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Happy Relationship: 5 Ways to Be Happier When You Are Together

What makes a happy relationship? How do you make your relationship happier? What are happy couples doing that unhappy couples aren't? Learn how you add more happiness to the equation of why you are still together.

Happy relationship

Have you ever wondered why some couples look so happy when eating together?
In a relationship where you've managed to get the guy you like to ask you out what is it that will make you happier together than being single? It is, in fact, something we all have, and just need to work on. The key is persistency and dedication, and every relationship can become perfect. How perfect? You never know until you have actually tried to work on it.

happy couple eating together in park

Ways to be happier together

1. Spare no intimacy

2. Be passionate inside and out

3. Commit to the relationship

4. Trust each other

5. Show respect

Key Factors That Create a Happy Relationship: All the Essential Things You Need to Be Aware of If You Want an Endlessly Content Relationship That Will Just Keep on Giving

Get your feelings to work for you not against you. Here is the question: what makes a relationship happy? It is truly romantic to think of love as a mysterious force that brings us together with our soul mate, and we fight through all the difficulties without any strain at all. But getting into a relationship with such a perception of love can be like walking through the dark, in an unlighted alley — you get scared or worse, lost.

1. Intimacy

embrace couple
Maintain the connection

What makes you happy in a relationship? It's not what you think. True happiness derives from true connection and a feeling of closeness with your partner. The physical intimacy is necessary, but there is also the other side of intimacy that many people don't devote much thought to. You can feel truly intimate with someone only when you are ready to bare not only your body, but also the real you that you keep below the surface. True intimacy is being aware that the two of you are two different personas, and that both of you accept that fact and each other despite your differences. But that kind of intimacy is not always so easy to achieve.
Confiding about your thoughts and fears, emotions and wishes is also a great part of intimacy. But to be truly connected with somebody else, we have to put in an effort. We can't just stand around and wait to be swept off our feet into a happy relationship. No, no, no. We have to open ourselves up and be ready to give ourselves to our partner in order to be happy in a relationship. Both of you have to be there for each other, especially when the good gets bad. Relationships are about going together through thick and thin. If a relationship breaks after you first stumble upon a problem that means that the connection between the two of you was not strong enough.

Keep the intimacy

It's a common misconception that intimacy is supposed to die off the longer you get into a relationship. The "honeymoon phase", as they call it, is supposed to hold the most intimacy where the positive feelings in the relationship secrets are the strongest. However, in many relationships the couple manages to keep the intimacy a lot longer than that. And in some rare cases, a couple's intimacy only grows the longer it goes on. So what is the difference and what causes some relationships to strengthen while others weaken over time?
The difference lies in a couple's ability to sacrifice for each other. If a couple are happy in a relationship, they often have few complaints about the other person's habits. If they do have complaints, they don't just bottle up their emotions in an unhealthy matter. They confront each other about major issues and solve it with good communication. Intimacy is just a byproduct of good communication and a couple sharing qualities that they find attractive in each other.

2. Passion and fire

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Kisses, hugs, action

Happy relationships have zest and sparks. Yes, everything is great in the beginning, when you can't get hands off of each other. But staying passionate can be quite tricky, the longer you are in a relationship. It's not just a magical thing that is going to stay like that on its own. Passion needs sparks and flames to keep burning. The unsaid is important to couples to keep their love on a climatic high point. The problem can be that that is not always such an easy thing to do. We can't simply switch our mood on and off according to his needs. We are very well familiar that once our hormones go wild, it's hard to keep track with them. Not to mention the everyday stress we are faced with due to the rhythm of the modern world. For some of us it is simply hard to keep up. And for a decent, happy relationship, we need a partner who understands that.
How exactly?
Still, that doesn't mean that we should completely neglect him and his needs. You need to let your partner know you are attracted to him and still want him, even though sometimes you are not up for it. Prepare a special treat from time to time, experiment with lingerie, for example. Ask him about his fantasies (and try to fulfill some of them), try telling him yours. Even inappropriate texting can help to bring a spark to what you want to maintain as a happy relationship.
And if you are not sure about what to do, talk to him to find out: do not shy away. The benefits of being in a relationship are that you can be so comfortable with each other; you don't have to be a pleaser. As we have already mentioned, if the connection is right between you two, he will understand. What is important is that you don't become a cog to repetition in your routine, but rather be prepared for something different and fun, for both of you. It will help maintain the spark and keep the fire burning. As you can see, what is important is to not neglect your man. When you take care of the passion, it can last for years with the same person. Don't despair; it's never too late to heat up the old flame. What you need is to truly want it and the right spark to get it going.

3. Commitment and dedication

hand of woman with ring
I promise that I am only yours...

Happy relationships require commitment and dedication. Without those two a happy relationship can only smile to a happy or not so happy ending. For those of you who get confused, commitment is making a promise to be with a person for a longer period. And dedication is there to make it more purposeful. What do you need a relationship for if you don't want to invest the time and emotional effort needed to maintain it? If you are not willing to dedicate your energy for someone, you are obviously in a wrong relationship. But if, on the other hand, you want to be more committed and dedicated, but you are lost when it comes to that subject and just don't know what to do, don't worry. It takes time to learn it.

