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Am I in Love? 7 Signs of True Love That Are Clear as Day

Recognizing true love on time can prevent you from losing it, and help you realize if your relationship is something worth fighting for or not. Check out these 7 signs of true love and find out whether your boyfriend is the one.

What are the signs of true love?

More than 400 years ago in the "Midsummer night's dream Shakespeare said: The course of true love never did run smooth and nothing's truer than that. If your relationship never faces any problems, something is probably wrong with it or it's far from love. It is hard to find a true love, but once you have found it, you have to know how to recognize it and how to make it last.

love sign with hands

The question is how do you know whether what you have is true love or not? True love comes after some time, when the initial euphoria and infatuation grow into something more serious and when you overcome first obstacles and start really to think about future with someone.
Recognizing true love isn't always easy, and sometimes it even takes for people to be apart in order to realize how much they love each other. Here you have some of the signs of true love so you don't fail to recognize it on time.

Signs That Show Clearly That You Have Found True Love and That You should Fight for It and Never Let it Go

How do you know for certain that what you have with him is true love? Many ways, actually… Besides asking yourself, "Am I in love?" and waiting for a long time, here are 7 that all women should keep their eye out for.

1. You are Still Together

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Enough said

The duration of your relationship is not crucial and may not be the right parameter when it comes to determining whether what you have is true love or not. On the other hand, staying together after problems, disagreements, even after some times of separation is. When the initial infatuation disappears, things in the relationship get clearer as we become more realistic and more aware of our partner's flaws. The ability to overcome problems in your relationship, no matter how big they are is the clear proof that you are in the right place and that your relationship may be true love. So if people keep asking you "You're still together?" you know that you have something special worth keeping.

2. He Cannot Stay Angry for Too Long

Occasional fights and arguments are an integral part of every relationship. The way that you make up is something that may determine whether what you have is true love. If your boyfriend is willing to make things work after a quarrel and he comes to say sorry even when it's not his fault-you can be certain that he's afraid of losing you, that your relationship means a world to him and that, most importantly, he acknowledges that it's true love.

3. He Is Willing to Change

It really doesn't matter whether he will change or not. What truly matters is his will to work on himself in order to make your relationship work. If he's ready to be a better man for you, you already have the perfect man by your side. If he acknowledges that it's him who sometime makes problems and he's willing to change that, you can be sure that he is someone who really loves you and someone who will fight to save your relationship with you.

4. Having Fun Even When Doing Nothing at All

True love means that you feel comfortable in any situation with your partner. When you stop expecting that he'll make you laugh or do something extraordinary every day and the pressure you have to do something interesting every time you spend time together stops, you know that you like someone's company because you just simply love them, and there's no need for them to do anything. If he likes spending all his free time with you doing just regular things and if you can even enjoy silence together, and have fun with anything you do together you are one lucky couple whose relationship is worth fighting for.

5. Attraction and Passion

The lack of passion is often indicator that something in relationship is not working well. On the other hand, if you still feel passion in after years of relationship that's a clear sign that you two cannot without each other. After some time relationship can become a bit monotonous, so it's vital to still find each other attractive and to keep the passion alive. Making the initial sparkle last throughout the relationship may be difficult but it is a clear sign that you are really compatible and that you shouldn't be worried about things getting boring.

6. Friendship

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You can handle being friends

If you share your opinion and thoughts on everyday small things, you give each other advice and unconditional support in everything you relationship has one of the essential parts-friendship. This means that you can rely on your boyfriend and that he'll be there for you in the middle of the night. There's no true love without friendship so consider yourself lucky if you have your best friend in your boyfriend.

He uses "We" when talking with other people

Even though you have individual needs, after some time you start thinking about the two of you as one person. You think about how thing you do or say will affect your relationship. If your boyfriend tends to use WE instead of I when he talks about you two to other people it means that he feels that you are part of him and he thinks of you two as one whole. Using We instead of I suggests that you your relationship is serious and important part of both of your lives.

7. You Completely Know Each Other

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He knows you as much as you know him

When you start feeling that your boyfriend knows exactly what you are thinking about, how you would react to certain things and how you feel about something you really know each other completely. If he knows all your flaws and darkest thoughts, it means that he's truly accepting you as you are. Knowing someone completely and still loving them without trying to change them is one important part of true love.

Now that you know how to recognize true love, make sure to keep it alive. True love requires constant hard work, a lot of understanding, care and attention so it could grow and develop. If you can see all signs of true love listed above in your relationship you have already found it and now your only goal is to make it last. When you find everything you want in one person, its true love and make sure to never let it go.