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8 Serious Relationship Questions You Should Ask Your Boyfriend

A lot of women make the mistake of asking serious relationship questions early on the relationship, thus managing to scare their boyfriend away. There are some questions you should ask only in case you are sure you want to know the answer.

Serious Relationship Questions for Your Boyfriend

You may have been dating someone for a longer period of time, but in order to be able to tell whether or not you have a serious relationship, you should ask them some questions. These are the questions that you don’t ask on a first date and that might scare your partner off if you ask them too soon. However, the answer to these serious relationship questions will ensure you that you are truly compatible with the other person and that you want the same things from life.

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Although you don’t have to rush into asking them, you shouldn’t put it off for too long either.

8 Serious Relationship Questions to Ask a Guy to Find Out Whether Or Not He is Just as Serious About Your Relationship as You Are

So, what are serious relationships based on?

  1. What happened to their last relationship
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Unless you are his first girlfriend (which is highly unlikely), they had relationships in the past so if you’re looking for serious relationship, you should ask about what happened to the previous one. Did things go wrong because of him or because of her? The point is not for you to pick sides, but to learn how he behaves in a relationship. This way you might find out if he’s possessive, if he cheats or if he has anger issues. It is also possible that he is just a nice guy who got used in the past and this might explain some of the problems he may have now.

  1. Does he wish to have kids?
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This is a question that all the women looking for a serious relationship have to ask their partner. There is no point in investing time and energy in a relationship that will inevitably end because you guys want different things in life. If you are serious about your relationship, you have to make sure that you’re on the same page. You shouldn’t think that your partner will change their mind about this matter – you are only fooling yourself. If you want kids and he doesn’t it might be time to put an end to your relationship.

  1. Is there anything he’d change about your relationship?

No matter how happy you might be, this is one of the serious relationship questions to ask a guy. Before you ask him, you should be sure that your relationship is serious enough so that he will come with constructive ideas instead of just being selfish. Don’t forget that he’s not criticizing your relationship, but giving ideas on how to improve it so that you will be happier. You should only ask this question if you’re confident about your relationship so that you won’t take his answer the wrong way.

  1. How much is he worth?
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By this time you might know all his qualities and faults, but you should know how much he is really worth, literally. In order to plan a lifetime together you should know about his financial standing. This is one of the questions to ask in a serious relationship because in case you get married, his debt will become your debt as well. In the same time, you can decide how responsible a person is by taking a look at their financial outlook. Ask some questions about his savings and debts to see what future lies ahead of you.

  1. How does he handle disagreements?
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At the beginning of a relationship everything seems perfect, but soon the disagreements appear. When it comes to important questions to ask in a serious relationship, you should bring up disagreements because you might learn surprising things about him. There are some men who think that there can never be disagreements because they are always right – these are the men you want to avoid. Does he get upset very fast or does he remain calm and think logically? Finding the answers will help you handle him more easily in the future.

  1. Spending habits
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Once you’ve spent some time with him, you will have a pretty good idea about his spending habits, but still, this is one of the serious relationship questions to ask your boyfriend. There are some people who are spenders while others are savers. You might think that this isn’t very important, but if you want to plan your life, you don’t want to have by your side someone who spends everything you save. If you have serious goals in life, you will need someone who will share with you the burden of reaching those goals.

  1. Where does he stand when it comes to religion?
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Most probably you’d know by now if he went to church every Sunday, but there might be more to his religious life than that. When looking for serious questions to ask your boyfriend, you should think that maybe he would like to raise his children in a certain religion. Would that be alright with you? Another aspect to consider is that he might not be religious at all while religion may play an important part in your life. Can you handle a situation of this kind? Although you might think you know the answer, it never really hurts to ask.

  1. What does he expect of your life together?

Every person wants something different in life. Some prefer to be independent while others would spend every minute with their significant other. Some men wish to have a homemade meal every day while others don’t mind ordering takeout. These are questions you are only allowed to ask in a serious relationship. There are a lot of different aspects to be thinking about, including socializing, vacations, your sex life, household roles, and financial roles and so on. You should make sure that you have similar visions of your life. As an example, he might want you to be a stay at home mom while you couldn’t imagine your life without your career. These are aspects that you will have to discuss. While in some cases you might reach some kind of agreement or compromise, others might show you that you’re not compatible at all.
Asking the right questions will make a difference in making sure that your relationship really has a future.