It takes two - Marvin Gaye

As we can see from the couples all around us, how to make a happy relationship can be the question hovering over your minds while you're deep into the relationship. And it could be that due to the running rhythm of modern life, couples to sometimes find it hard to commit to each other. In the world full of deadlines, it is not so easy to make something everlasting. But there are also other problems. Staying on the right track can be a difficult challenge; sometimes the world simply seems to be more fun when you are single. Some people explain that feeling as ‘being on a diet'. However, that only means that they are in the right place for a serious relationship, and they need a little more time. On the other hand, if you really do want to, don't let the one get away, just because you don't know how to commit. Once you give that pinky promise that you will be exclusive, lots of things can change, but not necessarily for the worse. Being dedicated and monogamous doesn't equal being boring and desperate. Remember that no happy relationship can survive without mutual effort being put in.

Bread and butter of relationships

Commitment and dedication are the bread and butter of relationships. They are so vital to the union of two people and no relationship can survive without the loyalty that an undying love can bring. These are two aspects of relationships that are rarely talked about and nobody wants to discuss; because they are not exciting. When people gossip about other's relationships, they rarely talk about how committed and dedicated a couple happy seem to each other. They want to know the intimate stuff; the juicy details that keeps everyone talking. We talk about these things and often forget about the backbone of relationships that is able to hold together marriages for years and years. You cannot have a strong relationship happiness with commitment and dedication. Ask even the happiest couples their secret; you might get different answers, but the concept is the same universally. The relationships that succeeded were ones where the couples loved each other to fight through their differences and commit to each other no matter what.

4. Trust and honesty above all else

guy lying through pants
They are your allies, keep them close

You might still ask yourself how to make a relationship happy. Well, two partners in crime really contribute a lot the mutual happiness. Those partners are trust and honesty. They go together like, peanut butter and jelly, or like cookies and milk. Great relationships are based on trust and honesty, and can't function and last without it. Your partner should be your chamber of secrets, and the person you go to when you want to confide. You need to trust them in every way, not just keeping secrets. Happiness and relationships derive from having that one person you trust so much, you know he is not going to cheat. If you catch yourself questioning your partner's fidelity, when he goes out in the town with his friends, then you are in trouble. Trust needs to be established or your relationship will fail, eventually.
At this point of reading, you are probably realizing that all of the steps we have mentioned above are pretty much correlated. And you are being right; somehow, one simply can't go without the other. A successful and happy relationship simply requires something more complex than a ‘how to' manual. And as we have mentioned so many times so far, whatever it is upon you to do, it is mutual: if you are to be honest and trustworthy, so should be he. No exceptions.
At this step on the way to a happy relationship there are some things that we can find more troubling. For example, how to know if he is lying? You are very well aware that you can't simply accuse someone of lying, but there are surefire ways to tell he is lying; or, at least, be more or less sure.

5. Respect each other

Validation is the essence of love

There is no happiness in a relationship if you don't have genuine respect for each other. Respect is essential. You won't always be head over heels in love with each other, but respect is the root of all good relationships. If you don't respect your partner's beliefs, habits, character, personality, then no advice in the world will help you create a content oasis of love. Want to know how to make a relationship happy? Find a person worthy of your respect, and make sure that he too respects you in the same way. Respect is of essential importance in every relationship. There are not enough hours of conversing you can do, or sparks to fire up to make up for the lack of respect in a relationship. A couple who respects every aspect of each other personality can be said to be in a happy relationship. Once you respect him, it will be easier to manage other life situations. Arguments won't become so aggressive and difficult, and your relationship will be on a higher level. So high, that you'll not believe what you have been missing all those years in your dating life.

Working toward a common goal

Constant bickering slowly erodes the relationship breakdown to the point where you both resent each other. Happy relationships often don't have to be the perfect magical stories you read in fairy tales as kids. The details of relationships are kept behind closed doors, so you will not understand the ugly truths behind dating until you experience a long-term relationship for yourself. By respecting yourself you are leaving no room for miscommunication. You understand that you have differences in opinions, and you don't wish to change each other. You respect each other for who you are and your only goal is to support each other. A relationship is a team of two working towards a common goal of unity. Respect is what we want in a relationship, but rarely do we know how to achieve it. We expect to earn other's respect through our constant complaining and attempts to change the other person. But respect doesn't work that way. It's a very slow and meticulous process to gain your partner's trust.

Enjoy the fruits of your hard work

There is more to the everlasting questions surrounding how to have a happy relationship. Each question is equally important, but if you are lacking one, don't overcomplicate things, you can always work on it. Don't hesitate, if what you have with a certain person is worth fighting for according to your opinion, than fight. Work on it to make it right. Remember, no one else would fix your love problems and work on your relationship if you don't take things in your hands and settle it. Just don't let it be you who is the only one to work hard on keeping a happy relationship. A relationship between a guy and a girl involves at least 2 people. Make sure he acknowledges it's his responsibility to share in doing whatever it takes to make the relationship work out. In the end, all the hard work pays off, once you have a happy and satisfying relationship that people look up to, but most importantly, in which you enjoy and want to be in forever and more. That is the greatest prize you can get for all the effort involved, and when that moment comes, all you have to do is embrace it.

Does every happy relationship have a prince charming?

You don't have to wait for some prince charming that will make it all easy. Relationships can be complex, but they don't have to necessarily be a burden. When we say 'work on', we mean that you need to be consistent about your behavior in a relationship and always respect your partner and what you like about him expecting the same in return.

When being in a relationship becomes a burden

We do not deny that there is no love, nor that love is not important, but there is more to it if you want to establish and maintain a healthy and happy relationship with your boyfriend. However, sometimes a relationship can become a burden, and that is a totally different problem, the truth is that it shouldn't be one. And in reality, it doesn't have to be that way, if you know just how to add happiness to your relationship.