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11 Incredibly Random Things to Do with Your Best Friends

Here are our 11 suggestions for funny random things to do with friends to have an unforgettable time together, indoors, outdoors, day or night. Read up, choose your own adventure and have a blast.

Random things to do

Ever felt like you wanted to go out with a bunch of friends and find some completely random things to do and then laugh about hysterically until your abs hurt? So did everyone else, at one point or another. Here is a varied list of fun activities for you and your best friends, indoors or outdoors, night or day.

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If you’re feeling up to turning a boring summer day into a wild ride, take a look at our incredibly random things to do with friends list! There’s a little something to suit all tastes, from toned down activities to pranks, to public displays of your inner Bart Simpson.

If You’re Looking For Some Funny Random Things To Do, Scroll Through Our List For All Sorts Of Ideas For You And Your Friends, Anytime, Anywhere.

This is our very own completely random list of completely random fun things to do with friends that will keep you and your friends entertained for days. Beware, some of the suggestions may require a certain amount of bravery from you, and demand that a friend follows you around with a camera. So, here goes:

If you’re feeling rather adventurous you could…

Walk down the street, saying “good afternoon” to random pedestrians

Try doing this with a straight face, as If you accidentally came across a friend’s parent or a friend of a friend, or your old math teacher. Not only will stepping outside the social norm give you an adrenaline rush, but you’ll also have a huge confidence boost once you overcome your initial shyness and awkwardness; it's brilliant if you are about to become a freshman and need to work on your social skills (in a fun way). And to say nothing about the confused looks you will get, and the occasional “good afternoon” in return, mostly from people too lost in thought to notice that they don’t really recognize you.

Swap identities with a friend

Become your friend

You and your best friend probably know almost, if not absolutely, everything about each other, right? Then why not try and pretend to be each other for a day? Getting into character should be easy: Dress up in your friend’s favorite clothes, do your hair as they do theirs, answer their phone, respond when someone asks them a question, approach when someone calls them over! And the fun is doubled when you get to see them pretending to be you, wearing your trademark outfit and sunglasses. You can spend the day, or even go out at night as one another. Of all the random things to do with friends, this one encourages the most bonding.

Make your own Harlem Shake video

DIY Dance Video

Harlem Shake will never, ever get old. And the hundreds of insanely hilarious videos of it will exist online forever, so why not add your own to the collective legacy of internet madness? All you need is a few enthusiastic friends or even family members, and masks and/or costumes, in case you are bold enough to try, but not exactly comfortable about the possibility of being recognized from the video. You can then choose either to keep it private or show it to a selected few, or upload it to YouTube and see how it compares to the already popular ones.

If you’re just looking for something new to do, rather than something wild, you could…

Go around town listening to street musicians.

Another random fun thing to do, yet relaxing. You would be amazed to realize how many talented people are out there, every day, yet few people actually notice. We all just hurry along, with our headphones in and our minds somewhere else. Give yourself a chance to tap into the energy created by a musician in a public square, stop for a few minutes and listen how the music blends with the city noises. If you have spare change, you can tip the artist, but even if you don’t, the mere fact that someone stopped and listened to the music for a while will mean something to them. You and your friend can even create a scoring system to figure out which artist is your personal best, for example, add points if he sings as he plays, more points for a violin than a guitar, less points if you don’t like the choice of song, etc… Then you can go back end tip your favorite.

Go to any random event.

Just go see something

Find out about any event in your area, and go with a friend. It can be a workshop, a lecture, a concert, a café opening, a dance class, whatever. Your best criteria for choosing random things to do are that it’s right here, right now. Even though a lecture might sound boring at first, you can be surprised how a good lecturer can capture your attention and make you intensely interested in the reproduction of snails. Or Greek mythology. If you have never been to any sort of a workshop, know that these things exist just to prove that learning something new can be fun, especially because it’s mostly hands on, which means that you get to do stuff by yourself instead of just listening about it. And even if it ends up being uninteresting, you can still laugh and crack jokes about it the next day.

Have A Retro Photo-shoot

Go retro

Be your own photo models! Most parents still keep the clothes they loved in their youth somewhere around the house, and the more vintage they are, the better. Get your friends to find some old stuff too, so you can all glam up or get your hipster on and have a photo session for all to envy. You can do it in your living room, or you can strut your stuff at a park, or have your picture taken while simply posing on a bench in your 70’s disco suit, your call. If your inspiration needs a little boost, play “I’m too sexy” by Right Said Fred in the background while you’re picking out the outfits and goofing in front of the mirror.

If you’re having some friends over for the night, and need indoor activities, you could:

Send Prank Texts

Get everyone to pull out their phones, and choose a person to text, saying “Stop that at once, you’re being ridiculous” or “I know what you’re doing, you ought to be ashamed of yourself”, or “Does your mother know you do that? What would she say?” and then sit back and wait for the hilarious confused, paranoid responses. Chances are, someone somewhere is breaking their diet, or stalking their ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend’s Facebook, or picking their nose, or considering a tattoo, or engaging in all sorts awkward activities. If you’re looking to involve as much people as possible, this is the random fun thing for you and your friends, and their friends, and friends of friends.

Play a board game with added rules

Board games can be fun on their own, but if you’re looking to spice it up a bit, add some rules, for example, no matter what the game, anyone who throws the dice and gets a 4 must stand up and sing the chorus of a song the rest of the group chooses for them. Or must do a famous person impression, or take a silly picture, which will probably end up online.

Get an "mystery" Board

If you’d like to give everyone the creeps and get the adrenaline up, get one of these "mysterious" boards. You can buy them, download a printable version, or make your own, and put your friends up to something "unusual". Who knows, something might happen.

Write funny rhymes about each person

This could be extremely entertaining, especially among a group of close friends. Everyone should try to write a few rhyming lines (or more, the inspiration provided!) about everyone else, and read it out loud in turns. The results will probably be witty and uncannily descriptive, and should probably be recorded.

Turn to YouTube for entertainment

It may happen that nobody is feeling especially playful or creative, so the best solution is to just sit back and let someone else provide the fun. Parodies of famous music videos are something almost everyone is likely to enjoy, and it sets a positive mood for the group.

In the end, if you’re in the right crowd simply staring at the sky and talking can be great fun, but we hope you found something for yourself in our list. Now go out and do stuff!