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Try Something New: Things to Do When You Are Tired of the Same Old Routine

Going through the days instead of living your life up to its fullest can make anyone depressed, grumpy and always feeling tired. Break out of your dull daily routine and try something new each day in order to regain your energy and creativity back.

Try something new

Changing your life style once in a while is something everyone needs to do. Being stuck up in the same life pattern and doing the same things every day, 24/7 isn't fun and makes you feel like all your life energy went down the drain. Trying something new occasionally, or every day, will make you shake things up a little bit, be more creative and feel pretty alive again.

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Challenge Yourself to Try Something New Once per Day and Break out of Your Regular Daily Routine for a While

You can challenge yourself in so many different ways- from changing your diet, starting with workouts to changing all your habits or looks. If you don't like those changes in the end, at least you will know what you don't want to change for sure.

1. Start with yoga stretching

Maybe you already found out how to get rid of chubby cheeks with face yoga; though, if you want to try something new everyday and you don't know what to start with, yoga stretching and exercises are the best choice. Many people think that yoga is all about chanting or meditation, comfy pants, but the truth is, exercises will do a lot of good for your body when you start practicing. Not only your flexibility will increase over the time, but also will your strength and your energy level. After a while you will realize that you feel really good and happy, which is the effect you get after every work out, when the body releases the hormones of happiness.

2. Try out various clothes in boutiques

Trying out different clothing styles is one of the most interesting things every that will make you want to try something new every now and then, without doubt. There are a few good things about seeing how different clothing styles fit you (or not). First off, you will be amazed how some things you never thought of buying fit you and do what you want clothes to do for your body- accentuate your curves and make you feel special. Secondly, you will know which style doesn't fit you at all. In the end, you will surely have a lot of fun while goofing around in clothes that absolutely doesn't fit you.

3. Try out different make up styles

Make up was always a girls best friend, no matter what people say. Blushes, eye shadows, eye liners, mascaras, the whole collection of lipsticks.. There is something almost magical in putting on the make up and experimenting with the various make up styles, without having the pressure on, that you have to do it all perfectly. There are various video tutorials you can find on the Internet and follow through. So, just relax and take your time to master the style you find interesting. Maybe you'll even find a new style you like.

4. Go everywhere on foot

When you want to try something new every day, changing some habits or preferences are things you can start with. For example, start your challenge by walking everywhere, or at least as much as possible. Going on foot is healthy for your body. It will increase your stamina over the time and your metabolism will be regulated as well. Sitting in the room the whole day isn't what human body is created for, so you might already be having various headaches, or hurt back. That is the basic response of your body to the physical inactivity. After all, going everywhere on foot will also give you the chance to see what there is in your neighborhood.

5. Chat with a cashier in local grocery store

Being nice and chatty is something that puts a smile on everyone's face. Make this a part of your "try something new" challenge. Go to a local store to buy something and engage in a casual conversation with your cashier or some old lady that is there, by asking her if she needs help. Take interest in what is going on in their lives and you will put smiles on their faces. Soon, you will see a lot of smiled faces, people greeting you, everywhere you go.

6. Make a new furniture rearrangement

Have you thought about your furniture arrangement lately? When was the last time when you moved your couch or your sofa? Have fun by planning a whole new looks for your living room, bedroom or the whole apartment. Rearranging your furniture will make you be more creative, put in the energy to make new looks and you will feel great when everything is done. You will have the chance to do what kids to with Lego cubes- combine what you have in different ways and have an amazing outcome. Maybe you'll even discover a hidden talent for being a designer.

7. Visit local museums

Visiting local museums is something you aren't used to doing when you are in your home town. It's mostly done when you are visiting another place, where you weren't before. But, have you ever been there? Do you even know which important historical clues those museums hide? Include this in your try something new ideas, track down all the local museums and see when you can visit them. It is good to know a bit of something about your home town, in case you meet people that have never been there. Your perspective will change, for sure, when you see how amazing things your town have lived through.

8. Seduce your boyfriend again

Have you thought about your love life, something new to try in bed? Don't let your love life be dull and boring as a gray old photo. Spice things up with some new lingerie or some new ideas you can try out with your boyfriend, when you are totally alone. You might think it's funny, but trust us, it is important to keep your relationship fun and fresh. He will surely be caught off guard when you start with the whole thing and you will soon be interested in finding out more about keeping him on his toes.

9. Read a new book

Nowadays people don't seem to remember that they should dedicate a bit of their time to reading a good book, once in a while, due to the whole everyday stress and chaotic life style. That is exactly why you should make some time, at least at the end of the day, before you go to bed, get your hands on an interesting book and read it. Bit by bit and you will finish it before you even notice, but the feeling and the impressions of what you read will be there. One of the reasons why reading books is important will open up a whole new window for different ways of thinking.

10. Make a mini trip with friends

When you are not doing random things like swapping identities with your best friend, organize a mini field trip with your friends and spend the entire day in the nature, without looking at your phone or tablet for once. Socializing and relaxing in the nature, on grass, will bring you the old days back, when you could simply sit all day in the sun, enjoying with your friends, having lots of fun. That is something people keep forgetting, and it's super easy to organize. You will get away from all the fuss at work, see your friends, talk to them and keep your mind off the work for a while. You'll see how great it is to spend the day without staring at your computer.