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Omega 7 Fatty Acids in Food: The Best Skin Care Solution

Which foods give you the most omega-7 fatty acids?
Food like macadamia nuts, whale, and sea buckthorn berries are packed with tons of palmitoleic acids.

Omega 7 Fatty Acids in Food: The Best Skin Care Solution

Omega-7 natural food sources are close to home than you think. With the exception of sea buckthorn grown out of the Himalayas, natural sources of palmitoleic fatty acids such as macadamia nuts and cheese make balancing your diet that much easier so maybe this time you don't have to go and butcher a whale. Keep it clean. Here is all the omega 7 fatty acid food you will need.

Omega 7 Fatty Acids Foods List: Palmitoleic acid fatty acids in food

Here is a quick list of the top omega-7 fatty acid foods sorted by palmitoleic acid content for easier readability. Find out which foods give you the most omega-7 fats.

Natural Source Of Omega 7 Fatty Acid - Foods List (Sorted by palmitoleic acid content)
Food Source
Common Measure Standard Measure
Omega-7 Content Weight Palmitoleic acid content (mg/100g)
Sea buckthorn berry oil 280mg 800mg 35000
Sea buckthorn oil 240mg 1g 24000
Macadamia nuts 3000mg 20g 15000
Whale blubber 680mg 10g 6800
Anglerfish liver 390mg 10g 3900
Lard 276mg 12g 2300
Baker's yeast 51mg 3g 1700
Kabayaki-style Japanese eel 2660mg 190g 1400
Unsalted butter 96mg 8g 1200
Salted butter 88mg 8g 1100
Pacific herring 350mg 35g 1000
Ikura 285mg 30g 950
Sujiko 819mg 90g 910
Avocado 2129mg 234g 909
Curry roux  1800mg 250g 720
Olive oil 660mg 100g 660
Cheddar cheese 87mg 15g 580
Egg yolk 104mg 18g 577
Parmesan cheese 21mg 5g 420
Gouda cheese 61mg 15g 406
Blue cheese 390mg 100g 390

Seabuckthorn is undeniably the most potent source of omega-7s on the planet. However, since it can only be found grown in areas such as the Himalayas picking up some sea buckthorn at the local grocery store may not be an option. Luckily enough, omega-7 supplements give you seabuckthorn.
Macadamia nuts despite being grown natively in Australia can be bought almost anywhere in addition to being used as an ingredient to many snacks. Other than sea-buckthorn, macadamia nuts act as an excellent source of palmitoleic acid.
Cheese and dairy may not compared with top omega-7 sources like sea buckthorn and macadamia nuts however it still is a source for natural palmitoleic acid. Cheddar cheese is the most potent variety of cheese with omega-7 fatty acid.
Oils butter and fats are high in palmitoleic acid. Although eating whale blubber may not be a viable option, there is always lard and butter you can count on. Remember omega-7 fats when thinking about fattening up for winter.
Avocado has a rap for being fat. That's okay because it's healthy fat. In addition to many other essential nutrients contained in avocados, there are omega-7 fatty acids. No wonder why it is used in skin care. It must be those omega-7s.

Health benefits of foods potent in Omega-7 fatty acids

Omega-7 fatty acid also known as palmitoleic acid plays and important role in the maintenance of healthy skin care. Eating foods rich in omega-7s may have an antiaging effect on your skin.

Antiaging is the best skin care solution

Omega-7 fatty acids in food are said to promote long-term skin care that when combined with other bioactive compounds such as antioxidants and flavonoids serves as an antiaging agent.
"Since this omega-7 fatty acid is a major constituent of skin fat, the pulp oil is used for cosmetic and healing purposes." - Fatty acid composition
Omega-7 fatty acid is found in skin fat and the most active antimicrobial fatty acid in your skin.
Due to the antimicrobial properties of omega-7s, it is used as an antimicrobial preservative in hair and skin care products.
"At present, the best application of palmitoleic acid is in cosmetic manufacturing…"
Omega-7 fatty acids inhibits melanogenesis a processes characterized by increase in melanocytes producing melanin in response to UV exposer.
Omega-7s act as an anti-melanogenic agent preventing changes in your skin due being exposed to UV-light.
Omega-7 fatty acid promotes lasting skin care keeping your skin safe from bacterial infection and changes in your pigmentation inhibiting melanogenesis.