, and realize that you exhibit most of them, you will wonder how to leave an unhappy relationship, and that is easy once you set your mind to it. After all, people fall in and out of love, and if something has gone bad, it is part of the nature to dispose of it.