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21 Fifth Date Ideas That You Can Take to the Dating Bank

Four dates have passed and now it is time for the fifth one. You are looking for new ideas and activities. In this article, you will have so many interesting and exciting fifth date ideas that will blow your mind!

21 Best Fifth Date Ideas

So, four amazing dates have passed. Now what about the fifth date? I’m here to discuss the fifth date ideas with you that will blow your mind. I’m sure you’re looking for fifth date advice on what new activities to do when you go out with him, and so you need these fifth date tips in order to have a blast, right?

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Don’t worry, let’s talk about the top fifth date rules, when to kiss your date, and so much more that you won't believe works.

21 of the Best Fifth Date Ideas for Women and How They Can Use These Tips to Have a Great Time

So, what’s the best fifth date advice? Find out below.

  1. Explore new music together.

Check out a local magazine or a newspaper. In it, find and check out the section of live music, randomly pick a band you two don’t know of and go see a concert of theirs together! You just may find out that you have a brand new much loved band. This means that you two will have a great time. You’ll bond and have great explorations.

  1. Go Arcade!

Do you love arcade games? And have you got the serious talents to become Miss Packman? Impress your guy with some moves of old school arcade and show him how good you are at this! You’re going to have a blast!

  1. Travel in a Train

Let’s see if you can do well with public transportation. Pick a historical place or a beach that comes outside of your city. It shouldn’t be more than an hour or two away and on the ride, start to get to know one another!

  1. Have fun with the Bumper Cars

Start bumping! You’ll have so much fun. Your inner child will rise and at the end of the day, you’ll be happy as ever.

  1. Check out a Reenactment

Whether a fed-up, sardonic hipster or a history buff, nothing can ever beat seeing accountant of middle-aged raise muskets as well as don armor so that they can re-create an amazing historic battle. These reenactments are educational as well as entertaining!

  1. Rodeo

A rodeo trip is a certain ticket for a down, dirty and good time. For each and every of us city residents who can't find any rodeo, check out a bar that has a mechanical bull and see all those customers who are drunk as they try very hard to stay on it. Fun, isn’t it?

  1. Check out a local band you don’t know of

This is an amazing way to discover about his taste in music. And above that, it' general knowledge that on your date, involving anything that is rock 'n' roll, makes you look very cool, even if the band isn’t any good.

  1. Go to a Sporting Event

Have a boost of adrenaline by going to a great sports game. Cheering for all kinds of teams? An innocent competition is a great way to get a good pumping of blood.

  1. Check out the Library

Start to show one another what your favorite books are since you were a child. Check out the nice book or read a few of your most favorite passages or check out another book. By the way, whispering can be very, very good for you.

  1. Go Bowling together

Who give a heck about gutter balls? When your turn comes, show your backswing position by bending over and don't stress out, wearing shoes is not necessary.

  1. Play a Deck of Cards

Look for a private park bench. Or sit at the table and start playing some cards! Go Fish, Spit, Poker, gin rummy, and strip poker, the game as well as its turns is all you get to decide.

  1. Go to the Local Farmers' Supermarket

Strawberries might not be in season right now, but you two can definitely check out a market of local farmers get loads of options of cold-weather. Get great quality organic ingredients then head home and cook together some warm and delicious meal!    

  1. Go for a Local Ghost Tour

Basically, ghost tours are incredibly unusual yet interesting winter dates for many reasons. They need you both to explore your imagination, sarcasm, as well a suspended doubt and will have some pumping adrenaline to some extent. And about that, all is creepier once you start touring and see your own breath!

  1. Go Boating together

In the park, go ahead and rent out a paddleboat. Go to a nearby lake. Show him that you have the ability to do this easily. He will be impressed!

  1. Go Snowboarding

Forget movie and a dinner. To your advantage, use the season. To start a new romance with some great adventure, offer him to go snowboarding with you; you both will have a blast. Doesn’t matter if you're a beginner or a pro, this sort of activity will demonstrate your courageous side, athleticism as well as playfulness or enthusiasm to daringly try something brand new. He will sure be impressed and you both will have a great time together!

  1. Go Horseback Riding together

Together, do a lesson or if you’re experienced, ride out unsupervised. You’ll also get bonus points of romance if you ride horses on the beach!

  1. Have a good time eating a Korean BBQ

These cultural spots are very much custom. Traditional Korean BBQs need you to take off your shoes before entering and sit at a table that is floor leveled and start grilling your own starters. For a new romance, a little bit of exoticism is great.

  1. Check out an Outdoor Movie

When summers are here, it’s the best time to watch movies! So get a blanket as well as a cooler and look for one that is near you. They're extremely enjoyable just as going to a theater. How cool is that? You two will have the perfect summer evening together! And add some romance points!

  1. Go picnicking in a park

Make a few sandwiches, get a blanket, and go to a park. When you’ve finished eating, people-watch, lie back in the sun, or ask him a few questions about him so that you can get to know him a lot better. Also, this is the part when you wonder when to kiss him? Go ahead and give him a smooch.

  1. Ride a Roller Coaster together

Do you think he’s the right for you? Make him sit on one with you. Studies indicate that taking part in any sort of thrilling or intense activity generates vulnerability’s mutual feeling, boosting up arousal as well as creating emotional connections.

  1. Go Roller-Skating together

This activity is super fun and you get to hold hands! Go roller skating with him and have a great time together!