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How to Not Be Tired: 7 Tips to Keep You Awake and Refreshed

Being tired is something that all people could complain about. Your point should be to find how not to be tired. Although the obvious answer is to get more sleep, there are some things you could try to make sure you will feel rested.

Why Am I Always Tired – Solve the Problem

A lot of people are asking "why am I always tired". While there are some causes that people like to blame their tiredness on, the true culprit might be their lifestyle. It is a known fact that tiredness or sleep deprivation can lead to serious health issues not excluding weight gain. In order to avoid problems of this kind, you should consider what you eat, your sleeping habits, and your emotions. Making some simple changes in your life could make all the difference. Read on to find out what you should be thinking about and to get some tips on how to make your life better.


How Not to Feel Tired - Tips and Tricks for You to Keep Alert and Awake Even When You Do Not Have a Good Night's Sleep

So, how to not be tired? Use the right tips and tricks to make a change in your life that will influence the way you feel as well.

1. Have some breakfast

For sure you mom used to tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. One of the causes of fatigue is your body not having enough food to turn into energy. You should have breakfast in the morning even if you don't feel hungry yet. According to the studies conducted in the field, the people who have breakfast feel better both physically and mentally than the people who skip it. In the same time, studies also suggest that the people who have breakfast have lower stress hormone levels. This means that you can avoid excessive tiredness and stress by having breakfast in the morning.

2. Watch your water intake

Remember that the body is made of 70% water. Blood and other bodily fluids are made of water. When asking why am I so sleepy, you should know that even mild dehydration can make the blood thicken. As a result, your heart will have to pump harder to make sure blood reaches all the organs. This can leave you feeling sluggish. To monitor your level of hydration, you might want to observe the number of times you urinate per day. Normally people go to the bathroom once every 2-4 hours and the color of urine should be pale yellow. It's not only about the amount of water you drink; you should also think about the foods that naturally contain water, such as yogurt, carrots, broccoli, watermelons, grapefruits, and oranges.

3. The way you look has a major effect on your spirits

When feeling sluggish, people tend to dress accordingly. Nonetheless, when wondering how to not feel tired, you should dress more sharply or more elegant. You might think that the clothes you wear have nothing to do with your energy level. However, if you look in the mirror and see a nice image of yourself, it will instantly boost your energy level. You should put on your skirt you were saving for special occasions and you will see that you will feel better instantly. In the same time you will get an energy boost each time you receive a compliment during the day. Since you will have all the energy you need, you won't even mind about what causes tiredness.

4. Be mindful of your breath

When you are stressed, you tend to take chest breaths, which are short and shallow. This way your lungs will get less oxygen, which means that your body and brain will have less oxygen, leading to one of the causes of tiredness. Instead, you should focus on getting deep, belly breaths. This means that when your inhale, your belly should round up and it should flatten each time you exhale. Naturally, thinking about your breathing is the last thing on your mind when you are under pressure, so you might need something to remind you of it. As an idea you could stick a picture of a tranquil place on your monitor and write the word "breathe" on it. This will teach you how to not get tired.

5. Avoid distractions at night

When wondering how to not be tired in the morning, you should think about all the things that distract you at night, such as your computer and your TV. If you are having a hard time falling asleep at night, you should know that the screen of the TV your monitor will make your job even more difficult. This is because the body doesn't produce enough melatonin since there is bright light so your body won't know that it is time to go to bed. If the melatonin levels are low, your brain can't relax, believing that it still needs to perform. In case you have to work at night, make sure to turn your computer off an hour or two prior to going to bed.

6. Don't skip on your exercises

Although the specialists aren't sure why, aerobic exercises seem to help people go to sleep faster at night. In the same time, the people who work out seem to have a more restful sleep and they tend to wake up less often during the night. This is one of the answers to the question "why am I not tired". On the other hand, if you have vigorous exercise before bedtime, you will find it more difficult to go to sleep because it will energize you. Since it is such a great stimulant, you should schedule your workout in the morning or during the day.

7. Listen to music

You may already know that listening to music can improve your mood, fill you with energy, and decrease tension. According to one of the studies in the field, the runners who listened to music ran faster than those who didn't. Regardless of the tiredness causes, music will help you boost your energy level. You should listen to music at any time during the day, not only when working out to increase your productivity and to forget that you are tired.

When you feel tired, no energy, you have to find something that will fill you with energy. You just have to find something that works for you and stick to it on the long run.