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Do I Love Him? 8 Signs That You Do Have Strong Feelings for Him

Do not struggle anymore with the head-banging question, do I love him? Keep reading to find out what are the signs that you are really in love with your boyfriend and that it is true and unconditional love.

Discover your true feelings for him

In a certain point of a relationship, or even in the process where you are trying to get a guy, but you’re not quite there yet, you are bound to stop and wonder ‘Why do I love him so much?’. Women tend to question themselves, their decisions, feelings, and actions to the point where they distort the initial feeling to begin with.

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If you’re having doubts about the man you are seeing and wondering ‘Do I really love him’, than join us in the reading of this article and we are sure you’re bound to discover what’s inside of your heart.

Are You Truly in Love or Is it Just a Phase? 8 Definite Signs That What You Are Feeling Is Actually Love

How do you know if you have strong feelings for him? The truth is that it is hard, darn hard. So hard that you know... you end up overthing things. Luyckily enough there are ways to find out. Here are the signs you do.

What brought you together?

In today’s world of fast speed dating, it’s not that easy to recognize love. You have a difficult task of distinguishing true love from just desire. That is why if you ask yourself, do I really like him, think about what you liked about him when you first saw him.

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Think of the initial reasons you liked him

Did you like him because of his looks or did you get attracted because you have many things in common? You don’t have to settle for a guy that you have nothing in common with, just because he looks like a macho stud. On the contrary, if you realize that you still adore the things that you loved about him in the first place, then it probably is true love.

Got butterflies in the stomach?

How do you feel when you see him

If you are asking yourself, ‘Do I love him?’ That’s easy. Think about what you are feeling the moment you are about to see him. Are you excited and happy? Maybe your heart is beating as it’s about to jump right out of your chest and into his arms? Or are you indifferent and you only seeing him just because he is your boyfriend? Once you sort this issue out in your mind, you will have a clear picture in your mind. Love is all about the flutters in your stomach and happiness when you see his face. If you don’t feel that, than you are far away from love.

Is he on your mind?

Are you thinking of him most of the time

This might be a foolish thing to reconsider, but think about how much you are actually thinking of him. Do you remember him only when he sends you a text message or calls you, or is the 90 percent of your daily conscious thinking devoted to him? If the last one is true, than you are definitely in the love lane. Enjoy the springtime, because springtime is in the love lane is the best season ever. It’s when your life is filled with fluttering emotions and the love with your partner blooms.

Are you the initiator?

You text him first, call him to check up on him

This might sound silly, but’s it’s actually not. If you really like or love someone, you will forget about the pride, and text them or call them first. You won’t wait for his message and you’ll want to talk to him first. This is a sign of thinking more about him and less about yourself, which is a definite indicator of being in love. So if you’re still wondering ‘Do I love him?’ Yes, you probably do.

Do you mention him often?

You talk about him with your friends or family

This is something you that can help if you are nagging yourself with the question ‘Do I still love him?’ If you find a way to insert his name or his actions into your conversation with others, that means he is in your mind and probably heart. Once you love someone, you will constantly find ways to talk about them, because he preoccupies your mind and makes sure everyone knows about it. It’s just nature and you can’t escape it!

You put him first

Caring more about him than yourself

When you really love someone, you want him to feel good and be happy. You even sacrifice your well-being to make them feel nice. This is how love affects people. If you put his needs first, and think about his happiness more than you think about yours, then it’s love. It can’t be anything except pure love, unconditional love, and that’s the best kind. Putting someone in the first place is a unselfish act full of true emotions, that you can’t evade even if you wanted to.

Are you there when the times are rough?

You don’t bail on him when the times get tough

One of the definite signs of love is being there for him when he has a rough time. Or if your relationship is on the down slope, you are still positive and working it out. That means you love him, and don’t ask further. We only care for things we love, invest in them, and stick through the bad times because of the strong feelings we nourish for that particular person.

It’s not about the physical

You don’t only look at him as an object

You know you love someone if you don’t think of him only when you want your urges to be fulfilled, you know what we mean? When you’re in love sparks are flying all over the place, and you can’t wait for that first time, but once you are really in love, you look at other qualities and find other ways to enjoy in your partner, not just consume your relationship physically.

Are you a love bug?

In the end, if you go through all these and discover that you really are in love, don’t struggle with the next big question, and that’s ‘How do I tell him I love him?’ There are a million different ways you can express your emotions, and whichever you go with, I’m sure that your sincerity will do the trick. After all, if you are so deeply in love, chances are high that he feels the same.