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6 Incredibly Stylish Ways to Wear a Beanie to Complete Your Outfit

In last couple of seasons beanies created a true fashion revolution, that neither we nor a number of celebrities could not resist. However, there is always a new way you can tryout when combining them with your outfit.

Rock the beanie no matter what the occasion

No matter whether we want to admit it or not, beanies have been a huge thing for the last couple of seasons, and hopefully, they will stay like that for quite some time. Not only that this accessory can be pulled off with almost any combination, but it is also pretty useful in those cold, windy days.

smiling girl wearing beanie

Another great thing about those is that they come in such shapes and sizes that they can satisfy every vision of your outfit: cute, edgy, military, casual, flirty, etc... So, basically, we can get anything we want in just one accessory, isn't that great?

You Think There Is No Way You Can Pull off a Beanie? Find out Some Cute and Neat Ways to wear a beanie at Any Occasion

Cute beanies can nowadays be found at almost any store, or if you a crafty grandma you can her to knit one especially for you. However, trades mark Neff, coming from California, turned their beanies into their signature item. That is why, among other things, today we will also mention the ways you can mix Neff beanies with your regular outfit. Neff is started off in 2002. As a brand snow and skate headwear company, but until today they have evolved into so much more, and now they have to offer us numberless variations on the topic of headwear.

6 Ways to Rock a Beanie

Do you think your hair is to short - too long? I know; there are so many things keeping you from rocking a beanie. Here are some simple ways to wear your beanie.

1. Do you have short hair?

short haired woman enjoying her time

Anyway, back to our subject: let's see first what solution there is on the topic of how to wear a beanie with short hair. If you have short hair and a thing for beanies, you can match them both to make it look incredibly cute. And the only thing you need to do to in order to get that look is let your bangs loose on your forehead. It will look even better if you push your bangs slightly to one side and fix them with a bit of hairspray. It's one of the simplest cute ways to wear a beanie. It's quick, it's cute, it's casual, and yet stylish.

2. Don't let long hair keep you from rocking a beanie!

woman with leather jacket

Another good thing about that look is that it can be easily applied to long hair, too. If, for example, the day is pretty windy, and it's freezing cold, if you have a slouchy beanie you can just tuck the rest of the hair in to prevent it from being damaged in cold (and it's also great for those bad hair days, but shhh!).
When it comes to wearing beanies with long hair, the possibilities seem to be endless. There are really tremendously different ways to wear a beanie. For example, if you are pulling off a straight hair look, a basic move for you can be to have a rim of your beanie slightly above your eyebrows. For a girly look the rest of the beanie (if it is a bit slouchy) can be pulled slightly back. A great example of that kind of look gave Tamara, a star in rising in fashion-blogging industry.

3. Need something a little more edgy?

woman with red hat, looking edgy and wild

If, on the other hand, you want something more edgy, find a beanie of bright red or some dark color, pull the top of the beanie as high as possible, and mix it with a parka or a leather jacket, and there you go! Emphasize your eyes with dark eyeliner for the extra touch, but keep the rest of the makeup simple, so you could pull off this this outfit with style.

4. The Robinhood

woman wearing high heels, clearly exited about something, glamour looking

Something that both boys and girls like when wearing a beanie is the so called "The Robinhood" look. It is quite simple, and you can do it with almost any beanie, but Neff's "Daily Sparkle" goes perfect with it. All you need to do is to fold the rim of your beanie at the back and leave the front as it is.

For a more girly version of this look, you can go with a slouchy beanie and fold one side while leaving the other side unfolded. This is one of the cutes, most feminine ways to wear a beanie and it looks good on everyone. Even though with a pair of Uggs to make your outfit can be quite casual, you'll might ask how to wear a beanie for a more formal look. "The Robinhood" beanie you can match with a nice A-line dress, cape or coat, and a pair of high heels, and voila! You get a chick evening look!

5. Beanie meets the braids

woman with braided hair

Another of the cute ways to wear a beanie is with is with braids. You can make a loose braid on one side and leave a couple of loose locks hanging on the other side, or you can have a braid on each side. And, as we have seen, Taylor Swift mastered that kind of look. Whatever your decision may be, you can always spice up that look with folding the rim once, or even twice. If your face is round-shaped, better fold it only once.

6. The Cupcake Beanie

simple winter hat, looking very similar to cupcake hat

However, if you are free-spirited and want to stand out from the bunch of head covered in beanies, hats, and caps, be sure that Neff thought about you, too. If you have ever thought about how to wear a neff beanie to make a cold day bright and shine for you and everyone around you, here's the deal: satisfy your inner child, with their incredibly cute cupcake beanie.

Styling tips you want to know

I must admit that ‘hat hair' was one of my worst pet peeves during my school days. The static and the instant greasiness used to drove me crazy. It took me to the point where I stopped wearing beanies altogether, which, on a couple of occasions, led me to horrible flues.
But I just couldn't stand it (my hair is naturally both greasy and messy), and I didn't know what to do about it at that time. Luckily for me, today I have a bit more skill and a little extra knowledge. Plus, I hid most of the photos deep into my closet a long, long time ago and now I can proudly say that I know how to rock a beanie.

Choose wisely

Don't let color and glitter fool you. Be picky when it comes to the material of your beanie. Avoid synthetic materials at all cost and go straight for cotton or wool.
Your scalp needs to breathe and stay at an optimal temperature. Otherwise it will perspire more than usually and eventually even get irritated. Not to mention the problem with static which will make you look like a dandelion once you take your beanie off (which also makes your hair more prone to breakage).
Bottom line: If you want well-styled hair with a beanie, choose your materials wisely.

Volume precautions

If you're currently on a mission to finding out how to look good in a beanie, you have to know one thing:
Keeping your hair volume on point when you're rocking a beanie is nearly an impossible thing to do.
Face the reality: Your hair is going to get flappy. Still, there are things you can do to lower the amount of ‘flappiness', or at least use some of it to your own advantage.
Blowdrying. Enough said: If you blowdry your hair before you put on a beanie, make sure you blow dry like there's no tomorrow. Use large brushes, blow your hair upside down, and use hairspray (find the one that doesn't make your hair sticky).
If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can tease smaller portions of your hair closer to your root. Another thing you should think about is how tight the rim of your beanie is. Beanies you find hard to put on are not the beanies you need. They will just make the perspiration much worse and glue your hair right to your scalp. And you don't want that even on a bad hair day. So always go for more loose rims. If your rim gets too slouchy, you can always fold it and it will still look nice. But it just doesn't work otherwise.

Bobby pins are your friends

If you really want to style that beanie look, you can rely on bobby pins. If you want to leave several loose strands out but don't want them straight in your face, you can pin them slightly above your ear.
If your beanie is too slouchy and you don't want to fold it, you can actually secure it to your hair with several bobby pins. Just don't forget that your beanie is firmly attached to your hair once you do that.
And if you're beanie is too plain for the look you have in mind you can upgrade it by attaching some of those fancier bobby pins with ornaments directly on your beanie.

What's the best thing about beanies?

It's amazing, isn't it? No matter what your personal style is, or if you prefer girly, cute, or edgy look; apparently, beanies can find their place in any of it. Even if you would like to go for something more elegant and formal, the different ways to wear a beanie can help you complete your outfit in the best way possible. And that is the best thing about beanies, they are practical, easy to combine, and give your every outfit a special touch. That is why we all love them!

Who wears a neff beanie, anyway?

They are so cool that even Deadmau5 and Snoop Dogg teamed up with them in order to release some more of these amazing items people are getting more and more hooked on.