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9 Good Questions to Ask a Guy You Really like When on a Date

Want fresh and fun questions to ask your date? Do not stress, we are here to help. With our list of questions, your date will be amused and intrigued, and you will get all the information you need on him. And then some.

Be the girl who asks all the right questions

You need to form a bond with the guy you really like. And in order to do that, you need to devise a careful tactic. Well, don’t get scared this isn’t the military. But you need to have a couple of cute and fun questions up your sleeve, that won’t make him feel like he is in the interrogation office.
After all, asking questions is kind-of what you do when on a date, right?

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What are some great starter questions to ask a guy you are interested in?
Don’t stress and create even more pressure. We will help you create really good questions to ask a guy that will spark conversations and create unbreakable bonds! Keep reading for funny questions to ask a guy, or if you are not the humorous type, you will find creative one’s that will enable you to get to know him better without dropping a b… of questions on him.

9 Good Questions to Ask a Guy That Are Smart and Funny, but Intelligent and Revealing and Good for Sparking up a Conversation

Figure out what makes him smile. Figure out his favorite foods. Figure out if he wants to see you again. Here are the questions that you need to ask him before the clock tolls midnight.

What makes you smile?

This is the simple and cute one

If you were stuck-wondering what are some good questions to ask a guy, then wonder no more. You want to know what makes him smile, happy and what fills his stomach with butterflies. That’s going to help you in the future, and you will be able to make him happy easier. But at the particular moment, you will probably draw a smile as well, because the questions itself is simple and cute, and takes him back immediately to something that makes him smile.

What is your favorite food?

This question can keep you talking for hours

If he is the foodie type, then go ahead, drop the b… on him. If he likes to eat, he can talk about it for hours. Just make sure you are in a restaurant or have a source of food near in case the hungry beast gets hungry! Joke aside, ask questions like this, because fun questions to ask a guy can be the most revealing sometimes and tell you more about his personality.

Would you like to hang out with me more?

Be very careful with this one or it may backfire on you

We will never run out of questions to ask a guy you’re interested in. This questions can borderline with desperate, if you ask it the wrong way. You want to sound cute and funny, and not seem like a stalker, because you are not that, and don’t want to be it. Make it sound funny, say it with a smile on your face, or make a silly face. That will put him a bit more in the comfort zone.

When did you last sing to someone?

Be humorous and keep the conversation going

These are the best questions to ask guys because you want to be funny and intelligent. Men like intelligent and funny women that are sort of like a complete package for them. Singing isn’t exactly common for men, unless it’s their profession.

Would you rather have true love or win the lottery?

Is he materialistic or romantic?

As we have mentioned, you always need a couple of good dating questions to ask a guy. This question might sound funny, but it can actually tell you quite a lot about the guy you are on a date with. We do want to sound funny, but at the same time find out what are the core values and what he believes in or not.      

Is your cup half-empty or half full?

The question that will hit the core

 Is he an optimist or a pessimist? This is extremely important to know, because it has a lot of impact in your relationship. This is the number one question to ask if you want to know whether he will bring you down all the time or pick you up after you fall. You don’t want a guy who’s always negative and doesn’t know how to motivate you.

What is your favorite quote in life?

A profound and wise question

The best questions to ask a guy are the ones that will point to his motto in life. What guides his every decision and keeps him going from day to day. The best questions to ask someone are the ones like this. A quote can tell you what he likes and dislikes, and what he thinks is intelligent or not. That means a lot. You do want a guy whose views of life coincide with yours.

How do you vent when you are angry?

Smart question to prepare for the future

Many girls might be wondering what are some good questions to ask guys. There are so many questions that you can’t go wrong with, but for starters focus on the one’s that will bring you closer together. Everyone can be superficial, and ask questions that don’t mean anything just so that the conversation keeps going, but that’s a failed date from the start. Ask him what he does to cool off when he is feeling frustrate. It’s good to know, especially, if your relationship gets serious and he gets frustrated sometimes. You can always remember what he said his happy place is. 

How do you love to spend your Saturdays?

Is he relaxing or having fun?

Sometimes you need a common question, and not funny questions to ask people. If you need to know how your Saturdays could look like with him, then be blunt and spit it out. Don’t ask the ‘we’ question, but act casual and ask him what he likes to do on Saturdays. These are good questions to ask a guy because you will know right off the bat if he is your type or not. He might want to stay at home and chill and you constantly go out and party. That would not work.

How did your guy do?

Hopefully, we gave you the answer to the question ‘What are some good questions to ask a guy friend?’ Get out there and be the dating detective. Now you have a good idea of what questions to ask him on a date? Cute, funny, and intelligent questions and that’s enough to give you a great kick start.