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Calisthenics Workout Routine on Japanese Radio Exercise

Are you doing radio exercise?
If not you really should. With benefits such as more flexibility, a faster metabolism, and less pain in the back.
There's only weight to lose.

Japanese radio exercise is one calisthenics workout routine that like morning stretching gives you the push you need to start your day off right while building on top of fitness that will take your far in weight loss.

Radio calisthenics is a simple exercise that can be done despite your age from children to adults of older ages. It is done at schools before physical education class as a warm up exercise, and also in public parks by the elderly.

Is radio exercise good for weight loss?

Radio exercise is a calisthenics workout routine done in Japan to loosen up muscles all throughout your body. Starting your day off doing radio calisthenics works great if you are on a diet. It may not seem like much but you would be surprised at what a positive effect morning radio exercise has on the body.

Radio Calisthenics (Video)


  • Improved flexibility to train even harder
  • Faster metabolism to burn more calories
  • Stiff shoulder and lower back pain relief

Just by adding radio exercise to your daily workout routine preferably in the morning building flexibility, boosting your metabolism, and easing pain throughout your body isn't a dream. Better yet, radio calisthenics is easy to get started and isn't going to cost you a time.

In this diet Slism, we introduce Japanese radio exercise as a recommended addition to your calisthenics workout routine for improving flexibility, building a stronger metabolism, and relieving pain caused by not stretching enough or plain lack of exercise.

Quick Radio Exercise

Slim Down Adding Radio Exercise to Your Calisthenics Workout Routine

Although radio exercise is traditionally seen done in the parks during the summers in Japan, it makes a great complement to shoulder blade stretches for the morning when you need something extra to get your blood flowing strong. Whether you are someone want to exercise everyone morning or just when in the mood radio exercise is one option.

Wake Up! - Radio Calisthenics for the Mornings

For Japanese elementary school students who skipped out on gym class or those willing enough to follow through giving in under pressure, radio exercise is the necessary evil needed to get kids in shape able to pass their physical examination tests. Does it work for grown up?

Radio exercise also known as radio calisthenics is an exercise method incorporating dynamic stretching, light body movements, and breathing techniques.

Breathing in radio exercise is done synchronized to the music played on the radio that always remains the same but never ceases to amaze.

As for an exercise method geared to help you lose weight radio exercise differs little from other callisthenic workout routines out there. Above all it gives you something to do right of the bat without having to worry about exercise equipment and eating similarly to morning stretches.

In order to make radio exercise work for weight loss, you aren't necessarily going to pass by doing the exercise like you are just learning expecting others (yourself) to perform better next time. Doing radio exercise along isn't going to be the bases load grand slam you are looking to pull off in your diet until combined with flexibility building exercises or even perhaps exercises such as yoga or Pilates.

Depending on your build and workout intensity, the amount of calories you burn doing radio exercise may differ from another person or when done in combination with other exercises.

Benefits of Radio Exercise in Your Health and Weight Loss

If you are looking to gain more flexibility starting with yoga or Pilates may not be the approach you are looking for. That is to say if you are not used to exercises taking baby steps to build up motivation developing the habit to exercise is key. Radio calisthenics such as the exercises you do during radio exercise helps you take that first step down the journey to slim.

Not moving your body enough getting exercise results in a loss of muscle mass causing pain to occur in areas such as your joints.

As you age the amount of exercise time you need to put in to fight of muscle loss increases. Building the habit of exercises early on gives you a better lifelong health perspective eliminated the need to worry later on.

Continuing to practice radio exercise is said to help you build flexibility, prevent injury and even slow down the effect of aging giving you antiaging in exercise.

What's Going To Make Me More Flexible?

There are all kinds' benefits you get from flexibility that go beyond being able to touch your toes without falling head over heels.

Stretching and flexibility overall greatly reduces the risk of injuring yourself during exercise. What this means is that by doing radio exercise you can improve the chances of succeeding in other areas such as running and playing basketball.


Who said there wasn't a way to get rid of headache-causing shoulder pain?

For people constantly worrying about the pain of stiff shoulders and the lower back starting to exercise never comes to mind as something you should be doing.

On the other hand, doing radio exercise not only helps improve circulation throughout your body but lets you move your joints.


When you lack flexibility in your body one side effect is having poor circulation. Whether your circulation is good or not affects your metabolism. Bad circulation may be the cause of a slow basal metabolism.

By performing radio exercise and stretches, you not only train your muscles while building on flexibility but boost your metabolism as an added plus.

Training your muscles is said to improve blood circulation throughout your body fixing problems related with poor circulation. For women looking for ways to tree the chills radio exercises helps you do this without putting on gross amounts of muscle mass.

Bottom Line on Radio Exercise

How is doing radio exercise once a day that only last 10 minutes going to help you lose weight?

Although depending on the person the results you hope to see from radio exercise may differ from that of another person such as one of your peers. However, for people just breaking into exercise, it may be the stepping stone need to develop the habit of regular exercise.

Doing radio exercise is no different than any other routine you would do while listening to your favorite playlist. Make sure you have adequate space required to do all the motions free of obstruction. Put energy into it always double checking your form.

  • Japanese radio exercise

    Japanese radio exercise

    Whether you are trying to learn Japanese, interested in the culture of Japan, or just looking for ways to mix it up radio calisthenics is you!

  • Get active starting early

    Get active starting early

    The feeling you get starting your day off doing what your set out to do with the right food forward can be realized when you do radio exercise.

  • Got good morning stretches?

    Got good morning stretches?

    Stretching your shoulder blades makes a quick addition to any calisthenics workout routine including radio exercise activating brown fat cells.