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Morning Routines: 10+ Things to Add to Your Healthy Wake-Up Routine

Get good sleep. Okay, that one is a bit obvious. Here’s a list of 10 not-so-obvious things to add to your morning routines, if you haven’t already! Change the way you experience each morning and make that change today!

Ways to Make Your Morning Routines Healthier

Have you ever slept through an alarm or woken up so tired that you couldn’t even get yourself out of bed? For sure we’ve all had those days, but in your lifetime you will wake up thousands and thousands of times. So, isn’t it worth your while to make your wake-up routines efficient as possible?

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Morning is crucial to getting a head start. Most people aren’t morning people and don’t function at peak efficiency till hours after waking up. Avoid this pitfall by improving your morning routines! There are boodle-worth of simple things you could add to your morning schedule that you may not know about yet. Try out some of these things for an easier transition from your bed to life.

Quick Morning Routines

1. Have some warm lemon water

2. Wake up ten minutes earlier

3. Stay away from electronics

4. Put on some tunes

5. Eat something

6. Look your best

7. Go outdoors

8. Put your past behind you

9. Smile in the mirror

10. Get your heart pumping

11. Prioritize

Do your biggest tasks first! The best way to not procrastinate is to get the most out of your morning routine and get the big things out of the way first. That way, the rest of your day doesn't seem so daunting.

Do Something as Simple as One of These Ten Morning Routines to Wake Up Feeling More Refreshed than Ever. Your Head Start Will Leave You Having Great Days More Often than Not

There are many things worth adding to your morning routines to help you get a boost. Something as simple as doing three morning stretches can go a long way. Here are ten more examples for ways to start your morning off right:

Drink Warm Water with Lemon Juice

Do this right after you wake up. Heat up some water and add a teaspoon of one hundred percent lemon juice. Lemons are packed with important nutrients like Vitamin C, iron, calcium, and many more. This wakes your body up better than coffee ever could. It gives your immune system a boost and aids the digestion of your meals throughout the day. Lemon juice in warm water can be instantly added in your morning routines to detox your body.

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Set Your Alarm Ten Minutes Earlier

Although it is really though, this one is a life saver. If you ever find yourself late or you haven’t adjusted to a new schedule yet, you should wake up earlier. Even an extra 15 minutes can give you much needed time to prepare. Being rushed to go out the door the first thing in the morning is the worst feeling. You forget things and you are in a hurry to get somewhere early in the morning. It’s not a good way to start your day off right.

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Don’t Check Your Computer, Television, or Phone

You want to have the right mind-set first thing in the morning. Media and entertainment does a great job of relaxing your mind and disconnecting you from society and that’s the last thing you want messing with your morning routines. Unless it’s a Sunday morning, you have things to do and places to go. Don’t procrastinate by staring at your computer, TV, or phone.

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Don’t Forget to Put on Some Music!

Play some uplifting music from the moment you wake up to make it easier to go about your morning routine. Many people underestimate the positive benefits that music can have on their body and mind. It’s a difficult thing for your body to wake up after hearing only the sound of your alarm clock. If you can, make music your alarm clock. It will make it easier to get up out of bed.

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Grab Something to Eat

The priority of this one is low on the list of my morning routines, since there are many benefits of fasting for 16 hours from last night’s dinner until lunchtime. However, if you have a banana or piece of bread laying around, might as well give your stomach a head start for the day. Something light with carbs will give you a boost of energy and help you last till noon.

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Make Yourself Look Good

Make it a point every morning to make yourself look so good that you can’t help but smile in the mirror. That confidence will go the extra mile in getting you through the day. You took that plus 5 minutes to make your hair just right and wash your face. Make all the guys at work do a double-take after seeing you. If the day turns out awful, you can at least take consolation in the fact that you looked good.

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Don’t Stay Indoors for Too Long

The second priority on your list (right after having water) to have a good morning should be to get fresh air. This one is mandatory every day. If you’ve ever spent an entire lazy weekend day indoors watching television or surfing the internet, you might not realize how much damage you did to your body. Your body needs vitamin D every day and plenty of oxygen to be able to think at full capacity. Go outside immediately. Once you’re outside, take five long deep breaths in and out. Breathing is what keeps us alive, so take full advantage.

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Forget about Yesterday’s Successes or Failures

We all make mistakes and we often are full of regret at night. Sometimes it even spills over into the next morning. This is a huge mistake that everyone should correct immediately. Wake up and start your day off right. Your life is a fresh blank slate. All we have to look forward to is the future. So spend every new day with new thoughts and ready to take on any challenge.

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Look at Your Smile

The last thing you should be doing as a part of your morning routines is smiling in the mirror. See your confident self? That’s the way you want to look when greeting your friends and fellow co-workers early in the morning. Practice your smile daily and your muscles will be better at shifting into a happy face at any moment. Don’t take your smile for granted, as it’s your most powerful social tool.

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Do Some Light Morning Calisthenics

The point of morning exercise is to get your heart rate up and your body heated to be able to relax later on during the day. Perhaps consider taking a cold shower afterwards. These morning exercise routines will leave you feeling refreshed and happy. If you can work up a good sweat and leave your muscles feeling sore through the day, it will be a good kind of sore - the kind of soreness that will make you stretch throughout the day.

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Remembering to stretch regularly is great for your health, especially if most of your daily work involves staying in one place.