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Diet for Constipation and Skin Care: Know Your Bowel Age

Don't let your skin care fall apart.
Diet for constipation protecting your bowel age before it's too late. Why dieting and being constipated don't mix.

Dieting for constipation doesn't come without making sacrifices in your long term health. Being constipated affects your skin care and can drastically change your bowel age making you look and feel older than you really are. That is why you need to know how constipation affects your body when considering your diet.

On obstacle people face in while dieting constipation. You may be thinking that it's just constipation. However, if you knew how constipation affects your diet, you wouldn't be asking whether or not constipation should be taken lightly when you are trying to lose weight and how to diet for constipation.

When you are constipated your ability to succeed in weight loss is impaired. Yes, constipation makes it harder for you to lose weight. That's why in order to succeed in your diet and exercise plans to slim down knowing constipation treatments that work is important giving you a remedy at times when you need it most when you are constipated.

In this episode of Slism, we will discuss how constipation affects your diet and ability to lose weight as well as what it does to your skin and ability to digest food affecting your ability to absorb nutrients in hope that you will be motivated to treat constipation before thinking about losing weight.

Does Being Constipated Make You Fat Causing Weight Gain?

How constipation makes you gain weight is not limited to the weight you gain by not being able to go to the bathroom in time. Being constipated adversely affects your diet making it easy to put on weight something you don't want to deal with while on a diet for constipation.

Constipation considerably slows down your metabolism

When you become constipated the state of your intestines – bowels become tied up. During this time bodily waist products and toxins have nowhere to go but stay stuck inside your body eventually making their way to your feet, hence a chance in the color of your toe-nails another thing to add to the anxiety you have to face when dieting.

In short, nothing good comes out of constipation in your diet. As long as your bowels are slowed to what would seem like a complete and utter standstill, constipation clogs up your intestines forcing blood to be directed towards your intestines helping you remedy being constipated.

When bodily waste products build up inside your body you metabolism receives a shock causing you to put on fat and slows down your ability to burn fat you even more vulnerable to gaining weight.

Impaired bowel movements slows metabolism way down

When you can't get it out the functionality of your intestines gets impaired in turn affecting your basal metabolic rate (BMR) lowering the amount of calories your body burns per day – a shock you don't want to deal with while dieting.

When you metal metabolic rate drops your ability to burn off the calories you eat differs greatly during constipation. That's why it is said during this state even if you eat like you normally do chances are that you will appreciate unwanted weight gain without knowing.

Causes excess sugar and fat to be absorbed by your body

When your bowel movement are blocked your intestine function gets to what it seems like shut down greatly affecting your ability to digest food causing the time required in digestion to increase allowing your body the time to absorb excess sugars and fat that find themselves in your fat stores during constipation.

Be careful when dieting while constipated. Eating the way you usually do is a sure recipe to take in sugar and fat you don't need causing you to gain weight if you are not cautious.

Constipation Doesn't Stop There! – Look At What It Does To Your Beautiful Skin!!

The affects being constipated has on your body is not limited to causing you to gain weight. The beauty of your skin is as risk too! – You may have had the experience of putting on makeup only to have it fade way halfway through the day. This may be brought up by constipation known for causing skin care troubles such as blemishes, dry skin, and even pimples and acne.

Constipation adversely affects your circulation as an un-proportionate amount of blood gets sent to your intestines to aid in digestion. This is said to possibly be the cause to many forms of skin care trouble making appearances on your face.

In order to get beautiful skin you need all systems in balance. That includes your intestines and blood circulation. So next time you are constipated and wondering why something is out to ruin your face blame being constipated for bad skin care.

Does A Young Appearance Mean A Young Bowel? – Dieting Your Own Age

It is said that since the partial westernization of Japan the number of people with bowel problems frequently suffering from constipation has risen. The prevalence of people in their 20s with a bowel age between 50 and 60 has increased. This could be thought to be caused by picking up impossible diets damaging the body taking a big toll on your bowels where it all comes out.

Diet for constipation to promote a healthy bowel not only helps you get clearer more beautiful skin but keeps your bowel age down to your own age while making it easy to maintain weight and young looking skin – that's antiaging.

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    Diet for constipation basics

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    On skin care and constipation

    Blemishes, pimples, and acnes may be caused by the condition making your constipated.

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    Antiaging for you bowel age

    Stop you bowel from aging by staying clear away from fad diets that take a toll on your body.