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Is It Puppy Love? 6 Ways to Tell If You Are Truly in Love

A lot of things are being said about puppy love and some people even claim that it isn’t the real thing. However, let’s not forget that it is more than real to those who feel it.

How Do You Know You Only Have Puppy Love?

There are many different kinds of love, but there is only one true love and this is what all people are seeking. Now, how can you really tell what kind of love you feel? Real love has no depth. It doesn't just come and go. It starts with one look or one touch and it leads to eternity. You shouldn't dismiss any opportunities for love. For instance, you should keep an eye out for the signs some shy guy likes you.

happy couple piggyback

Puppy Love

1. You want them to be happy

Usually puppy love is selfish love. When people are in love, they want to be happy. In case of real love, on the other hand, people are seeking the happiness of their significant other. Do you want your partner to be happy?

2. You feel "at home" in the relationship

Do you know the feeling when you get home from a long trip and you feel really at home? That feeling is nothing compared to what real love has to offer. This isn't something you could mistake for another feeling. You will know when you get there.

3. Whatever you do, they will forgive you

It is a known fact that young love isn't forgiving love. People are constantly arguing and fighting and breaking up. This just doesn't happen in case of real love. There is nothing that you wouldn't forgive your partner for and they feel the same.

4. There is patience

True love is a path, a journey you follow with your partner. You will teach each other many things along this journey and you will have all the patience in the world to make them understand or to learn from them.

5. You embrace their quirks

All people have some quirks, but when it comes to young people in love, they find it more difficult to accept each other's' quirks. However, if the relationship is more mature, they will learn to love the quirks the other person has.

6. Eye contact

The eye is the window to the soul, right? If you really love someone, you will simply stare into their eyes when you talk to them or when they talk to you. This way you will connect at a much deeper level.

Do You Have Real Love or Puppy Love? What Is the Difference between the Two and How Can You Tell Them Apart?

So, what is puppy love and how can you tell what kind of relationship you have? Read on to find the difference.

1. You want them to be happy above anything else

Your partner comes first

You might think that all people are selfish and if you were referring to young love, you would be right. However, a more mature relationship means that you think about the happiness of your partner. For instance, when you see something, first you think about how happy it would make them rather than how happy it makes you. You will also find yourself ordering things he likes or preparing food he prefers (even though you might not be a big fan of it). Nonetheless, you should never become selfless, or some people will simply walk all over you.

When it comes to young people in love, you should know that they are a lot more selfish. Young people often only think about their happiness and forget all about the people around them, even though they might have a special relationship.

2. You feel "at home" in the relationship wherever you might be

Love is your home

There is something interesting about love; when it comes to young love stories, people are usually restless, always in search of the next best thing. However, after a while they find what they have been looking for all these years and they settle down; this is what true love is. When you find love, you will feel peaceful, at home. It will be better than when you were a child and you had all the stuffed animals you ever wanted. This will bring you peace of mind.

Sometimes it might be frustrating to be surrounded by grownups and to find that what you think is real love they call it puppy love. They don't have bad intentions; they only know better and they know that faith has something better prepared for you.

3. Whatever you do, they will forgive you and you move on

Real love is forgiving

The best thing about real love is that it gives you freedom. Seems strange, right? If you are asking what is true love, you shouldn't think about a relationship that holds you back and sets limitations. You are supposed to show your true self to the other person. Even if you are neurotic sometimes or simply annoying, they will still love you. As a matter of fact, they will love you even more, just for being the person you are. This means that you can cry in one moment and laugh in the next and you will still be the most important person in the world to your partner.

There is one problem though: finding true love isn't as easy as it may sound. Just imagine that there are millions of people in this world who could be your true love. So yes, it is quite difficult to find them, but you shouldn't worry; you will get there and it will be worth your while.

4. There is patience in the relationship

Man explaining something to woman
Love is no hurry

You may have heard stories where a partner is pressuring the other one to do something and you might wonder: is it true love? Most probably it isn't. If it was, there would be patience. Maybe one of the partners isn't ready to settle down yet, but the other will wait for them. On a different note, when you are in love, you don't mind spending time teaching your partner or listening to your partner. Don't forget that you have a lot to teach and a lot to learn. As it has been mentioned before, love is a journey and there is a lot to learn.

If you asked "Does true love exist?", you can be sure that there are a lot of people who would say yes. Love isn't something you can grab; it is a state of mind you have to experience in order to understand. Otherwise you will never know.

5. You embrace their quirks and they embrace yours

Quirks aren't annoying anymore

If you were searching for the meaning of true love, there will be no one thing you will find. One of the sure signs of true love is that you will get to love the quirks of your partner. If it was just puppy love, these are the things that would annoy you. However, in this case you will love the fact that you can't share a meal because he hates curry and you will find it cute how hard he tries on the dance floor. You will love everything about him that other people might find strange.

On the other hand, the true meaning of love is that he will love how neurotic you can be at times and how you have mood swings from time to time. These are the things that others might not be able to accept about you, but he will love them and he would never ask you to change.

6. Eye contact above all

Woman looking in man’s eyes
The eyes hold an entire world

You know how sometimes you simply forget to look into the eyes of people when you are talking to them? Well, if it was love true love, that wouldn't be the case. Eye contact comes naturally in case of deep feelings. However, when it comes to puppy love, it is just like play pretend. You have some kind of idea about what it is supposed to feel like, but it is just an exercise for the real thing. When you are really in love, you will feel like you could get lost in the eyes of your partner. It's like you could catch a glimpse into their soul through their eyes.

All this might make you ask "When will I find true love?" The thing is that you can never know. Maybe you will bump into them at the coffee shop tomorrow morning. It is also possible that you will meet them at a conference three years from now. There is no way to tell. This is why you should never leave your house in sweatpants; you don't want to meet your true love looking like that, right?