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Vitamin A Rich Foods List Highest In Nutritional Value

Getting vitamin A in your diet has never been easier than looking at a vitamin A foods list to guide you along the path of balanced nutrition for lifelong health.

Vitamin A rich foods such as liver, carrots, and spinach are especially important in your diet when it comes to preventing loss of vision. Provitamin-A found in many green vegetables acts as a substitute when you lack sufficient vitamin A in your diet. Balancing both vitamin A and provitamin A such as beta carotene helps keep your diet afloat.

What foods are high in vitamin A?

Vitamins in food such as fat soluble vitamin A are found in most animal products such as liver. In addition provitamin A, raw material used to make vitamin A, can be found in vegetable plants such as carrots and spinach. Similarly, beta carotene foods make a good source of vitamin A.

Vitamin A Rich Foods in your diet keep you from one sided eating that does nothing for weight loss. Keep in mind that you want to stay within the recommended daily intake for vitamin A, especially when entering pregnancy.

In this healthy Slism, we provide a vitamin a rich foods list to help you explore options in your diet when trying to decide what foods you can eat to get an adequate amount of vitamin A.

Quick Vitamin A

Vitamin A Primer: Need To Know Benefits and Side Effects

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin most prominent in animal products. Unlike vitamin D that gets produced by your body from being exposed to the sun, vitamin A is one vitamin that doesn't get made internally to your body. In other words, to get your daily vitamin A, you are going to have to look outside turning your attention to your diet.

The nutritional value of vitamin A is affected by how your food is stored and in what food combinations you choose to eat in. Vitamin A is said to play an important role in vision, growth, and the maintenance of skin care and mucus used to absorb nutrition from food inside your mouth.

When your body lacks vitamin A it can turn beta carotene taken from vegetables into vitamin A that can be used by the body. For this reason beta carotene is one provitamin A that people are most familiar with. Provitamin A carotenoids such as beta carotene come to the rescue when you lack vitamin A in your diet.

Recommended Daily Intake of Vitamin A Consumption

The daily recommended intake amount of vitamin A including source of provitamin A is 850μg for men and 650μg for women between the ages 18 and 29, respectively.

The side effects off not getting enough vitamin A in your diet are said to be having difficulty seeing at night, hindrance of growth, and a lowered level of immunity. Too much vitamin A given to infants is said to possibly cause blindness. Retinol stored in your liver prevents night blindness from occurring.

How much is too much in vitamin A consumption?

In a day you should not be getting more than 2,700μg of vitamin A in your diet. That's roughly 3 to 4 times the recommended intake of vitamin A.

Too much vitamin A may cause headaches with risk of raising toxicity in your body possibly affecting the pressure of fluid in your spin. In some cases, people who have overdosed on vitamin A have experienced hair loss and deteriorating skin condition.

When pregnant consumption of vitamin A should be taken special care of as excess vitamin A in your body may have an adverse effect on your baby. Consult with your doctor before taking vitamin A during pregnancy.

List of Foods High In Vitamin A - Foods List

High In Vitamin A Food

For vitamin A rich foods, here is a list of foods highest in vitamin A including vegetable and animal sources such as liver rich in vitamin A to work into your program for healthy eating. Keep in mind the recommended range of vitamin A consumption when looking over this list as a reference.

List of Vitamin D Rich Foods per 100g Serving Size
Food Amount Food Amount
Tossa Jute Stems and Leaves 840μg Smoked Liver 17000μg
Perilla Shiso Leaves 880μg Lamprey Raw 8200μg
Carrots 810μg Sweetfish Ayu 6000μg
Red Pepper Togarashi 640μg Eel Unagi 4400μg
Parsley Leaves 620μg Liver Paste 4300μg
Basil Leaves 520μg Liver Sausage Pork 2800μg
Spinach Leaves Frozen 500μg Firefly Squid Boiled 1900μg
Wormwood Leaves Boiled 500μg Japanese Bluefish Gindara 1100μg
Glebionis coronaria Shungiku 440μg Japanese Conger Steamed 890μg
Ashitaba Stems and Leaves 440μg Salted Salmon Roe Sujiko 670μg
Shepherd's Purse Nazuna 430μg Japanese Pond Smelt Wakasagi 460μg
Daikon Radish Leaves Boiled 370μg Tatami Iwashi Sardines 410μg
Chinese Chive Leaves Boiled 370μg Striped Mullet Bora 350μg
Itomitsuba Leaves Boiled 340μg Japanese Fluvial Sculpin Kajika 370μg
Buttercup Squash Seiyoukabocha 330μg Salted Salmon Roe Ikura 330μg
Pickled Leaf Mustard Takanazuke 300μg Pacific Bluefin Tuna 270μg
Japanese Mustard Spinach Komatsuna 260μg Egg Yolk Raw 480μg
Leaf Mustard Karashina Salted 250μg Salt-Free Butter 790μg
Kale 240μg Danish Pastry 440μg
Leaf Lettuce 200μg Cream Croquette 240μg

* Vitamin A content in Japanese food data taken from Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan, 2010

Beta Carotene to Get More Pro-Vitamin A in Your Diet

Beta carotene found in many green vegetables such as spinach as well as carrots and tomatoes a carotenoid that can be used in place of vitamin A retinol when a deficiency in your diet occurs.

For people worried about not getting enough vitamin A in their diet, eating green vegetables containing beta carotene helps you do just that. Beta carotene food sources eaten alongside oil such as the dressing of your favorite salad is said to aid in nutrient absorption.

Note that provitamin A is different than that of vitamin A taken from animal food sources. Provitamin A only gets converted into vitamin A when you lack vitamin A in your diet. That is to say if you already get enough vitamin A in the foods you eat, provitamin A is not used this way.

  • Vitamin A rich foods list

    Vitamin A rich foods list

    List of foods you can eat to max out on vitamin A eliminated concerns about not getting enough vitamin A in your diet the right way.

  • Provitamin A in beta carotene

    Provitamin A in beta carotene

    Beta carotene found in most green vegetables serves as a backup when your body runs out of vitamin A. No safer way to ensure nutrition.

  • Why eating veggies works

    Why eating veggies works

    Eating green vegetables in addition to giving you other essential nutrients you need to move forward with your diet, gives you provitamin A.