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Face Yoga Exercises To Slim Down Your Face

Who said you had to let nature take its course on your face? You can stop the sagging now. Face yoga is anti-gravity for your face. Take back you face and send your eye bags packing!

As you age, putting on the years and more makeup you begin to worry more about the bags forming under your eyes giving you headaches. The bags under your eyes cause your nasolabial fold smile lines to stick out, as your once seamlessly elegant face line starts to fall into ruin. Fortunately enough, there are ways you can get this fixed without expensive skin treatment, Botox, or plastic surgery.

women with tongue sticking out

The secret is written in the expression on your face. By training your facial muscles, mimicking facial expressions, you can remove the bags under your eyes. What helps you do this, bringing support back to the skin on your face, is by doing face yoga, which is also referred to facial yoga and yoga facial exercises. Whatever you want to call it, just think of it as yoga for your face.

Face yoga combines facial exercise with yoga to help you train the muscles around your face and to help you not only get rid of the unwanted artifacts that come along with again (such as baggy eyes, wrinkles, ect.) but also slim down your face, chisel a new you ready to make an impression.

So put on your yoga pants, it's time to break out into face yoga.

Quick Face Yoga Poses (Illustrated)

More Natural Beauty

Using face slimming techniques similar to face yoga such as lymph and facial massages you have all you need to start sliming your face. Get natural beauty tips to slim down your face without surgery at home with minimal cost perfect if all you are looking for is something new to try out for yourself.

How to face yoga – 3 easy exercises to get things started

The convenient part about doing face yoga is that you can do it just about anywhere, free to do it any time you please. However, it’s not an exercise that you want to be seen doing in from of others, unless that is your intention from the get-go. That is, it may be a good idea to do it only when no one is around, so that you can relax, enjoy yourself, and give face yoga the right amount of focus it needs.

Do the following exercises (poses) 2 times per day for the best results from training facial muscles around your eyes and mouth to improve circulation in your face and even sharpen your jawline.

Pose training the areas around your eyes and mouth

  1. Make a face as if you were to pronounce the letter O
  2. While holding your O, try stretching the area below your nose, looking up, and hold for 10 seconds

Do 2 sets. It is easy to stop breathing in the middle of a pose. Try to avoid this, breathing as usually and relaxing as shape your face.

Face Yoga Pose 1: Make the O face

Pose improving circulation helping you get rid of edema

  1. Open mouth wide, stretching your tongue towards your chin as for as possible
  2. From that position, open your eyes wide, looking upward with all you've got, and hold for 10 seconds

The same as the first pose do 2 sets. Sticking you tongue out promotes secretion of pancreatic gland hormones, which has an anti-aging effect on your body.

Face Yoga Pose 2: stretch touch toward chin

Pose to sharpen your jawline

  1. Stick your tongue as far out as possible, facing the tip of your tongue upward
  2. From that pose, tilt you heat back until a vertical line forms between you neck and your lower jaw, and hold for 10 seconds.
Face Yoga Pose to sharpen your jawline

Do 2 sets of this pose. Sticking you tongue out helps promote secretion of pancreatic gland hormones that is thought to have an anti-aging effect on your body.

Depending on how well you transition from one face yoga exercise to another, you can get the benefits of face yoga only using 3-5 minutes a day. This gives you more time to do other things and saves you time in the long run. The real problem is in knowing when to do you face yoga. Since face yoga can be done just about anywhere you have the flexibility you need to make the decision that works for you. So, the next you find yourself in the restroom, do face yoga while other people are putting on their makeup. You would be surprise how easy it is to confuse the tow, makeup and face yoga.

Sagging causes you to look old

The reason behind why your face line may be distorting is due sagging of the skin. When you skin begins to sag, your face lines start to lower, causing your face to appear larger than it really is.

In addition, the sagging causes your pores to stick out, which may be while you are developing wrinkles along you smile lines.

Flabby cheeks and a droopy smile line are the main reasons people appear old. This is why in order to keep your youth as it should appear, its important that you take care that your skin doesn't begin to sag before it's too late.

Training the muscles on your face can keep your skin from sagging!

The cause of sagging skin can be mainly attributed to the weakening of the muscles around your face, especially those used when smiling or suppressed、pertaining to facial expression. Although you may think you use the muscles around your face just as much as other muscles, it turns out that you use other muscles as much as 3 times more often as you do the muscles around you face. This is why it is dire that you start using the muscles on your face for more than smiling, because it's just not enough.

By stimulating your muscles through face yoga, it's possible to train muscles that you don't use in you day to day life, which in effect helps you stop your skin from sagging.

If you are one of those people who feel that as much as you diet, it's impossible to slim down your face, then you should start face yoga, training the muscles on your face you didn't know you had, shaping into a flawless face line and a slimmer younger looking face.

Until face yoga becomes second nature to you, practicing in front of a mirror is recommended, getting the right form down and enhancing results. It doesn't take long too do. So, you are at work or school, face yoga does more for your skin and is takes less time than putting on makeup.

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