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Top 8 Things Guys Absolutely Love to Hear You Say to Them

In order to have a healthy and long lasting relationship, you may be looking for something that will make your other half happy. This article has everything that you need to know what your other half wants.

What are some of the best things guys love to hear?

It's not only women who enjoying hearing about nice they look or they're the only ones who are wanted. Whether it's a humble compliment to make him happy throughout the day, or something much deeper, you have a shot at getting closer to him.

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Here are 8 things will sure bring you two closer to each other or else!

Top 8 Things Guys Fully Love to Hear That No Single Woman Should Be Without

Guys simply love it when you say the following phrases to them.  If anything is going to change your single status saying these 8 things will. No doubt!

"I respect you"

Though, this might seem very old fashioned, but still, everyone deserves respect. Women and men don’t talk similarly, think similarly, or react similarly to certain situations. Women really want to feel cherished, loved, respected, and safe. Men want the same, particularly respect. Men commonly fade away with the other half when they think they’re not getting the respect they want. And same goes for the woman. Both need to treat each other equally and with utmost respect. It’s definitely worth it. This will make your relationship last longer. When a man is given full attention from his partner, he will surely give much more in return.

"Thank you"

It's quite easy to oversee the minor signs such as when he helps you around the house, helps to cook together with you, or cleans the house with you even if you’re not having any buddies over. Instead of talking angrily, be thankful to him and he’ll be thankful to you, I assure you!
Whenever he does something around the house that benefits you both in a way, tell him you appreciate it very much. When he does these little things around the house and when you thank him and make him feel good about himself, he’ll be more than happy and will be glad to give you more help.
If he makes you the perfect coffee or holds the door for you, tell him how thankful you really are and he’ll be extremely happy and ready to do more.  Above everything, be precise regarding what he exactly did and how it made you feel. Let him know! Only that way, he’ll know what you like the best and would be happy to do it more often. Go ahead, say thank you to each other!

"I'm by your side"

Every day, let your partner know that you’re by his side and that you’ll never leave it. This will make him feel that he can rely on you and tell you his deep, dark secrets comfortably. This will also make him feel that he has someone available for him at all times. You may just display your faithfulness by simply taking a stand for your other half when he feels everybody’s against him. That way, you both will build a stronger relationship as well. Tell him how much you support him and that no matter what, you’ll never leave his side. Show him that you value him. This adds a sense of security, teamwork, as well as closeness to your relationship.

"I trust you completely"

You perhaps know this very well, but communication is the best thing you two can do, whatever the situation. This will bring you closer and the feeling of trusting each other would be great and deeper.
At that very time, oxytocin levels, which is a hormone, improves trust feelings, intimacy and love are raised and that makes it the finest moment to loving what you talk about to your other half. Also, it’s the best time to tell him what you really want from him in this relationship because at this very time, he’ll be very open and happy to hear about what you have to say.

"I'm listening"

Men talk a little differently than women, which tend toward discretion when they're sad. As soon as this happens, do not ask him again and again about what is wrong with him, but go ahead and let him know that you're available for him at all times, whether that’s 4 in the morning! When he does start talking regarding his problems, don't butt in or provide him with any unwanted ideas. Make him feel that he’s not being judged and that it’s entirely safe to talk to you.
Couples that hear each other out thoroughly are more contented in their relationships. Also, the anxiety and depression levels are quite low in them too.

"I'm content"

It’s very true that when you’re happy and when you say it to the other half, they get more contended. If you want to have a happy and long lasting relationship, you must first be happy with yourself. You can’t just keep telling your partner that he has to stay happy and cheerful and that he’s the main reason you both aren’t happy with each other. Be happy with yourself, and then let him know too. This way, your relationship is going to be healthy and will last longer.

Make him laugh

Having the ability to make him laugh every once in a while will make you feel so good about yourself. Laughter causes the protective endorphins release which manage pain as well as help raise comfort feelings. Even if he doesn’t joke much, a giggle or two once every while will for sure make you two extremely happy with each other.

"It's not your mistake"

Every one of us has bad days and it's quite easy to let your anger out towards your husband or boss probably.
Even though, deep down you might be thinking that it's not really him you're angry with, still he may not mind your mean words.
But instead, try to level up with him about why exactly you're so irritable. Go ahead, share with him your actual, deep problems and let’s see what he advises you. He too will be very pleased that you’re very open about your issues. You never know what he might say to make you feel better.
To sum this up, we now have our list of top 8 things guys love to hear. These are some of the most helpful and useful tips that will make your relationship healthy as well as last longer!