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Guys with Beards Hot or Not? Unveil the Quintessential Bearded Man

Beards are hot, and no woman can deny it. Have you ever wondered why women go for guys with facial hair more than for those that don't have it? You will find out soon, why guys with beards have a special place in the heart of women.

Are bearded men hot or not?

Let's get it straight. Men with groomed beards can be attractive in many different ways. As there are women with longer or shorter hair, as long is it is cared for and groomed regularly, every woman can look attractive. The same goes for men with beards. Groom it and style it and you can be the next head-turner for women.

woman and bearded man

Women love hot guys with beards, and the trend just keeps on getting more popular.
These masculine heroes are taking over, and the guys that can't grow a beard, must be desperate.
Don't despair fellas, there are still ladies out there who like to start out with a clean slate, or at least a clean face.

Men with beards have become a trend and symbol of masculinity and this trend is not going away

You may say you don’t like guys with beards, but don’t lie to yourself: can you really find Brad Pitt or Justin Timberlike repelling when they appear on red carpet with more facial hair than usual? I thought so. Maybe in general your thing is not excessive facial hair (even if they are celebrity beards), but the truth is that it is precisely a five o’clock shadow that can give our guys that edgy look that makes our knees weak, no matter what our preferences are. Dating guys with beards is someone's kryptonite, while some girls go for the cleaner look. That's all up to you and your taste. For some women, it's all the same, beard or not. Other women go crazy for bearded men! What secret does the beard hold, making women go nuts over it? Do these guys really hold an advantage in wooing the women? Do beards hold some secret power we simply cannot resist? Stick with us and you will get some questions answered.

Beards of the past

image of pharaoh
The history behind the bearded man

In the middle ages, beards were considered a prestige and sanctity. It was considered an honor to touch a man's beard, of course, if you were even privileged to do that. Wars used to start over men's beards, and this isn't a joke. If you were to touch a man's beard without permissions, men would resolve the conflict through a fight. In Celtic tribes, leaders, such as Otto The Great, used to swear on their beards, which obviously tell us ladies, that this piece of facial hair means more to men than we can imagine. And it definitely holds some powers that make us lust over a hot guy with a beard. You might remember from movies that Egyptians paid a lot of attention to the shape and look of their leaders’ beards. In some cases those beards seemed to represent the divine nature of the person wearing it. Throughout the history, beard has almost always been a sign of strength, pride, or something closely related to those two. Where do you think George R. R. Martin got the idea of giving Khal Drogo a long beard (and we loved Khal Drogo!)?

Where are the bearded men?

Where can you go to snatch one for yourself?

You might be wondering where to meet guys with beards. Guys with beards are everywhere, ladies. They are in the park, at the gym, at your nephew's Barmicwah party or at your local supermarket. Since they have been considered a stereotype for certain kinds of professions more than for others, you might consider visiting places where lumberjacks meet. But, jokes aside, these grizzly-looking men can be found just about anywhere, you just have to keep your eyes open for the one you find attractive. If you need some specifics, or a suggestion on where to start looking: according to the stories of the girls in Slism’s surrounding, guys with beards can be often spotted at rock, blues, or jazz gigs, which is a good thing for many reasons. First, you’ll be sure that his taste in music is fine with you, if not completely compatible, which is great, to be honest. Second of all, if a gig is good, the atmosphere will probably be awesome, and you will have a bunch of opportunities to make a move, and a great source of topics to start a conversation. But if gigs are not your thing: don’t worry, let the power of random get you. You never know, where you will meet the perfect bearded hero that will take you into his strong arms and carry you off into the sunset. Sounds like a cliché, yes, but a romantic one. And we ladies are suckers for romance.

Science confirms it

Bearded guys are hot

Recently, a scientific study was carried out, in which women had to rank men in different stages of beard growing. They were rated for attractiveness, future parenting ability and masculinity. More than half of the women from the experiment ranked men with full beards the highest. In essence, the longer the beard the better it was for these women. The men were sexier, more attractive and portrayed as men who can be the strong head of the family. Meaning, bearded man provide a feeling of security for women, and women love to feel safe with a man.
And isn’t it true and completely logical? Hair growth is somewhat related to the level of testosterone. And we are naturally attracted to testosterone, and to the guys with greater level of it. In conclusion, we are more attracted to guys who have the ability to grow stronger and thicker beards. It’s not our fault that we love bearded guys, it’s in our nature! But we should see nothing wrong in it. With proper attention, and proper trimming on regular basis, the beard of our significant other will always look so stunningly macho. And if at first it seems itchy to you, wait for a while. Give it some time to grow and you will get a nice, cozy place to snuggle, we promise!

