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11 Fun-Fun First Date Ideas for the Best Time with Him

First date fun ideas are great and when you know these ideas, you will be less nervous and more excited! Once you have an idea on what to do when going on a date for the first time, you will know exactly what to do.

What are some of the best fun first date ideas?

Where do you go on your first date when you want to have a good time? When you plan a first date, majority of the people go for some movie and dinner night’s variation. So textbook! There’s absolutely nothing in particular erroneous with this approach. It’s been tried and it’s quite easy! Some would say, too easy…

man and woman holding bowling ball on date

Are you easy? Of course not! Then, why would you even consider the easy route? Just because; it is easy not to mention fun-fun and definitely worth your time. In addition to the First Date Tips seen previously, here you will find super fun first date ideas for your next date with him.

11 of the Best Fun First Date Ideas Ever

A first decent date lets for chit chat, but at the very same time, some focus is lost so that you’re not pressurized to talk nonstop. The ideas of first date on this list give out the conversation’s correct balance as well as pleasing distraction. Just try recognizing that not all fun first date ideas will work for girls of different types.


Yes, bowling is kind of a date idea of old-school that has an amazing casual feeling. You two can have a slice of pizza or wine while taking part in a nice as well as friendly competition. Almost every town has a bowling alley and it’s a stress free environment, so your date will be very comfortable and relaxed and that’s very essential. If she’s relaxed and comfortable, she’ll definitely have a great time. And if she’s having a fun time, then she will go on a second date with you.


Basically, aquariums are not just for field trips for fourth graders; they're a fantastic place when you can take her out on the first date. You two can leisurely walk and check out the sea life at the same time. And creatures of underwater are slimy, colorful, as well as peculiar enough to keep you both talking and interested in one another.


Discovering the amazing outdoors as well as attaining some physical activity is a tremendous first date idea, as long as your date is up to the job.
You have to first check to confirm that she’s someone who likes outdoor activities. If she loves playing sports and love to go outdoors, then that’s great.

The Theatre

The theater is one of the coolest ideas when you’re going on a date with her for the first time. It’s a lot more innovative than going out for a movie and also it’s classy. You two can get all dressed up as well as have a good time with each other. Above that, there’s naturally an interval during which you’ll have the time to have a chit chat, unlike a movie, where you’ll sitting in the dark the entire time. The theatres is generally for art lovers as well as bibliophiles women, but any woman would pretty much have a good time in there!

Art Gallery

A local art gallery trip is an amazing first date for the girl who likes colors in life. It’s a good idea to do some research on the exhibition in advance, although. It’s just because it’s quite good to be at least be slightly well-informed, but that’s also because you don’t really want to unintentionally take her to an war violence or the meat-processing plants horrors exhibitions!

Driving Range

To take your date to the driving range is one of the most amazing outdoor activities. It’s not in particular energetic, however, so she doesn’t have to be an athletic type of a person to have a tremendous time. The driving range makes it a daytime date which just makes it more awesome! Also, it’s a good idea for a first date because if she doesn’t play golf, then you get to help her swing which is an amazing chance to be personal as well as close to her. On the other hand, if she has the experience, you’ve got the chance for some competition full of fun.

Try New Cuisine

When you both share brand new experiences together, it’s a wonderful way to create that connection with her. And that’s why if you want to take her out at a restaurant, try new places! It’ll be adventurous. Look for new ethnic cuisine places, something you two haven’t tried before! The adventure’s element will add up an amount of excitement to your beloved date. Who knows perhaps you two will discover a brand new favorite.

Ice Skating

On the other hand, ice-skating is one of the best first date ideas anybody can give you. It’s fun and your entire day goes great. And that’s why I’ve included this fun activity in this list. For women who love to be active and energetic, it’s a good date.
If she doesn’t know skating, what’s the big deal?
Help her stand straight by holding her hands. That way you’ll be able to get to know one another a lot better and will have a fantastic time!

Play Tourist

At times, we take our homelands for granted. Just think about: Each year, many individuals most probably come to your city when they’re on vacation. Try seeing your hometown from the perspective of a tourist. Go see the office of local tourism; it will definitely have information as well as guides on each and every kind of event, festival, and sight that are absolutely worth seeing. Around your hometown, take her on a touristy daytrip and check out the city from a whole new view.

Local Music Show

Remember that chit chat is most probably the essential part when you two are out on your first dates. On the other hand, in the right place, the right music can definitely offer the flawless conversation ratio to enjoyable distraction. Trust me; you really don’t want to see a stadium show. You absolutely do NOT want techno or heavy metal. The main importance there is on dancing than just listening. However, you’re golden if you can look for a smoother act in a smaller place!

Go for a walk

Yes, go for a walk you two! This is an extremely modest first date idea. However, many don’t do it. Why? Because he or she feels like they should be doing something much more than taking a walk. Wrong! Whatever makes you two comfortable, go for it. When you two decide to go out for a walk as dates, that’s not a bad idea. You will have a great time getting to know each other. If you’re a fun as well as interesting individual and have found somebody who’s interesting too then a walk around the town will be pretty good. Just remember, you have to be fun and interesting enough so that you can go for a second date in the future!