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Bread Food Calories That You Need To Know To Lose Weight

What's your IQ for bread calories?
The smarter you about carbohydrate foods can make or break your diet giving you the tools you need to get slim eating right.

What is it bread or rice? Know you bread calories before throwing out important carbohydrate foods that you are going to need on the way making progress in your diet slimming down the healthy way. Unfortunately, you are going to need a good source of carbs to do so. That's why you might want to choose between bread and rice.

Which contains more calories bread or rice?

Since the beginning of time as it may seem there are more people eating bread than rice. There are even hordes of people who strongly believe that Making Bread Your Stable Food is the way to go. On the other hand, there over billions of people in Asia including Japanese people that believes Eating Bread Comes with Too Much Calories.

Are the people clinging strongly on their love of bread at a disadvantage OR is it about time to get off the rice train and start eating more bread for a change. As troubled as the flock of people wrapped around the Japanese diet would be left in shock to find out they were one of the same. Bread VS Rice, who will take the cake?

In this daily Slism, we will take on the difficult task of figuring out which carbohydrate food you want to eat in terms of calorie intake, bread or rice.

Quick Bread Calories

More Carbohydrate Foods

Similar to bread and rice there are many more diet friendly carbohydrate foods that you need to know in order to get on top of your diet eating right promoting fitness gains such as rice bran rich in fiber and even Japanese buckwheat soba noodles.

Calories in Bread That Are Worth Checking Up To Know What It Takes To Lose Weight

What you will find out is that the calories in bread differ largely based on the way it is made and what ingredients are included. Here's a Quick List of Bread Calories that you are familiar with along with their corresponding calorie equivalent.

Type of Bread Cal / 100g Serving Size Calories per Serving
White Bread 267Cal 80Cal
Wheat Bread 243Cal 73Cal
French Bread (Sourdough) 287Cal 86Cal
Multi-Grain Bread 265Cal 79Cal
Rye Bread 259Cal 77Cal
Raisin Bread Roll 269Cal 81Cal
Butter Roll 316Cal 95Cal
Crescent Roll 448Cal 134Cal
English Muffin 380Cal 114Cal
Red Bean Roll Anpan 280Cal 266Cal
Plain Donut 426Cal 192Cal
Maple Bar 582Cal 436Cal

What Bread Has The Least Amount Of Calories?

Although you may be able to find bread recipes for breads with only 40 calories per slice, pound for pound the bread with the lowest amount of calories is wholegrain bread. Similar to wheat bread, Whole-Grain Bread contains more dietary fiber that helps clean out your digestive system as well as reduce your food intake.

Let's Compare Bread and Rice Together and See Which Carbohydrate Foods You Should Eat

There are 253 calories in one bowl of rice (150g) that make you think about whether eating a slice of bread (80 Cal) has more calories. We all know that no one only eats one bowl of rice or a slice of bread, but it doesn't help to compare them because the calories you save here can make a big difference in the long run trying to lose weight.

Although it is hard to resist sweets and butter-rich breads like donuts, butter rolls, grilled cheese, and ham, you may want to stick to plain old bread such as white bread, wheat bread, and French bread that you can eat without feeling like your need to pay for it later by going running.

Point and case is that no matter how much you would not like to admit it, how you eat your bread whether that is toasted with stick of butter melted on the top or with a glaze of honey over the crispy edges that form when you put it in the toaster, don't forget that Added Ingredients To The Bread You Eat Means Extra Calories.

Common Extra Calories That Get Spread On Your Bread

  • A tablespoon of butter (12g) - 89 Cal
  • A tablespoon of margarine (12g) - 91 Cal
  • A large tbsp of strawberry jam (21g) - 42 Cal
  • A large tablespoon of blueberry jam (21g) - 38 Cal
  • A teaspoon of orange marmalade (21g) - 41 Cal
  • A large slice of Swiss cheese (18g) - 61 Cal
  • A slice of roasted ham (15g) - 29 Cal

(Example 1) Slice of bread with butter spread - 169 Cal
(Example 2) A slice of bread with strawberry jam - 122 Cal

What you will notice first is that there is no big difference than eating a bowl of rice than having a slice of bread with your favorite topping. Even when considering the case of spreading fat-rich toppings such as butter and margarine there are no more calories than a bowl of rice.

Note that when considering the case of a sandwich, you have to account for 2 slices of bread plus whatever you put between the slices of bread. In this case there are fewer margins when comparing the calorie consumption of eating rice and bread.

In addition, the amount of jam a person is said to spread over their bread is between 30 and 40 grams. When put in terms of strawberry jam calories, this is between 59 and 79 calories. You may have noticed that that's almost more than the bread itself. Always remind yourself how much extra calories you are adding to your bread.

How Full Does It Make You After Eating? - Getting Enough to Hold down Your Appetite

In terms of the number of bites it takes to eat your food eating rice takes relatively more bites than eating bread. Bread is said to be easy enough to eat that it isn't necessary to chew as much, which can be connect to why people on a bread diet often eat faster than they really should. Pay attention to how much you chew your food.

High Calories in Bread and Rice That Can Be Avoided Easily By Switching Your Toppings

In Japan because most diets are centered around eating on food, rice. Due to the fact that rice is the primary staple food for most Japanese people, the only way to get around the boredom of eating the same thing everyday taking a step back from bread and butter and thinking up all kinds of ways to eat rice differently.

The same can be said about eating bread. Again, I don't think I stress this enough, nobody eats just bread. People all around the world came face to face with this problem a long time ago before there were commercially available slices of bread sold at your local grocery store, called a sandwich.

Whether you choose to eat rice or bread, the fact that you are going to have to make more important decisions regarding your diet thereafter doesn't change. That is to say that most of the reason why people go way over their daily calorie limits is in selecting healthy topping choices. Yes, comfort food like mixing rice with butter and salt isn't going to help you lose weight.

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