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Why Do I Have No Friends? 5 Ways to Turn Your Social Life Around

Everyone needs friends in their life. Some people are like friend-magnet, while others need to work on their skills a bit. Working on your social skills will improve your confidence and happiness, which will result in having more and more friends.

5 Tips and Tricks on How to Expand Your Social Circle

Some people look as if they are simply born with the certain social skill that enables them making friends with such an ease, that it seems pretty incredible. They end up having tons of friends in no time, cherishing those friendships with the help of friendship quotes to remember what it means to be a true friend. Still, not all people are like that. Some have to work a bit harder in order to gain someone's attention and friendship. During that time, a person can sometimes get a bit discouraged. The good thing is, there are many ways to improve your social skills and make your friend circle even bigger in a couple of easy steps.

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Why do I have no friends

1. Entertain yourself

Having fun on your own is the first step towards making a solid basis for a future friendship. If you learn how to have fun on your own, it is more likely that you will meet someone who has similar interests and also needs a friend.

2. Get some new hobbies

Is there anything better than expanding your views and trying to do something new as a hobby? The variety of interests increases the probability to find someone who thinks the same way and make friends.

3. Get social

Moving around in certain circles will bring the joy of talking with various people about various topics, which is why social gatherings are the best for meeting someone new.

4. Practice being happy

Being happy is something you have to do for yourself first. No one else is going to make it happen for you. But, when you do start feeling happy, others will see that and be drawn to you like to a magnet.

5. Build your social circle

Making friends is easy when you are confident with yourself and know what you want in life. In fact, you will usually find that people will come to you wanting to be your friend!

Find out Why You Don't Have a Wide Friend Circle as Well as How to Turn Your Social Life Around and Become More Socially Involved

When you have to deal with the lack of people you feel comfortable with, wither have no friends, or have friends but feel lonely, there are a few things you can do to improve that state. Finding people with similar interests you can hang out with is the easy part, but finding your preferences comes first. Some of useful tips might help you out, if you are stuck and out of ideas.

1. Learn how to entertain yourself first

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Before you learn how to find friends, you should learn how to have fun on your own. Why do you need to do that, if you are going to find friend? First of all, no one is going to be babysitting you, and no one ever should. People don't exactly like persons who expect to be entertained by others due to their boredom, and refer to that as a friendship. That is not how friendship works. As soon as you find yourself something interesting you can do on your own, you will realize that you aren't dependent on someone else in that aspect. Also, you will appreciate finding friends even more, see them as your companions and not your entertainment. You can search the internet and find what you can do on your own- from painting, cooking, making handcrafted accessories, record things you find interesting and posting online, writing your own thoughts and observations, as well as some social experiments on your blog, etc. There is a grand variety of things you can do to keep yourself occupied for a pretty long time. Finally, you will find something you really like.

2. Expand your horizon and find new things to do

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Another interesting thing, after learning how to have fun on your own, is to expand your range of things you like doing. Trying something new is always a good idea, because that way you will see what your preferences are, what you like, and don't like, as well as where the limit is. When you have a wide palette of things you like doing, the better chances are you will be meeting people who are also into the same things as you are. That is one of the really good ways to start making friends from the strangers you meet at gatherings, where you all have passion for the same hobby. Some of them might actually be passionate about more things than one. Those things might just be exactly the things you like, so you'll feel closer to someone and more comfortable as well. If you happen to meat someone who is absolutely not into same hobbies as you are, you can always make friends by talking about what both of you like and dislike about a specific hobby or topic. There is no rule that says you have to be friends with those who like same things, it's just easier, nothing else.

3. Social gatherings are best way for meeting friends

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Every time you have a chance to go outside and hang out with a bunch of people, don't miss it. Almost any type of social gathering is suitable for socializing and you can look at it as one of the places to make friends. Even though you might not be entirely up for that at the moment, there is always a chance you will meet new friends and that someone from the group might brighten up your day a bit, at least for a while. Use one of your hobbies for starters. If you are into cooking, find if there are any social gatherings on that topic in your town and if there are, feel free to go there and hang out with people that are passionate about that as much as you are. If you prefer learning new languages, you can join a group in your local library (if you have that kind of group), or you can even see how to start one. That way, you will gather many people that are into same thing. Not everything needs to be organized by others. Or, if you really prefer staying at home, there are always online groups with people, who prefer hanging out with others from the comfort of their homes as well.

4. Work on yourself and your happiness

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The main thing you need to realize, in order to get your social life back on tracks, is that only you can make yourself happy. If you decide to take a refuge in your bedroom or living room, only thinking how you need friends and "I am lonely", "I am depressed and have no friends"- no one is more responsible for that situation but you. Nothing different is going to happen if you don't try changing something, which is shy you shouldn't expect different results if you keep doing the same thing. It's not all black and gray, there are colors in the world, but you have to learn how to see them first. There is no other person who can get you your happiness back. Someone might make you feel really great for some time, but in the core, if you don't manage to enjoy in life yourself, no one else can create that feeling for you, no matter how hard they tried. So, besides working on your social skills, try and do something for yourself every day. It doesn't have to be something big, but something that will please you and bring those small moments of joy. Pay attention to the small details and you'll see how they can make you happy really fast.

5. Make the circle of your friends with ease

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After doing everything or at least most of the things that are mentioned in sections above, you will notice at one point how you got your confidence back. That is one of the most important things in improving your social skills. That was the missing link to meeting new people, making friends and having a rich social life, like all other people. There is no other secret ingredient in this recipe. Just being confident, satisfied and happy will make you a friend magnet. Everything else will come in time. As matter of fact, soon, you will see how people are eager to meet you, come to you and have you as a friend. It's that easy. When that happens, know that you have created a solid stable base for making various friend circles. In a short period of time you will find yourself in the position of having several friend circles, depending on what interests you share together and you will be more sociable in the future, as each of those circles grows.

Making friends isn't a hard process, but sometimes people need to work a bit on their social skills, getting out of their comfort zone a bit and trying out new things in their lives. It's only the beginning that can be a bit discouraging. However, after you decide on making yourself happy and satisfied, finding what your likes and dislikes are, it's an easy thing to find a person who is similar to you and have something in common you can talk about.