Ladies love artists

johnny depp with guitar
They fall for the guy with the guitar

A cute guy with a beard can go a long way, and some of these hunks are usually the artsy types. They write poems, play the guitar, or like painting. That is why they can usually be met during gigs and similar events. And, frankly, we don’t mind at all. Women love artsy types because they are in touch with their softer side, but on the other hand, the beard gives them the necessary edge every woman is looking for in a man. They can be truly romantic but not all that mellow. The edge and softness combined, and you have the ideal man you want to raise a family with. Honestly, that is great, that edge is what actually makes our butterflies flutter, romance is there just for the sake of making it unforgettable. Imagine a man that can sing you a song and build a house as well. Isn't it the perfect combo for a fairy tale relationship? Of course, not all of them are like that (it would make this world a whole lot easier, wouldn’t it?) but that doesn’t mean that we should lose hope and stop looking for them.
And when you come to think of it, when you turn several pages of some of the last magazines you have bought, how many male celebrities has beards? Yes, precisely our point: lots of them! Not only is nice, cuddly, and a possible sign of a really sensitive person, it is also pretty trendy this days.

The bearded philosopher

woman checking out beard of jim morrison
They are more mature and intelligent

Okay, this might not be true, but a guy with a beard at least looks more mature. Besides, if ladies think that the 'bearded philosopher' is sexy, who can argue otherwise? Probably the majority has seen the movie 'Lord of the Rings', and in it, you can witness Gandalf, the wise old men sporting the longest and most sophisticated beard you have ever seen. But there are even more examples from the real life: Abraham Lincoln, Sigmund Freud, Ernest Hemingway, and, oh, Jim Morrison. How could we forget Jim Morrison: he fits both this and the previous group. He must have been the perfect one. But let’s stick to our topic: yes, there might be some truth to it. Women fall for men who seem smarter and wiser, because they can guide them and protect them. Again, we can say, not all of us fall for the same things, but rarely will you find a woman who by her side doesn’t want a mature person she can talk to. Sometimes it just comes to that, and sometimes we just love the feeling of being protected by our guy. An intelligent lumberjack? Doesn’t really sound that bad, right? As we can see, it all comes down to the basics, and our primal instincts.

Types of bearded men

bearded guy wearing glasses
Which beards are the hottest?

This question is quite tricky. Whether a man has a pencil mustache, sideburns, or a full scruff, he will be a magnet for certain ladies. It depends of the women as well. Beards are hot, and ladies know it! The beard gives a man character and can turn a geek into a rugged hunk. Or a nerd into a successful looking businessman. The possibilities are endless. In the end, you can never know the character of the man, just judge his physical appearance, so don't get things confused ladies.
The comical representation above is certainly silly, but not that much off the topic. Just like girls have various possibilities when picking their hairstyle, and they do that according to their personal style, preferences, and the time they are willing to spend daily taking care about their hair; the boys do the same. Sometimes they decide to grow a beard, and sometimes it simply happens. But when they do intentionally grow a beard, they style it according to their liking. Neat guys usually go for pencil moustache or regularly trimmed sideburns. A bushy beard can usually be spotted with guys of free spirit and careless personality, or, wait for it: gamers. Guys who are also into arts can go for bushy beard, or, quite the contrary: for very neat and trimmed look. There are also the eccentric ones, like Salvador Dali, for example. Beards were not his thing, but crazy styled moustaches definitely were! Sometimes even with flowers on its tips (google it if you don’t trust us)!
So which one will it be?
The point here is that there is no such thing as universal hottest beard. For Gala, Salvador’s wicked moustache was probably irresistible, but most women find them funny and obscure. Some women can’t stand the look of untrimmed, bushy beards; while other simply adore them. Even if you don’t like your guys personal style, you can suggest him to try something new. Who knows, maybe he’ll like it better; and even if that doesn’t happen to be the case, at least you know that he was ready to give it a try just for you. And that is a nice gesture on its own.

Go down the bearded lane

It all comes to the matters of choice. These were just some reasons why you should date a guy with a beard, or at least try, if you are inclined to do so. Some ladies say that, once you kiss a man with a beard, you can never go back! You can only know if this is true, if you check for yourself! What was our mission is to prove to you that there is no need for you to be skeptic about guys with beards, and to show you all the good sides of it. The rest is up to you. But don't despair ladies, hunks are everywhere, and they are just waiting for one of you to come along and be their life guide. And we really need to be there for our men, don't we? Until you decide, some of us are going to enjoy the company of our bearded boyfriends.