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How to Know if You Are in Love: 7 Ways to Know You Fell for Him

A lot of women might be asking how do you know if you are falling in love. The truth is that love can present itself in many different ways and it might be difficult to differentiate the real feelings from flings.

How Do You Know if You Love Someone or Not?

Love is not something you could really define; you have to feel it. However, if you are wondering how to know if you are in love, there are some signs your feelings are real. Maybe you never observed them before and they seem natural to you or they are new and you don't really know what to think. If you find these signs in your life, you are more than likely really in love with your crush and thus it becomes more than just a crush. Do you want to be in love with him?


How Do You Know if You Are in Love or It Is Just a Phase You Are Going through without It Being Remotely Serious?

So, how do you know if you love someone? Which are the signs that give your feelings away and that also give away your secret or (yet) unknown feelings?

1. He is different

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When you ask how do you know if you're in love, the first and most obvious sign is thinking that he is different from all the others. You might believe that he is unique and this feeling will make you unable to have romantic feelings for another guy. Specialists think that this kind of single-mindedness is a result of high levels of central dopamine. This is a chemical that determines your focus and attention in the brain. All this means that when you are in love with someone, you are unable to pay attention to anybody else. It's not something you could help; it's just the way humans work.

2. You enjoy giving

Even if you are a truly altruistic person, you might not always enjoy when you have to give to others. However, this is not the case with your loved one. You don't have to ask how do you know if you are in love if you notice that giving to him brings your pleasure. When you are in love, you are happy to give them what they need anytime they need it. You are joyful when they are joyful and you are in pain when they are in pain. You can be passionate and empathetic with the given person without losing yourself in the process. Real love means that you want the best for the both of you.

3. You don't need to avoid conflict

In case you are wondering how do you know if you're in love, you should know that when you are in love, you don't consider conflict a deal-breaker. When you are in love, you see conflicts as an opportunity to grow as a couple. You shouldn't have the feeling that you have to be right or you have to win. Remember that within a couple there is no winner and there is no loser. If one of you loses, you both lose. People in love are committed to finding a solution to their conflicts and they are naturally curious about the way their partner feels about the matter at hand.

4. You can be yourself around him

If you are asking how do you know if you're falling in love, for sure there are some people around whom you are careful about the way you act because you don't want them to judge you. On the other hand, you can really be yourself around him. You don't have to walk on eggshells and you know that you can mess up because he will still love you. You feel it is safe to share your hurts and your fears with your partner and you can be compassionate and empathetic when he shares his. Opening up towards him on a deeper level will only make your connection stronger.

5. He is perfect

For sure you know that a lot of people think their partner is perfect. In case you are thinking about how do u know if you are in love, you might find yourself thinking that your guy is truly perfect. When people are in love they tend to focus on the positive side of people and overlook their flaws. In the same time, there might be numerous trivial things (including inanimate objects) that constantly remind you of him. This is (again) the effect of central dopamine. Aside from this chemical, there is also the central norepinephrine that makes you daydream about him more often that you would like.

6. Emotional and psychical instability

You may have noticed that when you fall in love, there are also some physical signs. These include sleeplessness, a peak of energy, racing heart, trembling, loss of appetite, accelerated breathing, and so on. When it comes to how do you know if you're really in love, in case you notice these signs, you can be sure that you are in love. The same applies to situations when things don't go the way you planned. In case you have problems in your relationship, you could experience feelings of despair, panic, and anxiety. All these feelings indicate that there is something (or someone) you care about deeply, so much it can throw you off balance.

7. Making changes

Did you ever find yourself standing in front of your closet, wondering what he would like you to wear? If so, you can be certain you are in love. You don't have to ask anymore how do you know if you are really in love, because if you find yourself changing your priorities and the things you usually do just for him, you are really in love. Although it is nice to change your routine for someone you love, you have to make sure you don't lose yourself in the process. You should rather incorporate new things in your style, schedule, plans, etc. instead of giving up on things. It might feel right at the moment, but later you may resent him for it.

The people looking for signs that say I love you should look no more; if you recognize the signs in this article, you can be sure you are head over heels for him. All there is left for you to do is to find ways to tell your boyfriend you love him. For sure you will find something that he will appreciate.