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Calories in Fruit (81)

  • Ponkan Ponkan 1item edible part(97g) 39kcal
    FRUITS/Ponkan/Juice sacs, raw
  • Cherry Cherry 10pieces(63g) 38kcal
    FRUITS/Cherries/Domestic, sweet type, raw
  • Valencia Orange Valencia Orange 1item edible part(87g) 34kcal
    FRUITS/(Oranges)/Valencia/Iuice sacs, raw
  • Mandarin Oranges Mandarin Oranges 1item medium edible part(75g) 34kcal
    FRUITS/Satsuma mandarins/Juice sacs/Normal ripening type, raw
  • Prunes Prunes 1 prune(63g) 31kcal
    FRUITS/(Plums)/European plums/Raw
  • Hyuganatsu Hyuganatsu 1item edbile fruit(90g) 30kcal
    FRUITS/Hyuganatsu/Juice sacs, raw
  • Yuzu Pericarp Yuzu Pericarp 1item(48g) 28kcal
    FRUITS/Yuzu/Peel, raw
  • Akebia Akebia 1item of fruit skin(70g) 24kcal
    FRUITS/Akebia/Peel, raw
  • Apricots Apricots 1item edible part(66g) 24kcal
  • Passion Fruit Passion Fruit 1item par fruit juice(37g) 24kcal
    FRUITS/Passion fruit/Juice, fresh
  • Strawberries Strawberries 5items medium edible part(61g) 21kcal
  • Acerola Acerola 10pieces edible part(53g) 19kcal
  • Mangosteen Mangosteen 1item edible part(25g) 17kcal
  • Flesh of Akebia Flesh of Akebia 1item inside fruit(20g) 16kcal
    FRUITS/Akebia/Flesh, raw
  • Bitter Orange Bitter Orange 1item(60g) 14kcal
    FRUITS/Sour oranges/Juice, fresh
  • Loquat Loquat 1item edible part(35g) 14kcal
  • Raspberries Raspberries 10grains(30g) 12kcal
  • Silverberries Silverberries 10pieces edible part(18g) 12kcal
  • Kumquats Kumquats 1item edible part(17g) 12kcal
    FRUITS/Kumquats/Whole, raw
  • Lychee Lychee 1item edible part(19g) 12kcal
  • Lemons Lemons 3tbsp par item(45g) 12kcal
    FRUITS/Lemons/Juice, fresh
  • Kabosu Kabosu 3tablespoons per piece(44g) 11kcal
    FRUITS/Kabosu/Juice, fresh
  • Haskap Haskap 10grains approximate(20g) 11kcal
    FRUITS/Blue-berried honeysuckle/Raw
  • Lime Lime 2tbsp of fruit juice(32g) 9kcal
    FRUITS/Limes/Juice, fresh
  • Yuzu Yuzu 2tbsp par item(30g) 6kcal
    FRUITS/Yuzu/Juice, fresh
  • Sudachi Sudachi 1item fruit(9g) 6kcal
    FRUITS/Sudachi/Peel, raw
  • Japanese Apricots Japanese Apricots 1item edible part(21g) 6kcal
    FRUITS/Mume: Japanese apricots/Raw
  • Bayberry Bayberry 1item edible part(13g) 6kcal
    FRUITS/Chinese bayberries/Raw
  • Gooseberries Gooseberries 1item edible part(7g) 4kcal
  • Sudachi Sudachi 1item fruit juice 1tsp(7g) 1kcal
    FRUITS/Sudachi/Juice, fresh
  • Shikuwasa Shikuwasa 1tsp per item(4g) 1kcal
    FRUITS/Shiikuwasha/Juice, fresh

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