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Vitamin D Rich Foods List Highest In Nutritional Value

List of high vitamin D food sources so you know what foods contain vitamin D helping your get the best calcium absorption your body can off easy.

Get on top of it with a list of vitamin D rich foods with the highest nutritional value to aid in calcium absorption. Whether you are getting your daily vitamin D in your diet or getting out side and making your body do it for you, you are going to need vitamin D to promote strong bones.

What foods are high in vitamin D?

Vitamin Rich Foods such as that containing vitamin D said to aid in calcium absorption in your diet essential for building strong bones. Natural Sources like that made by your body or from animals and vegetable sources are where vitamin D can be found.

Getting enough vitamin D rich foods in your diet prevents malnutrition and lack of vitamin D. This ensures optimal absorption of calcium by your body. Eating foods with vitamin D help you keep your diet afloat.

In this healthy Slism, we present a food list highlight natural sources highest in vitamin D to help restore balance to your diet.

Quick Vitamin D

Health Benefits of Vitamin D Helping You Get Strong Bones

Vitamin D plays an important role in bone health and the nutrient absorption of calcium. It supports healthy absorption of calcium by your intestines and helps your get stronger bones.

There are 2 types of D vitamins, namely vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 that are collectively referred to as Vitamin D.Each D vitamin can be found from different sources and play a separate role in your body.

Here we will introduce the sources and role that each D vitamin plays into your health.

Vitamin D2 from the Sun or Eating Mushrooms

Vitamin D2 is produced your body when UV-light hits your skin. Like vitamin D3 it can also be found in natural food sources such as mushrooms.

Vitamin D3 from Seafood like Fish and Shellfish

When exposed to the sun's rays your skin produces pro-vitamin D3 a separate D vitamin to vitamin D2. As a precursor to exposure to the sun, locked away in your skin is something called provitamin D3 which is used in making vitamin D3 identical to that taken from food sources. Foods high in vitamin D3 are seafood such as fish and shellfish.

After being produced or otherwise absorbed by your body, vitamin D is taken in by your liver and kidneys where it is used as a medium for transporting protein throughout your body as well as an aid in calcium absorption helping you build strong and healthy bones.

How Much Vitamin D Should You Be Getting In Your Diet?

The recommended daily intake of vitamin D is 5.5μg for men and 5.5μg for women between the age 18 and 29 years old. Whether you are a man or a woman, you be getting over 50μg a day. Getting more than this amount may result in overdose.

When you don't get enough vitamin D there runs the risk of your bone health deteriorating as it would lower the calcium absorption in your diet. In other words lack of vitamin D my trigger calcium deficiency affecting your bone health. Continued over time there is a risk of bone deformation or other bone related illnesses to occur.

Having too much vitamin D can have an adverse effect on your health including hypercalcemia and kidney damage. Keep in mind that lack of vitamin D is not the only problem trying to stay in bounds of the recommended daily intake of vitamin D.

List of Foods High In Vitamin D - Foods List

High In Vitamin D Foods

Here is a list of foods highest in vitamin D including vegetable and animal sources to work into your program for balanced eating. Keep in mind the recommended range of vitamin D consumption when looking over this list as a reference.

List of Vitamin D Rich Foods per 100g Serving Size
Food Amount Food Amount
Anglerfish Liver / Raw 110.0μg Chum Salmon Aramaki 21.0μg
Sand Lance Raw 21.0μg Chum Salmon Baked 25.3μg
Sand Lance Dried 54.0μg Chum Salmon Salted 23.0μg
Sand Lance Tsukudani  23.0μg Salmon Roe Inure 44.0μg
Sand Lance Ameni Boiled 21.0μg Salted Salmon Row Sujiko 47.0μg
Dried Sardine 30.0μg Mefun 20.0μg
True Sardine Dried 50.0μg Sockeye Salmon Raw 33.0μg
Dried Whitebait 61.0μg Sockeye Salmon Baked 38.4μg
Tatami Iwashi 50.0μg Sockeye Salmon Smoked 28.0μg
Sardine Mirin Boshi 53.0μg Pacific Saury Mirin Boshi 20.0μg
Anchovy Mirin Boshi 25.0μg Herring Raw 22.0μg
Canned Fish Mirin Boshi 20.0μg Herring Nishin Migaki 50.0μg
Pickled Tomatoes Mirin Boshi 20.0μg Herring Dried 36.0μg
Gunther 69.0μg Herring Smoked 48.0μg
Black Swordfish Raw 38.0μg Herring Roe Dry Kazunoko 32.0μg
Tuna Raw 22.0μg Mullet RoeKarasumi 33.0μg
Tuna Namaribushi 21.0μg Cloud Ear Fungus Dried 69.6μg
Tuna Salted 120.0μg Cloud Ear Fungus Boiled 14.7μg
Filefish Raw 43.0μg Jelly Ear Fungus Dried 435.0μg
Meiko Millet Dried 24.0μg Jelly Ear Fungus Boiled 39.4μg
Pink Salmon Raw 22.0μg Snow Ear Fungus Dried 970.0μg
Pink Salmon Baked 31.2μg Snow Ear Fungus Boiled 93.4μg
Pink Salmon Salted 20.0μg Shiitake Mushroom Dried 16.8μg
Chum Salmon Raw 32.0μg Maitake Mushroom Dried 14.4μg
Chum Salmon Boiled 34.3μg Cheerios General Mills 3.3μg
Chum Salmon Grilled 39.4μg Cod Liver Oil 250.0μg

* Vitamin D content in Japanese food data taken from Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan, 2010

In general, fish and other seafood are a good source of vitamin D3. Consuming these foods raw such as in eating Sashimi or grilled is a good way to get vitamin D in your diet. Since vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin eating vitamin D rich foods accompanied with oil is recommended for enhanced nutrient absorption rates.

Mushrooms are considered one of the best natural sources of vitamin D2. When cooking making use of any broth used to boil mushrooms is highly recommended.

Get Enough Vitamin D in Your Diet for Healthy Bones

If you don't get out much and often find yourself spending too much time indoors, getting vitamin D in your diet is a must.

Although your body produces vitamin D internally when you get sun from going outside, staying in doesn't help your body make vitamin D you need to absorb calcium in your diet.

Get out a take a walk when it's sunny out. Even if you are not much of a walker, do it for the vitamin D so that you can properly absorb calcium. Pick a day out and call it your vitamin D diet day. Use that opportunity to supplement the vitamin D you get in your diet getting outside more often.

  • Foods highest in vitamin D

    Foods highest in vitamin D

    Including foods like cod liver oil and cloud ear mushrooms, there are many great sources of vitamin D to supplement healthy calcium absorption.

  • Fish and seafood for vitamin D

    Fish and seafood for vitamin D

    Just by eating omega-3 rich foods like pink salmon and herring you are doing yourself a favor when it comes to building strong bones.

  • Eating mushrooms always helps

    Eating mushrooms always helps

    Mushrooms alongside going outdoors more often help you get vitamin D in your system to keep your bones strong enhancing lifelong health.