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How to Make Him Love You with 11 Ways to Get Him to Fall

We do not always know what to do when we are in love and want the other person to feel the same way. Being in what looks and feels like a single street relationship can be frustrating. Learn how to conquer that with these simple rules

Learn how to make him or any guy for that matter fall head over heels in love with you

Getting a guy to commit to you is one thing, but knowing how to make him love you more is a whole other issue. If you are unsure about what to do to make a guy fall in love with you, just follow these tips and you might soon get the desired results.

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Learn how to make him love you more by taking notes on these little tips. If he really wants to be with you, then getting him to fall in love should be an easy enough task.

Be Nice

This might sound a bit too simple and many women will probably say it is a “given” but surprisingly some people do not know when they are being sour. A guy will get turned off easily if your entire demeanor always seems unpleasant. Remember that you are whatever personality you portray. Being nice starts from the inside; think positive thoughts and do not try to harbor negative things. You can practice smiling a lot and being sociable. That will make him warm up to you and if he likes what he sees beyond that smile, he will eventually love you.

Be his oasis

Men, like women,  will always appreciate having a comfort zone; a place where they are sure they can escape the stresses of life and feel at peace. If you can create this kind of environment for the guy in your life then you are already laying the foundation for him to fall for you. if you are the kind that nitpicks at every single thing about him then he will run through the door faster than you can imagine. Men like comfort, be his comfort place and he will literally hand you his heart.

Be the woman who appreciates him

Now relationships don’t mean that both parties should do nice things to receive praise for it, but it doesn’t hurt to give those praises either. If he does little things for you or has made accomplishments, big or small; personal or otherwise, let him know you recognize them. This will encourage him in his endeavors and have him know that you are definitely on his side. This is a plus for you as men love when women make them feel appreciated.

Be a pillar of support for him to lean on when he needs it

To get a man to love you mean that you will have to be his pillar of support. A common misconception is that men are macho; tough, hard and can survive on their own, but many will disagree. Men’s needs are not much different from women’s. They too appreciate a supportive partner. If you try to encourage him in the things that he does and always “have his back” so to speak, it will give you a little nudge in his heart.

Be like water that love

Now if you are not in love with him yourself then there is no need to go through all that trouble to get him to love you. Treat him the same way that you would also want to be treated and ensure that he knows how you feel about him. Being in love and not getting back that love is never a nice feeling. Make him know that you are in love based on not just mere words but also your actions.

Be an adhesive binding those around him with loving care

If you can get into the hearts of those who are closest to him, then you will have a better chance of him loving you. Most men appreciate the effort shown when women are accepted by their families and their friends. This will demonstrate  that you too are able to cherish the people who he holds dear. It does not mean treat you always have to hang out with his friends or family, but you can do little things that will show him that you love him and the people he loves.

Be giving him nice gifts every chance you get

Get him his favorite things. Everyone has something or even a list of things that they love. Whether it is something he loves to eat or other things, he will definitely appreciate and love your efforts. If he knows that he is in your thoughts he will start to love you. just remember not to overdo it.

Be able to step back and give him space if he needs it

Sometimes stepping back a little or stepping down easily makes him fall for you. There is no need to be clingy and on him all the time. Allowing him little freedoms is a good thing and can help strengthen the relationship. Letting him go and have his time will also give you more time where you can spend working on you. You might be in love and want to spend every waking hour together but understanding that he logically needs time alone or time to be with his friends can work drastically in your favor.

Be looking nice

One tip on how to make him love you is to improve your physical appearance. Now it doesn’t mean you need to embark on some drastic measures to change yourself so you can please a man. Be subtle about it and just take more care in how you look. Looking your best will give him that boost he needs to fall in love with you. Men act on what they see. If they see something that they like and would like to go after, a greater percentage of the time it is based on something that they have seen.

Be someone who cooks for him on occasion

The old saying goes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. while there are many ways to a man’s heart this saying still holds true. Get his favorite food together and create a fantastic menu that will wow him. There is no need to wait on a special occasion. Just surprise him and he will definitely love you for your thoughtfulness.

Be a force without pressure   

If you have to force a guy to make him love you then it might be time to admit that it was never meant to be. Love is not something that can be achieved by twisting someone’s arm or by issuing ultimatums. It is a natural feeling that happens without force. If you decide to make him love you via force, then you might never know how he truly feels about you. Telling a man to love you “or else” will get you results, but definitely not the favorable ones you were looking.