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First Date Ideas That Can Get You Kissed By Him

What should you do on your first date with him? I don't know what you've been told but horseback riding is not one of them. Neither is going to a bookstore. Keep reading for ideas to get kiss trapped.

He keeps asking you what you are going to do over the weekend. This let's you know he is date available. Now what do you do?

Ask him out.

Technically, what you are going to do isn't necessarily asking him out. That is all you have to is suggest something to do, not calling it a date even though it is technically a date. Two people going out together that have the potential to be more than friends. That's a date.

One of the strategies that good first date ideas follow is setting a kiss trap. Don't worry, it's not going to hurt him.

Setting a kiss trap is when suggesting something to do, make sure the place, what you do, time of day, all have you are going to get kissed written all over it. That's a kiss trap.

teens at the beach on surfing date

Perfect first date ideas that work as the best kiss traps

He's not looking to do anything HUGE on the first date. No way! That's why the best perfect date ideas are something simple. But if you feel you need a little extra spark, continue reading.

Something simple

Keeping it casual on the first date is the easiest way get kissed by him on the first date, without making him feel obligated about it either.

Short Walk

If have something set up to go on a walk with him and haven't told him yet where it is you want to go and vise versa. There is a very high probability that he is going to lean in for a kiss on the way back.


Beaches make one of the best venues for short walks with him, especially if its for a kiss trap. The thing about the beach is that it gets tiring after a while. What that means is that you and him are going to have to take some time to rest...

Nature Walks

Nature walks have the same effect as beaches, except with something to look at other than clashing waves. Just keep in mind that if there are bugs, you had better bring your mosquito dope.

Watch a movie at home (NOT)

I do not recommend watching a movie at home as a first date even though it is something simple. But if you have to, why not? After all, it's your first date. You should have it your way.

Bookstore (NOT)

Going to a bookstore isn't what you would call a date, except if you know there is going to be a huge line and you need someone to talk to while you are waiting. Ask him if he want to come, but do not call it a date.

Something sporty

Your best chance at getting him to kiss you on the first date doing something sport is to go ice skating. But whatever you do, stay away from horseback riding and playing pool. These activities will ruin your kiss trap.

Something amazing

Going to a museum or visiting the zoo may not be your idea of amazing, but going to see a live band may be just what you need to get kissed by him on the first date.

Something that will make satisfy your hunger

Getting a cup of coffee or going out to a fancy restaurant isn't going to score you a kiss on your first date with him, but eating ice cream is. Yes, going out to eat ice cream is the ultimate kiss trap. Just remember to make sure its real ice cream parlor.

Bottom line: Is he really going to kiss you on the first date?

Yes, if you have never been out with him before (on a date) he is probably going to try to slide into first base, kiss you. However, it may be too early to get your hopes up just yet. Keep in mind when trying to get kissed on your first date, make sure you first date is a kiss trap.