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Dealing with Loneliness When It Seems Nobody Cares About You

First of all, you should know that there are more people dealing with loneliness than you would imagine. However, they do find a way to cope with this feeling.

The Best Ways for Dealing with Loneliness

Loneliness is an emotional phenomenon and it can occur regardless whether you are in a crowd or alone. There are many things you could do about it, one of them being searching for some tips for getting a new boyfriend. Naturally, it's not only the presence of a boyfriend that could bring you relief from your negative feelings. Check out the tips we have gathered for you and make sure you give them a shot.

lonely girl looking into reflection

Dealing with loneliness

1. It's a feeling, not a fact

If you are wondering how to deal with loneliness, you should know that you are feeling this way simply because something triggered this negative emotion in you. However, this doesn't mean that you are actually lonely.

2. Reach out to others

Sentencing yourself to a life alone won't solve your problems. As a matter of fact, this feeling should make you reach out to others and maybe make some new friends. It is time to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

3. Keep your mind in check

When dealing with loneliness, you have to make sure your thoughts don't run wild. If you are looking for reasons to feel miserable, for sure you will find some. Nonetheless, this is a self-induced state and it has nothing to do with the reality around you.

4. Focus on the needs of yourself first

Emotional people are often "tricked" into putting others first. This is something they do themselves, thinking that they should always help the people around them and they simply forget helping themselves in times of need.

5. Find others with similar interests

If you are into something, you can be sure that there are some other people as well who share your interests. Stop repeating to yourself that "I am lonely" and go out there and meet new people. Technology makes this easier than ever before.

6. Start a journal

Everybody needs to express their true feelings and fears and what better way to do so than starting a journal? It might seem a little strange at the beginning, but soon you will realize that this is the best thing you ever did for yourself.

How to Deal with Loneliness to Make Sure You Will Get through This Rough Patch as Soon as You Possibly Can

So, what should you do when thinking about how to deal with loneliness? While you could seek professional help, there is also a lot you could do for yourself too.

1. It's a feeling, not a fact, not reality

Maybe it's just you

Do you feel depressed and lonely? Have you ever considered that these are only feelings and they might have nothing to do with reality? When something bad happens, it might trigger a feeling of loneliness. It is common for people to mistake feelings for facts. The best thing you could do is to accept the way you feel, but you shouldn't have any reaction to it. Why is this important? Because in the moment you react to loneliness, you accept it as a fact, thus making it real.

There is nothing wrong with telling yourself that "I am lonely", but that doesn't mean you should hide in your apartment for the rest of your days, just because "you are lonely". The way you feel always depends on the reaction you have to your emotions. You should never make yourself feel lonely.

2. Reach out to others and they will take your hand

You are not alone

When asking yourself "Am I lonely?", there are two options you have: you either become withdrawn and they you will be truly lonely, or you reach out to people and make the feeling disappear. For sure you have friends and family who love you and support you no matter what and they won't let you feel lonely if you only let them know that you are having problems. Make sure you don't forget about your friends and they won't forget about you either.

Have you ever asked yourself "Why am I lonely?" Maybe it's simply because you don't take the time to let people in your life. It might be time to go out there and meet some new friends. Hang out with your old friends and they will introduce you to their other friends. Start doing something else besides sitting on the couch, feeling sorry for yourself (which, by the way, won't get you anywhere).

3. Keep your mind in check or it will betray you

Woman holding light in her hands
Your mind is a tricky thing

Once you realize that your mind has the tendency to wonder to dark places, you should come up with a plan to fight these negative thoughts. If you find yourself asking "Why am I so lonely?", you should make sure you do something to snap out of it. In the moment you see the first signs of loneliness, you should go out with a friend and just chat. This is most important when you the least feel like going out. It's not that you are physically sick or not feeling well; it is all in your mind. At the beginning it might seem like a huge effort from your part, but with time it will become a habit and it will be second nature to you.

Even if you are telling yourself "I am lonely and single", you should make sure that your mind is working with you, not against you. It's just like exercising: once you get the hang of it, it will seem a lot easier.

4. Focus on the needs of yourself first instead of others

You are the most important to yourself

Some people might say that those saying "I am depressed and lonely" should start thinking about others instead of themselves and their problems will disappear. However, sweeping the problem under the rug won't actually solve it. You will be in denial, saying "I am not lonely", but it will always be in the back of your mind. The best approach might be to take some time and only think about yourself. This doesn't mean that you should waste your time feeling sorry for yourself, but you should look for the reasons for which you feel this way and come up with a plan to fight these feelings.

If you find yourself telling yourself one day that "I am sad and lonely", it might be time to ask for professional help. A psychologist will be able to tell you what to do to get yourself out of the dark place you're in right now, but it will take some work from your part as well.

5. Find others with similar interests and join them

Get yourself out there

Do you like knitting? You can be sure that there are other people as well with the same hobby. The same goes for reading, gardening, collecting things, and so on. Interestingly, in the majority of the cases it is a personal choice to be sad and lonely. People always have something to do about the situation they're in, but some of them find it easier to give in to their self-pity. In order to make a change, you should find some groups or clubs, go to meetings and group activities, or you could even take up volunteering. There must be a cause you are interested in.

Do you know the saying "If you can't beat them, join them"? This also works when you're saying "I am lonely and depressed". Keep in mind that there is always something you could do to make yourself feel better about yourself and you will notice that people will start treating you differently too.

6. Start a journal for yourself

Tell someone the way you feel

If you are telling yourself "I am single and lonely", you might want to start a journal. This way you will have a better understanding of your feelings and it is also a great way to let it all out. At the beginning you might think that it is silly. However, if you find a comfortable place and you give it some time, you will soon see the benefits. Start by putting on paper the way you feel right now or the thoughts you have.

In order to find the answer to the question "Why am I always lonely?", you might want to start your sentences with "I feel lonely when", or "I feel lonely because". These will help you see a pattern and find the root of the problem.

Stop telling yourself "I am very lonely" and start doing something that will get you out of this dark place.