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Top 5 Adorable Love Quotes: Creative Ways Of Letting Him Know

If you are trying to find the words to let him know how you feel, but you always end up with no idea, here are some cute love quotes that can help you out and that you can use in order to wow the guy you like.

Show Him How Much You Like Him In A Creative Way

Telling your partner, your soul mate, how you feel about him isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, although sometimes it feels like your heart is about to just pop out of your chest and show him everything, even the tiniest detail of your thoughts and feelings.

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Sometimes it feels a bit scary showing someone your vulnerable side, exposing your precious and most delicate feelings to him. But, if you dare to do so, be sure that he will know how to appreciate the trouble and will make you feel like the only girl in the world. The only thing you need to do is find the right words and the right way, and he will be down on his knees in no time.

Top 5 Most Adorable Love Quotes Will Help You out with Your Dilemma about How to Express Your Feelings and How to Say It in a Pretty Creative Way, so That He Remembers Everything to the Detail

There are tons of ways in which you can let someone know how you feel about him, and there are also a whole bunch of creative ideas you can make a reality, which will definitely make him remember every single word.

Keep it simple

“All I want is you here with me.”

Telling him these few words may not seem like anything special, making you think you could have done a lot more and might even seem like an empty space with a bunch of letters to you. But, rest sure that this kind of small cute gestures means the whole world to him, and to hear something as genuine and simple as that from you will make his heart melt in an instant.

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And it doesn’t matter what time of the day you choose or the location you’re at in that very moment, those 8 words will surely make his head spin and his heart will start racing in the matter of moments. And since it is already known that guys like keeping everything as simple as possible, this is the perfect way to express your feelings for him.

Be creative

“I’m no one special, just another wide-eyed girl who’s desperately in love with you.”

If you are still too shy and you don’t feel brave enough to tell him that in person, there is always an option to leave cute love quotes for him, revealing your feelings in a letter form. It’s always easy to slip that letter into his bag when he’s not looking.

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Or, if you have some classes or hobbies together, you can always leave your note on some place you know he often looks at, such as his books, notebooks or some other place he checks out more frequently. He might not notice it at first, but be sure that when he does, he will be spending the rest of his day, or night, thinking about you and what you feel for him. And he will definitely like the way you delivered the message, because there isn’t a person who doesn’t appreciate creativity and going an extra mile for doing that.

Romance can’t harm

“The first time I saw you, my heart whispered ‘That's the one’.“

When looking for some cute love quote for him, you can be sure that there’s no chance that a bit of romance can ruin the whole thing. Although guys might seem uninterested in romantic settings, candles and watching sunset, the truth is totally the opposite. They only don’t know how great it could be when it’s done with the right person.

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Create a totally romantic atmosphere out of nothing by simply being with him on a rooftop of some building when the stars come out and then reveal your feelings. It might come off as a bit cheesy and cliché when you think of that, as if both of you came out of some old romantic Hollywood movie, where holding hands meant a lot more; but the reality is that bringing a bit of romance into the moment when you let him know what you feel for him will definitely light a spark in his heart.

Bookworm love

“If I know what love is, it is because of you.”

Some of the most adorable love quotes are often taken from various books of famous writers. There is nothing like a good love quote from one of his favorite books to win over his heart and let him know just how much you care. And if he is a true bookworm and loves reading, there is one thing you can do to express yourself - through a nice love quote that is meant for him.

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So, get your hands on some of the books he usually reads and find the passage that might help you out with your problem. Finding the book he likes the most and taking some love paragraph to express your feelings for him will not only make him feel special, but he will also respect you more and be certain that you really mean it.

It’s a love song

“I belong to you and you, you belong to me too. You make my life complete, you make me feel so sweet.”

Everyone knows that some of the best love lines are hiding in the popular songs. Track them down and use them to make a song get a special meaning by showing him how much you like him through the lyrics.

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And that is not all. The next time he hears the same song somewhere on the radio or while browsing online for some music to listen to, he will instantly get his heart melted, because he will remember every single thing about you and how much you like him.

If it doesn’t seem like these quotes sound like something he would like, keep looking; the right love quote is just around the corner, and if you’re truly in love, you will surely be able to recognize it. There are plenty of creative ways of letting him know that you care, these top 5 above are just a beginning.