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How to Know if He is the One: Is There a Future for You Two?

Being with the right person, with your soulmate, is the perfect thing for a future together. Some people find their soulmates early, and some need more time. Still, certain things are hard to hide when you meet the one, whether you are aware of that or not.

6 Good Ways to See If He Is the One for You

Finding Mr. Right is not always an easy thing. It takes time to find the person who will be everything you need- lover, friend, and a person you can be close to and reveal all of your dark secrets to. Lots of guys are very nice at the beginning of relationship, while they still need to work on their charms and winning over the girl. Once they relax and show their dark sides, you can see who they are for real and think if he is the person you need for the future life. The best thing about guy who is the one is that he doesn't change; he is always himself.

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How to know if he is the one

1. He brags about you to his friends

He loves talking about your achievements in front of his friends, enhancing your qualities and showing them how great you are. You can be sure that he already sees you as a part of his future life.

2. He makes sacrifices for you

There is nothing he wouldn't do for you, from buying you a chocolate in the middle of the night up to changing the place where he lives in order to be with you.

3. You both share the same values

There are a lot of important issues regarding the future life you two have already talked about, such as a place to live, if you both want to have children, as well as similar life choices, and you agree on them.

4. Chivalry is still not dead with him

Behaving like a true gentleman is something that he still does for you with great pleasure, regardless of the time you two are together. He always makes you feel special in the way you did the day you got together.

5. He doesn't want to change you

He doesn't mind if you are totally chaotic or perfectly organized, he likes all your flaws as well as your qualities.

6. You feel your best around him

He's your lover AND your best friend. Whenever you are with him, good things happen and you can do no wrong. That's when you know that you've found the one.

6 Easy Steps to Check If Your Beloved One Is the Man of Your Dreams and the One You Have Future With

Dating is one very long process. Usually, it ends up with marrying the guy you believe is the right one for you. Sometimes there are tips on how to tell if he likes you and isn't leading you on that can help out to filter guys based on their behavior. But, the search for the right one is always on. Here are some useful things you can go through and see if he is the man you need:

1. He brags about you to his friends with great pleasure

Every guy has a specific behavior when he is with his buddies. They feel comfortable with each other and talk about lots of things. Still, when a girl comes along, they tend to keep their private lives separated from their male gatherings and don't talk a lot about that. That is why one of the best ways, on how to know if he is the one, is to see how he behaves when you two are with his friends. Seeing how he reacts in various situations will show you how serious he actually is about you. Some guys like to have that macho-attitude with their friends, while being like soft teddy bears with you, and that isn't pleasant at times. But, if he really loves you and sees you as the person he would spend his life with, he will constantly use every chance to brag with your achievements, especially when he is with his buddies. If you start blushing and feeling a bit uncomfortable- don't. Keep in mind that he is very proud of you and is more than just happy for your achievements, which can only tell you that he already sees you as a part of his world.

2. He is willing to make various sacrifices for you

In case you were thinking about how to know if he is the one to marry, notice how much effort he is putting into your relationship and how he reacts when a problem in a relationship occurs. Start by paying attention to what kinds of sacrifices he is willing to make in order to put a smile on your face and see you happy. That doesn't mean that you should deliberately create situations only to test him. What it does mean is that you should evaluate his spontaneous actions as you see them. The guy who really wants you in his life will be prepared to do just about anything. For him, it's no trouble at all to go out and buy you a chocolate in the middle of the night, even if the store is miles away or help you out with your work on his day off. What matters the most about these actions is not only the intention, but also the way he reacts. If he is willing to help you out with something and then keep it as an argument for a fight- that is not the sacrifice you want or need. However, try to stay within the reasonable boundaries and don't expect him to do everything or at any moment, just because you imagined it that way.

3. You both share the same essential values in life

One of the best guidelines on how to know who to marry is to see if he has the same essential values in life as you do. Some people are pretty traditional, while others aren't as much. If you two share the same general ideas about life, you will spontaneously start doing things you appreciate together, agreeing on the same things in conversations and exchange ideas on same topics with ease. It will make you feel like you are talking to the next best variation of yourself. There will be no need to explain certain things or why some aspects in life are pretty important to you, because most probably, he will feel the same. When you meet someone who has a slightly different view on things that are important to you, he will not have the same approach and he will not appreciate them as well as you do. You will know if you two are compatible on this field in no time, without any second thoughts.

4. Chivalry behavior is a part of who he is

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People say that chivalry is not fashionable anymore and the only place you can see true gentlemen is in black-and-white movies. Truth is, there aren't many guys who know how to be gentlemen these days. If you are a typically romantic person and you have a soft spot in your heart for men with impeccable manners, courage to help someone in need, and are just, once you find your soulmate, you will know instantly. He will be the one who will always be there to help you out, open the door for you as you get out of the car, take your groceries to your apartment or put a jacket on you when he sees that you are starting to get cold during your date. By his side, you will certainly feel like on a cloud or like you stepped out of the movie. Chivalrous behavior is a part of his personality, his character and you couldn't imagine him any other way.

5. He loves you for who you are, the way you are

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There are relationships with people whose differences are big, but they somehow still make the whole thing work like a charm. In such cases, there is always a dose of making compromises about things you like or want to do, when other side doesn't. And every once in a while, you will have the need to change that person you are with, at least a tiny bit. That clearly states that this person isn't your soulmate. The moment when you meet a guy, start dating him and you don't have the need to change anything about him, not even the smallest detail, is the best answer on how to know if he is your soulmate. The same thing goes for him. If you see that he adores you just the way you are, you can rest assure that you have found the one. Also, not only will he love you for who you are, from the bottom to the top, but will also encourage you to be yourself as much as you can and help you touch the sky if you need it.

6. There is nothing you can't do when he's there

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At times, when you find yourself in a group of different people who are really sweet and caring, you enjoy spending time with them, but you still don't feel quite in the place. There is a specific feeling you have whenever he is around you. Somehow you feel at peace and full of joy at the same time; like you have energy to take over the world in a blink of an eye, because when he is there, it seems like nothing bad can happen. Whenever something troubles you, you have no problem sharing those thoughts with him and letting him give you some advice on what you could do about it. He presents everything you want in a person- both lover and a friend you can talk to whenever you have the need for that. Finding a mate that can embody all of above mentioned is something special, and once you have that feeling for someone, be sure that he is the man you are looking for.

Happy endings don't exist only in fairytales, but they are not endings in real life. You can find the man who will appreciate you for who you are, love you just the way you are and help you achieve more than you ever dreamed you could. Marrying that special someone will be the best thing ever. But, until then, keep looking for these qualities and you will find him.