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I Love You! 6 Direct and Indirect Ways to Tell a Guy You like Him

If you have been struggling with getting your love message to reach him, it may be the time to try one of these methods - see what options you have when it comes to professing your love.

Help with getting your love across to the other party

Have you found yourself in a situation where you like a guy but he is not putting any moves on you? Well, with some guys you may need to be the more assertive one and declare your love to him. However, you want to be smart about it. While just blurting it out to him may have some chances of working, it is much more effective to prepare a bit for the act itself. A well thought out love message, a gift that attracts his attention, a date involving some of his favorite hobbies, even a well cooked meal - all of these things are ways to show a man you love him, and it's always best to figure out which approach will be the best one with your particular love interest.

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You may have to do some research, or to enlist the aid of his friends, but the end result is what matters, the end result being you having a relationship with a love interest.

Your Love Interest May Not Be Aware of the Fact That You like Him and Want to Be with Him, so It May Be Time for You to Act on Your Feelings and Let Him Know You Are into Him.

Sometimes it takes some crafty planning to get the love blooming, as some of the guys are not most observant. You may take different approaches to professing your love to a guy, depending on how brave you feel and what will your love interest find the cutest. Indirect approach is the most popular approach when it comes to getting a guy's interest, as it is less stressful to you, but a direct approach is also pretty fun if you have the hearth for it.

Indirect ways to show a guy you like him

  1. Body language - For this method to be effective, the guy you are interested in has to already take notice of you. Body language matters. It sends a loud and clear message that guys can understand. Always face him when talking to him, not just with your head, but with your entire body. Lean in slightly when you are listening to him, it shows you are paying attention and that you find what he talks about engaging - something men just can't resist. Do not keep your arms crossed when facing his way, as that is a defensive posture, and, if he keeps his arms crossed, try to get him to open up, something as simple as passing him a phone can get him to uncross his arms. Open arms are associated to the feeling of vulnerability, and you keeping your arms open when facing him shows that you trust him.

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  1. Mention it to his friends - If saying "I love you" directly is a bit too much for you, and you do have common friends, you can easily enlist the aid of one of your common friends. The most important thing is not to ask of them to pass on your message, you don't want to make it look too planned, but you do mention the fact that you are into a guy to one of his friends, and they will eventually spill the beans, getting into a situation where it's up to him to make a move.

  1. Love message - One of the most popular ways to tell a guy you love him is to send him a message. You can be as romantic as you want to, and there are resources all over the Internet to help you out with writing a love message. You can steal ideas from love messages boards (on Pinterest) or find other tested and tried love messages. You can be as old fashioned as you want, writing a letter and sealing it with a kiss and a dash of perfume, sending a digital mail to his personal mail, leaving him a personal Facebook message, any method works, as long as you get the message across. You should have some idea about which method your love interest would prefer, someone would find a Shakespearean declaration of love overbearing, while some would get an extra kick out of it. It's all about presentation, and with a love message you have a chance to get every detail polished before you send it, so be as perfectionistic as you want.

Direct ways to show a guy you like him

  1. Ask him out on a date - Gender wars are over, and equality won. Well, that means that the fact that men are expected to be the ones calling girls out on a date has to change, and you have to be the one to make the first move. Plan a date that he may enjoy, and let him know it's a date you have planned. Don't hide behind words like "let's go out for a movie" or "I feel like checking out this place" - make sure he knows that what you have on your mind is an actual date, not just a friend's night out. That is sure to get a guy's attention.

  1. Flirt - Flirting is an art that allows you to state your intentions and veil them with a joke. We already have a short flirting guide for you to read, but you are free to improvise and play the game your way. Cute puns, references and word games can quickly get you to where you want to be - to him thinking about you not just as someone he knows, but someone he wants to impress and someone who he thinks of in the terms of a romantic relationship.

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  1. Tell him! - Now, this is the one of the least popular ways to tell a guy you like him, but it's sure to get the point across. Make sure the situation is appropriate, don't force yourself on him on him while you're with friends or surrounded by people, give him a chance to digest the information you confronted him with. It doesn't have to be during an eye to eye conversation, you can profess your love through a message as well, or through a chat message, but make sure it's after a flirtatious conversation or in a similarly appropriate place of conversation - just blurting it out in the middle of an irrelevant conversation may come off as a bit too brash. Most guys will like this approach, especially shy ones - it saves them from having to be the one taking care of the confession.